DIY Two Black Plastic Dresses | Super Cheap and Easy!

DIY dress from plastic bags

Original outfits made from materials of a penny cost cannot be called very practical. However, they can be used as an alternative to traditional corporate or themed evening dresses. How to make a dress from packages? We will consider several simple but interesting master classes, thanks to which you can create an extraordinary polyethylene outfit in just half an hour.

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Features of polyethylene outfits

Before making an original dress from ordinary bags with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the intricacies of assembling products. This will allow you to avoid incidents in the process of wearing the outfit, because of which the girl runs the risk of remaining in Eva's costume.

So, what nuances should you pay special attention to?

DIY dress from plastic bags
  • In the process of creating products from garbage bags, give preference to simple enough models that will not hinder your movements;
  • Do not make elements that will be heavily loaded from lightweight polyethylene (shoulder straps, tops);
  • When stitching parts on a typewriter, set the step sufficiently large. This will make the seams stronger;
  • At the joints of the parts, lay an adhesive tape that will not allow the seams to creep;
  • For finishing the outfit, use cellophane of a different color, which can be attached with glue or thread.

Thanks to these simple rules, you will be able to design an original outfit that you can use more than once.

Workshop: minimalist dress

To make a dress from black garbage bags, consider the simplest master class. We need the following materials:

  • Black dense bag for 120 liters (preferably with ties);
  • Scissors.

Product creation process:

  • In the bottom of the bag, make one hole for the head. Do not make it too large, otherwise the product will fall off;
  • Also make two symmetrical holes for the arms on the sides;
  • Put on the outfit and tighten the ties at the bottom a little.

As you can see fromit is very easy to prepare an unusual dress with your own hands . Everything will take no more than five minutes to complete.

DIY dress from plastic bags

Chips dress

This master - the class is not very simple, but you will certainly be satisfied with the results of your work.

To create a beautiful ballroom outfit, we need:

  • fabric for sewing top and lining;
  • packaging for chips;
  • threads and needles.

Instructions for creating a product:

  • Sew the lining for the future skirt and top using cotton fabric;
  • Think in advance about the future pattern of the product;
  • Sew on the lining of the chip packaging;
  • At the top of the skirt, attach an elastic band to fit the figure.

Trash bags can be attached to the back of the dress or skirt as a decoration to simulate the train of a wedding dress.

DIY dress from plastic bags

Elegant black dress

In this workshop, we will learn how to create fitted products from black bags . Of course, they can be used only once, but, fortunately, the process itself does not take much time.

So, to design a product we need:

  • two black plastic bags;
  • scotch tape;
  • scissors.

Product creation process:

  • Wrap one bag around the body and secure with tape;
  • Cut the straps from the second and attach with glue to the base;
  • Make a cut at the bottom of the blank;
  • To prevent the cut from from spreading during wearing, attach a piece of scotch tape at the base of the blank on the inside of the blank.
DIY dress from plastic bags

Girl's dress

In order to assemble a children's dress from colorful bags for a girl, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • 6 cellophane bags;
  • centimeter tape;
  • scissors;
  • multicolored lace;
  • paper.

Product creation process:

  • Make a sketch of the future outfit;
  • On thick white cellophane draw the outline of the future top;
  • Cut two pieces for the top of the blank;
  • To form a skirt, make a gather on one side of the black bag;
  • Secure it from the inside with tape;
  • Use pink polyethylene to create a belt;
  • Attach the belt with tape to the skirt and top;
  • This should end up with a cute outfit like this.
DIY dress from plastic bags

Polyethylene ball gown

This master class of poseswants to easily make a beautiful and unusual dress from multi-colored bags, in which you can go to the autumn ball. Of course, this version of the product will also not be durable, but it is distinguished by its elegance and unusualness. You shouldn't take such things seriously, but as an art object it certainly has a right to exist.

What materials do we need to assemble the outfit?

  • dense green polyethylene;
  • yellow and white cellophane bags;
  • scissors and tape.

Product assembly process:

  • At the base of the white bag, make a v-neckline;
  • Make two symmetrical cuts for the arms on the sides;
  • Pull up the sleeves a little, then they will take the form of flounces;
  • Make a black polyethylene skirt;
  • Use yellow cellophane to make a belt for a future outfit;
  • For decoration, use cellophane flowers, which can be attached to the top and skirt with glue.

In this outfit, you can go to the autumn ball , a thematic event or a handicraft competition.

DIY dress from plastic bags

Cellophane reaper dress

This is the simplest, but most original way of creating an outfit from waste materials. The whole process will take about 30-40 minutes, but you will end up with a very attractive evening dress.

What do you need to build it?

  • cardboard paper;
  • big tight bag;
  • iron.

Instructions: how to make a dress out of garbage bags:

  • Use cardboard to form the future corset for the dress;
  • Wrap it in black plastic;
  • Attach the black bag to the bottom of the finished corset using tape;
  • Use a heated iron to form a pattern on it as shown in the photo:
DIY dress from plastic bags

You don't have to buy expensive materials and tools to make something unusual.

It is enough to buy polyethylene, scotch tape and arm yourself with scissors. Thanks to the reviewed master classes, anyone who wants to watch will join the creative business and create their own unique outfit.

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