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Do not self-medicate !!!

As far as you can see from foreign films, a Western citizen will never be treated at home, but will rush to his family doctor as soon as possible. In our country, we ourselves act in its role, and this is at best. At worst, a domestic person begins to follow the recommendations of an actor who played in a commercial for a drug for cough, thrush or baldness.

A completely logical question arises: why stand in huge queues to doctors who will not advise anything good if you can safely practice self-medication?

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Myself doctor

Do not self-medicate !!!

It turns out that not everything is so simple, and you still need to visit doctors, at least to clarify your diagnosis. After all, some diseases have similar or vague symptoms, and sometimes a sick heart echoes echoes to the spine, forcing them to perform therapeutic exercises, wear a belt or take painkillers. The reason is not eliminated, but the state of health only worsens ...

There are many such cases, and this allows us to call independent treatment of diseases the real scourge of our century.

What risks does it carry with it, and is it worth joining the ranks of homegrown doctors? In this publication, we will look at the main harm that can be caused by the uncontrolled use of the most common types of drugs available in any pharmacy and sold without a prescription.


These drugs are assigned almost magical qualities, and the ability to get rid of any disease. Considering the fact that antibiotics enter our body not only with drugs, but also with modified foods, it is not surprising that the body changes its primary response to them, as well as the course of diseases.

Most of them immediately flow into a protracted and chronic form, bypassing the acute inflammatory period, when the possibility of recovery was the highest. The undesirable results of self-medication with antibiotics can be of the most diverse types, but most often the body ceases to defend itself alone, and microbes or viruses trapped in it literally in a few hours cause severe pathologies and purulent-inflammatory processes.


Few people can believe that such drugs can provoke negative consequences. It turns out that things are not so rosy, especially when it comes to children.

For example:

Do not self-medicate !!!
  • Vitamin A tends to cause painful sensations in the limbs, gag reflex, nausea and constant sleepiness;
  • All B vitamins are the strongest allergens;
  • Our adored ascorbic acid or vitamin C increases blood clotting, which is unacceptable for latent forms of thrombophlebitis.

The harm of vitamin self-medication is that synthetic drugs of this group are difficult for the human body to assimilate, practically do not take part in material exchange, which means that there is literally zero sense of taking them.

It is much more expedient to switch to a healthy and nutritious diet.


The undesirable consequences of home self-medication with such a drug are known all over the world, in many countries it was completely banned, while our citizens continue to uncontrollably use its anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic capabilities. It turns out that the habit of constantly being treated with aspirin, as well as taking it daily for preventive purposes, is fraught with anemia, and even aspirin ulcer, not to mention other problems with the intestines and stomach.

Similar horror stories apply to such medicines:

  • brufen;
  • indomethacin;
  • butadion.

Tartaric acid is what causes the negative effect of aspirin on the digestive tract. Its presence in the composition of the drug strongly irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach or duodenum, provoking a strong exacerbation of existing, or the beginning of new pathologies.


You need to be extremely careful with this group of drugs.

Do not self-medicate !!!

Why can self-medication be harmful to your health in their case? Everything is simple here: they change the time allotted for mental and motor reactions, worsen efficiency and concentration. For example, the same driver who took seduxen before getting behind the wheel is a great danger for passengers, other road users, and for himself, since the probability of an accident increases several times!


This is a very special group of drugs, the uncontrolled intake of which can lead to the most unpredictable results. They can not be abruptly stopped drinking, because the body weaned to produce the required amount of one or another hormone, or used to enhance immunity - a thing that has not yet been thoroughly studied in any country in the world.

Even the same hormonal contraceptives have a negative effect, however, only if they are veryvery long use. It turns out that they lower the tone of the ureters and bladder, leading them to a chronic inflamed state.

Accumulation in the body

Do not self-medicate !!!

Another thing to which self-medication can quickly lead a person is to intoxication of his body.

The overwhelming majority of modern drugs are able to accumulate in the body, replenishing the reserves of preservatives, dyes, modifiers and other substances that penetrate into it from food, drinks and simply from the environment. Antioxidants simply cannot cope with such a catastrophe, and cannot remove everything harmful, which leads to an exacerbation of existing, or the emergence of new pathologies.

Top Tips

In order not to further worsen your health with your independence, consider the following points when self-healing:

  • Always consult a doctor;
  • Never buy purebred medicines, saving on German, and buying Indian, for example;
  • Check purchase expiration dates;
  • Never abruptly interrupt the course of treatment, because this can provoke a stroke or hypertensive crisis;
  • Occasional drug use will not give you the desired effect;
  • Do not give yourself many long courses of treatment at once;
  • Uncontrolled addiction to painkillers is a direct way to treat the disease with surgical methods;
  • Self-medication during pregnancy is categorically unacceptable!
  • Whenever possible, buy only proven and familiar medicines.

After reading all this, you involuntarily begin to understand why many people practice healing with their inner energy, practice oriental practices and heal their body and spirit without the help of medicines, doctors and even traditional medicine.

Self-healing with your own energy is a real opportunity not to try that double-edged sword about which the accumulated wisdom says for centuries.

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