Diet pills Reduksin: losing weight effectively

One of the problems of humanity is being overweight. The issue of losing weight occurs in different sexes and at different ages. The modern pharmaceutical industry produces many medicines and dietary supplements for weight loss. One of them is the drug Reduxin. It is prescribed by specialists only to those patients whose degree of obesity exceeds 30%. Given the many side effects, Reduxin is not recommended for shedding a few pounds.

Diet pills Reduksin: losing weight effectively

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Composition and action drug

A slimming drug based on sibutramine. It is the only ingredient allowed to be used in the treatment of obesity. It is the basis of many analogues of Reduxin.

These include drugs Merida, Celium, Miaosis and and others. Analogues have the same effect on the body, only differ in name and are produced by different companies.

Reduksin contains two active substances:

  • sibutramine;
  • microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).

Calcium stearate is used as an auxiliary component.

Each of these substances has properties that contribute to:

  • weight loss;
  • burning subcutaneous fat;
  • improve metabolism.

The main cause of human obesity is the consumption of food in large quantities. Sibutramine promotes the breakdown of fat cells into glycerin, fatty acids and water. Acids are converted into energy, and water and glycerin are naturally excreted from the body.

The medicine improves metabolism, which leads to cleansing the body of cholesterol and losing weight. They also normalize blood sugar levels.

Microcrystalline cellulose acts on the saturation center of the brain, resulting in a feeling of fullness in the body. It swells when absorbed by liquid. At the same time, harmful components are drawn in, which a full person has in excess in the body.

Reduksin tablets allow you to get a feeling of fullness with a minimum portion of food. In this case, the stomach gradually decreases in size. After the end of treatment, the body gets used to small portionsfood.

Normalization of fat metabolism prevents weight gain after the passed course. When taking the drug or its analogues, there is a gradual weight loss. The patient loses up to one kilogram in seven days, which does not harm the body.

Pill Effect

Tablets are prescribed by specialists for obesity. .

Useful properties:

Diet pills Reduksin: losing weight effectively
  • Significantly reduces appetite. A small portion of food is needed to feel full;
  • Improves metabolism. Burning calories in the body depends on the speed of metabolic processes. This means that there is an active process of losing weight;
  • Improves well-being. This is facilitated by the normalization of sugar and the removal of cholesterol from the blood;
  • Provides smooth weight loss without stress.

Reduksin slimming tablets provide a long-lasting effect. After the completed course of treatment, the weight is not restored.

Release form and receipt

The drug is produced in gelatin capsules, which, depending on the dosage, have a blue or blue color. The blue capsules contain 15 and the blue capsules 10 milligrams of sibutramine. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor. Usually it is 10 milligrams.

The medicine should be taken once a day in the morning or with breakfast. One tablet must be swallowed whole with plenty of liquid.

One package of the Reduxin preparation contains 60 capsules. According to the instructions, you need to take the prescribed remedy for at least three months. Two packs are designed for the minimum course of treatment.

If the use of Reduxin occurs without any special side effects, after the first month, the dose of administration, on the recommendation of a specialist, can be increased by half a tablet per day. The full course of treatment is prescribed only by a doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

Diet pills Reduksin: losing weight effectively

Taking Reduxin diet pills, the patient sometimes feels dry mouth or nausea. Some people have an increased heart rate.

This reaction of the body to the drug is temporary, and you should not stop taking the drug.

Reduxin tablets can cause skin itching, drowsiness or excessive sweating. Also sometimes there is pain in the abdomen or back.

Reduxin is an effective means for losing weight, but it has a number of contraindications for use.

There are serious diseases when the drug is prohibited for use, for example:

  • Cardiovascular ailments;
  • violation of the nervous system;
  • gastric problems;
  • alcohol and drug abuse;
  • disorders in the functioning of the kidneys and liver;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

It is forbidden to simultaneously take Reduxin and its analogues for weight loss with other potent preparationsrats. During the course of treatment, you need to monitor blood pressure and heart rate.

Effective results are achieved with complex therapy. Taking Reduxin for weight loss, you need to limit yourself in nutrition, eating healthy food. During this period, it is worth strengthening physical education, performing the permitted load. Reduxin can only be purchased with a doctor's prescription.

Dietary supplements

Reduksin tablets are often confused with Reduksin-light, which is also used for weight loss. It only belongs to the category of dietary supplements, which can be purchased freely in the pharmacy network. Reduxin-light has a completely different composition and principle of action.

Diet pills Reduksin: losing weight effectively

It contains vitamin E and linoleic acid in a conjugated state. It belongs to vital acids, but is not produced by the body. This acid of natural origin is found in meat and dairy products.

The action of the dietary supplement Reduksin-light is based on the fact that conjugated linoleic acid burns excess calories. It helps convert food into energy, not fat. Using Reduksin-light for weight loss, metabolism and blood sugar levels are normalized, immunity is increased.


Take Reduxin-light 1-2 capsules with meals. The course of treatment is 2 months and is repeated 4 times a year. It is necessary to take biological supplements Reduxin-light or its analogues after consulting a specialist.

A dietitian will advise you on how to draw up an appropriate diet for the period of treatment. It implies the minimum amount of products that contain linoleic acid. Exercise can help speed up your weight loss process.

Significant weight loss with pills alone is difficult. Taking Reduxin or its analogues, you need to change your diet and lifestyle. This is the only way to save the achieved results.

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