Don't Let Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life [MUST WATCH!!]

Don't let your life spoil

How often you hear: ruined the mood …, nerves …, he (she) poisons my life …. And after all, if you think about it, every time we are talking about events and things that are insignificant, not worthy of attention - they got naughty in transport, cheated in the store, said something wrong at work.

Don't let your life spoil

There are real troubles and tragedies in life - death and illness, treason and betrayal, natural disasters and catastrophes.

But, thank God, such tests fall to the lot of the average inhabitant of the planet Earth quite rarely. Why not be happy the rest of the time, why do we let little things ruin our lives?

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Heart problems

The problem is that many of us take various unpleasant manifestations of the outside world too close to our hearts. The ancients believed (and modern esotericists echo them) that a person, in addition to a visible physical body, has an invisible and imperceptible - spiritual.

Biofield, aura, soul - call it what you want. This spiritual body-double cannot be physically touched, but it can be sensitive to the influence on the spiritual level, on the level of emotions.

The spiritual body consists of several layers, the focus of which is the heart. It is not for nothing that the words heart and middle are related, and not only in Russian. An impact on a deeper layer causes a stronger response, a more sensitive change in the emotional background.

The impact on the middle - the heart core of the spiritual body causes such a strong reaction that it can both raise a person to the peak of happiness, and throw him into the abyss of despair. That is why it is so important to strengthen the outer spiritual layers and protect the heart from emotional arrows.

You can relate to esoteric teachings in different ways, but the purely practical side is important to us. But in practice it has been proven this: without building up a powerful emotional armor, you can forget about a calm and happy life, any taunts, petty rudeness, rude words will take you out of the state of mental and emotional balance for a long time.

Let's figure out how to keep a good mood and well-being, how not to take life negative to heart?

Increasing the armor

The following tips will help you build spiritual strength and stabilize your emotional background:

  1. Stop worrying about the whole world. Remember, you are not the Messiah, you are notLord God, not a Savior. It is not in your power to take upon yourself the pain of the world, your suffering will not alleviate anyone's fate, it will only add sores to you and related problems to your relatives. Therefore, from tomorrow ... no, from today, declare a total ban on worrying about events that do not directly concern you, and which you cannot influence.

It is clear that you don’t have a switch in your shower, which you could take and turn to to worry in a situation not to worry (which is a pity ...), so we save ourselves from reasons for unnecessary suffering:

  • no nightly news screenings with all their disasters, disasters and wars;
  • talk shows are absolutely taboo;
  • Internet - only social networks and pictures with cats, no blogs about the unfortunate fate of street children, abandoned wives and political prisoners; let you not be an active citizen, but you will be a healthy citizen;
  • add a few paragraphs to your liking ;
  1. You have every right to absolute emotional sovereignty. You are not obliged to condole, sympathize, sympathize with other people's hardships, sorrows and tragedies. All that is required of you is to maintain external decency;
  2. Surround yourself with positive wherever you can, where you can do it. Let only benevolent, bright people be your interlocutors, acquaintances and friends. Do not be afraid to get rid of communication that does not bring you any benefit or pleasure. Remember that you are not obliged to maintain relationships with former classmates, former classmates, with simply ex, as well as with neighbors and relatives from the seventh water on jelly series;
  3. Again, you may not believe in the theory of energy vampires feeding on someone else's energy and sucking life force, but we agreed to consider only the practical part of the question, not getting hung up on the theory.
Don't let your life spoil

And from a purely practical point of view, the presence of people (for some reason, more often than this female), provoking scandals, diligently spoiling the mood, humiliating other people's dignity and getting literally visible pleasure from this, is simply stupid to deny.

There are such people, there are many of them, and this factor must be taken into account. And these are vampires, fighters for the truth, or simply habalki - the tenth thing. I propose to call them emotional killers or murderers, such a definition, in my opinion, most accurately reflects their activity - the slow murder of people on an emotional and spiritual level.

Faced with an emotional killer and not being prepared for such an encounter, getting into a mess is as easy as shelling pears. And showing Christian humility, and entering into a skirmish, you begin to play by the rules of the murderer. What to do? Your best bet is to avoid communication .

If for some reason cannot be avoided (for example, in a public tranceport), you have to defend yourself. But this must be done without allowing the murderer to drag himself into protracted battles on the emotional front, where you are obviously weaker.

Therefore, you are left with blitzkrieg, touch, check and checkmate in one bottle - calmly, without raising your voice (in no case should the enemy feel your weakness and sip your energy), send the emotional killer on an erotic journey on foot. If you do not know what kind of cruise this is, ask your husband or boyfriend, he will tell you.

Don't let your life spoil

Done correctly, this technique is comparable to kicking in the groin, only on a spiritual level. Allows you to instantly pierce the multi-layered armor of even an experienced, battle-hardened murderer. Now let him suffer and suffer, as if not to take it to heart.

  1. Murderers at work are a separate topic. On the one hand, avoiding a meeting, especially if you are working with an emotional frontman in the same room, is problematic. On the other hand, it seems scary to use the techniques of tough emotional battle - you can lose a good job, especially since the murderer may well be your boss. So remember - a place where you are not valued, where you are humiliated, where your mental (and, as a result, physical) health is under constant threat - this is NOT a good job, simply by definition. Do not be afraid, you will find better.


We've only covered a few general situations. There are no tips for all occasions, the main thing is to understand the principle and set priorities correctly. Realizing that your own health, well-being and mood are much more important to you, you will not take all other people's attacks to heart.


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