The female orgasm explained

Do women have an erection?

If a man's erection manifests itself even with visual contact, ladies in this regard are more refined natures, the excitement from contemplation, for example, of porn or their own naked partner is experienced no more than a quarter of the fairer sex. It turns out that for good sex a woman needs much more than a man, and the achievement of the highest pleasure depends largely on physiological characteristics.

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The best erection products for women

Do women have an erection?

Unlike men, who are often characterized by a spontaneous erection even in a dream, women value little direct talk about sex, they are not excited by bed scenes, since half-hints, a touch of mystery, romance, and poetics have a greater effect. Ladies prefer light flirting and foreplay.

What is foreplay?

These are the very stroking and whispering in your ear that the strong half of humanity neglects.

For some reason, men think that an order to bed is enough for a wife or mistress to get aroused enough and give their chosen one an unforgettable night.

Lovely men, accustomed to the reaction of the penis occurring with any expression containing sexual connotation, do not take into account the peculiarities of female psychology, and then complain about the coldness of their partner, who is not much different in bed from a log.

Indeed, why arrange long-term love games, to which ladies are most often inclined, if there is an opportunity to satisfy their needs immediately? And only a truly loving and caring partner for his woman, as well as a connoisseur of original sex, will do everything possible so that a woman can enjoy it at the same time.

Erection in women: how to arouse your partner?

Do women have an erection?

When excited, the ladies' muscles tense up, and at the same time psychological relaxation sets in, which allows them to completely move away from everyday problems, which often become an obstacle to quality sex. The degree of muscle tension is quite high, there are women who are able to control the tone of muscle tissues in the genital area, independently causing an orgasm.

However, such cases are extremely rare, for the most part women do not experience insane pleasure from intimacy. By the way, a man himself can determine how excited his lady is by the appearance of a reddish rash in the chest area, which is caused by a rush of blood and is present in 75% of wivesduring the highest arousal.

There are some common tips you can use to get your partner to get an erection:

Do women have an erection?
  • Before proceeding directly to sexual intercourse, you should pay tribute to foreplay. Kisses in the erogenous zones, caresses in the breast and genitals will definitely give a positive result, if you act with enough gentleness. However, it is worth considering that erogenous zones can be located in a variety of places. Direct contact of the partner's hand with the clitoris can be perceived negatively, and kissing under the kneecap can cause desire. Therefore, a man needs to familiarize himself with the body of a beautiful lady and not make mistakes;
  • A woman should not remain only an object of caresses, she herself should participate in a love game, giving pleasure to her partner. Therefore, a guy should not hide from his beloved what forms of sex are preferable for him;
  • Even during intercourse, do not forget about affection. This is the main mistake of the entire masculine gender. Concentrating on the sensations of their own genitals, they move away from their partner, believing that an excited woman will definitely experience an orgasm. Far from it! Most often, the termination of affection leads to a decrease in excitability, and while the partner is enjoying his feelings, the woman is silently angry at the inaccessibility of orgasm, since all her sensitivity has already gone to no .

Is there really no way to make a woman more excitable? There are such ways, and if a lady really wants to make her orgasm brighter, and her own sexuality is more pronounced, she can always use the recommendations of sexologists.

Physiology of the female body

Do women have an erection?

The muscle layers of an untrained vagina are thin enough and do not have the elasticity that allows you to fully feel the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Especially often this state of affairs is observed in women who have given birth, due to stretching of muscles and ligaments, loss of elasticity.

Even the mucous membrane of the organ becomes smooth, without the pronounced effect of washing board, which allows both partners to get maximum pleasure.

If you constantly train the muscles of the vagina, you can significantly increase your own erection, having achieved the expansion of the spongy layer of tissue at the slightest arousal. As a result, the space inside the organ becomes much narrower and the sensations acquire brightness.

During normal sexual intercourse, the organs of a man and a woman adjust to each other. The male phallus enlarges and expands, while the vagina, on the contrary, contracts, which provides exposure to more nerve endings.

Do women have an erection?

Exercises recommended by Kegel can become the basis for softwareincreased erectile function. Although the method was developed as a remedy for urinary incontinence, strengthening the muscles in the perineum and vagina contributes to the elasticity of precisely those tissues that play an important role in sexual intercourse.

In ordinary life, these groups practically do not receive stress, therefore they are subject to rapid weakening. Constant training helps to strengthen them.

Thus, it is possible to increase a woman's erection if partners make an effort and show patience.

Perhaps the theory about the frigidity of women is just a myth that appeared as a result of the partner's neglect of the interests of his lady and her ignorance of ways to increase her own erection.

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