Diet rules for stomach ulcers

Peptic ulcer is a defect that occurs on the gastric mucosa. In some cases, the lesion also involves the underlying muscle layers. If the stomach ulcer is not treated, the disease brings its owner periodically aggravated troubles and pain. Over time, the ulcer spreads deep into the muscle tissue, followed by perforation of the stomach wall.

The disease is characterized by the fact that one of the important components of treatment is the correct diet for stomach ulcers.

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Relentless Statistics

Statistics know everything. Including about the number of people who had an ulcer during endoscopic examination.

Diet rules for stomach ulcers

In large cities of our country, the number of people suffering from this disease reaches 12%. In the province, the percentage of cases is lower - about 6%. In addition, statistics indicate a decrease in the age of those suffering from the disease.

If earlier it was believed that mainly people of the second half of life suffer from peptic ulcer, now more and more often the ulcer is diagnosed in very young people: in more than a third of the sick, the ailment was revealed in adolescence. In the late 70s of the last century, cases of ulcers in children were isolated.

By the mid-90s, almost 7% of schoolchildren under 12 suffer from this disease. Such are the sad numbers.

Why the ulcer occurs

In the old days, the main cause of peptic ulcer disease was considered unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol abuse and nerves. Recent studies by scientists have revealed the true culprit for the occurrence of defects in the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum in 38% of cases.

Diet rules for stomach ulcers

This is the Helicobacter pylori microbe.

The evil Helicobacter feels great in the acidic environment of the stomach. But those who argued that the cause of the ulcer lies in the nerves, are right. And with a healthy diet, the disease is unlikely to occur.

The microbe has no chance if we do not irritate the gastric mucosa with coarse food (my mother always talked about the harm of eating dry food), a lot of spicy, sour, salty and spicy food, baked goods, smoked meats, fast food, semi-finished products.

We do not increase the production of acid by smoking and drinking alcohol, uncontrolled medication. And, most importantly, we do not fall into depression, anxiety, do not get nervous, and do not suffer from stress.

That is why our provincial fellow citizens twiceand they suffer less from ulcers - they eat more properly due to their remoteness from the benefits of civilization in the form of McDonald's, are less prone to stress. And even alcohol, which is said to be more consumed in the provinces, does not have that much effect.

In general, if you are your own enemy, and cannot refuse soda and hamburger, then when the gastroenterologist says that you have an ulcer, you will be forced to switch to pureed vegetable soups and milk porridge.

Healthy food - prevention and medicine

A disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Disease of the stomach is provoked by improper nutrition, and for its treatment a special diet is required, indicated for gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Diet rules for stomach ulcers

All products that mechanically, thermally or chemically injure a sick stomach should be categorically excluded from the menu. You can not eat food that provokes an increased separation of gastric juices: rich broths, fried, smoked, fatty, spicy, pickled and salted. From the daily diet, be sure to exclude foods rich in fiber.

You shouldn't eat grapes, currants, fruits with a rough skin.

You cannot eat sandwiches: the consistency of the food you eat is puree or in the form of liquid porridge, soufflé. Meals should be done more often: the daily food system should be fractional, with a break between meals no more than four hours - 5-7 times a day.

The method of cooking - boiling or steaming. The finished dish is crushed to a viscous porridge. All the above rules are taken into account by the diet for gastritis of the stomach.

And now let's look at the list of foods that make up the diet menu in the treatment of stomach ulcers:

Diet rules for stomach ulcers
  • Puree soups, cream soups, milk soups, vegetable soups with thoroughly cooked and ground cereals (exclude the following types of cereals: pearl barley, millet, corn grits);
  • Dairy products: non-acidic kefirs, natural yoghurts, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, milk;

Liquid porridge:

  • Boiled or steamed, mashed dishes from lean meats: veal, turkey, pork, chicken;
  • Steam cutlets or boiled meatballs from low-fat fish;
  • Boiled eggs, steamed omelets;
  • Vegetable purees: from potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, beets, boiled or steamed, in the form of soufflé or puree;

A couple of recipes for a diet table

For a better understanding of what is allowed to eat and what is better to abstain from, we will give as an example an approximate menu, one day of the diet prescribed by a doctor for gastritis and stomach ulcers.

What we cook for breakfast in the morning:

Diet rules for stomach ulcers
  • Herculean porridge, pureed;
  • egg soufflé;
  • tea, milk;

Lunchtime snack:

  • jelly fruit and berry;
  • yesterday's baked bagel;

Diet lunch:

  • creamy carrot soup with croutons;
  • fish meatballs, mashed potatoes and carrots;


  • mashed boiled meat, mashed potatoes;

After dinner, before bed:

  • Vareniki.
Diet rules for stomach ulcers

The same nutrition will be relevant for you if you are prescribed a diet with increased acidity of the stomach and a diet with erosion of the stomach. Restrictions on the consumption of a number of products in these cases are based on the same dietary rules.

The perception of food is different for all people, therefore, in order to correctly formulate a diet for gastritis and stomach ulcers, you need to consult with your doctor. And the main rule of successful treatment: no food liberties and disruptions.

If you have already brought yourself to an ulcer, then eat pureed vegetable soups, as long as the doctor ordered. Violation of the diet is fraught with relapse of the disease.

Foods to avoid if you have stomach ulcer | what Foods are bad for stomach ulcer.

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