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Do-it-yourself suspension

Long gone are the days when jewelry was worn only by women of the lower social class due to the lack of opportunity to buy expensive jewelry. Famous designers of the world work on the creation of modern collections of such jewelry and they are an order of magnitude higher than the usual products made of precious alloys.

Do-it-yourself suspension

Today jewelry is made from a wide variety of materials - wood, metal, glass, beads, plastic, ceramics, leather, etc. As already mentioned, many of them are beyond the means of modern fashionistas, but what can you do if you always want to look good?

Arm yourself with a special tool, material and start creating the masterpiece of your dreams yourself.

Bead Pendants

The first thing you can do with your own hands is bead pendants. It is enough to buy an ordinary chain in any stall and hang beads on it in a wide variety of quantities and colors. If you are you with knitting needles and yarn, you can tie these beads with cotton threads of different colors.

Depending on the ensemble with which you plan to combine them, they can be performed in a certain theme - for example, in the form of fruits or animals.

If you have a lot of things at home that your mother or grandmother inherited, you can breathe new life into them and customize them for yourself, diluting your wardrobe with a vintage dress or set. And from the remaining pieces of fabric make beads .

To do this, you just need to sew a long case from each separate piece and insert wooden beads of the same size into them one by one. In order for each bead to sit firmly in its own case, their edges need to be tied in a knot or pulled off with a string. The ends are simply sewn together.

And if we are talking about a pendant, then it is made long, sewing to the ends of the strings, for example, from a satin ribbon. Bracelets with handmade pendants made of fabric will perfectly complement a summer bag made of the same material.

You can make a pendant from an ordinary scarf by stringing large irregularly shaped beads with a wide hole on it, as well as wrapping round analogs around it. In this case, the main pattern should be concentrated exactly in the center.

Today on sale you can find glass beads obtained by melting glass in the fire of a gas burner. From this material, unique and unique in its color and shape, you can create wonderful pendants with your own hands, as well as bracelets and jewelry for watches.

Do-it-yourself suspension

To make a pendant, the role of which will be played by a wooden spool for thread, you will need the spool itself, decorative material, a chain, a pin with a loop, a lock, two connecting rings, a chain and a flat divider.

CrIn addition, you need to purchase any pendant or make a pendant from beads yourself, as well as prepare pliers, nail polish and glue.

Manufacturing steps:

  • wrap the spool with a decorative material - paper, cloth or something else and fix with glue;
  • pass the pin through the hole of the reel, with the loop down;
  • pass a flat separator through the top of the pin so that it is located on the top of the coil. Then twist the rest of it with pliers and insert a connecting ring into the loop formed;
  • cover the decorative material with nail polish;
  • attach a self-made pendant to the bottom loop of the pin, made of felt, leather, beads and whatever comes into your head;
  • it remains to put on the finished jewelry on the chain with a lock. This pendant is the best match for the vintage style.

Other materials pendants

Beads and beads can be used to weave baubles, which are very common among young people. Not everyone knows that it is easy to get voluminous jewelry from beads - cords and plaits for the arm or neck.

Bijouterie made of suede and leather meets the style of country and western. How to make the simplest decoration out of this material? Let's take scissors and cut shreds of various shapes from the skin. Passing a cord through them mixed with beads, we get a simple and unpretentious necklace or bracelet.

Lovers of leather bags probably have unnecessary long straps lying around somewhere that come with the accessory. They can be woven into a braid and worn on the arm as a bracelet.

Here's how to make a leather pendant with your own hands:

Do-it-yourself suspension
  • you will need two pieces of leather of different shades to make the pendant. From the darker one you need to cut out the upper part of the cameos with a female profile. Sprinkle it with gold paint, stick it on the lower part of light leather;
  • I must say that the lower part of such a medallion can have any shape - round, oval, rectangular, etc. When the glue dries, you need to punch a hole in the upper part of the medallion for hanging;
  • , if desired, the medallion can be pasted over around the perimeter with a roll of the same light leather. To make the pendant look neat, it can be lined with cardboard or leftover leather. By passing the lace through the hole, the medallion can be worn around the neck.

There are a lot of options for making decorative pendants with your own hands! With a certain amount of ingenuity, you can make a decoration from improvised means that have long been lying in the drawers of a dresser or wall and were preparing to go to the trash can. There would be a desire, and there are countless opportunities!

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