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Diet 13 table: you can be treated deliciously and with appetite

There are many diets with different uses and goals. Among them there is a menu that is attributed to people suffering from infectious diseases and being on bed rest.

It is also known as the 13 table diet. Despite the fact that it has a number of frightening superstitious people, the benefits from it are very great.

A feature of this diet is considered to be products with a minimum content of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Recovery. And also getting rid of the intoxication of the body occurs due to liquid and vitamins, while energy consumption for the digestion of food is practically not required.

Diet table number 13: what you can eat

Below are the foods that this 13 table diet menu is based on:

Diet 13 table: you can be treated deliciously and with appetite
  • vegetables . These are potatoes, carrots, beets, tomatoes, steamed or mashed. You cannot use cabbage, onions, garlic;
  • meat and fish . This includes low-fat varieties: rabbit, chicken, veal. It is better not to use pork. From meat, you can cook steamed cutlets and meatballs, meatballs, as well as boil low-fat broth. The fish can be eaten either as cutlets or as a whole piece baked in foil; it also makes a good broth;
  • eggs . Here you will have to forget about the fried eggs and hard-boiled eggs. But a steam omelet or soft-boiled is allowed;
  • dairy products . Low-fat kefir, ayran, low-fat milk, as well as cottage cheese and lean cheese are all permitted products. You can also have some 15% sour cream;
  • cereals . The smaller the better. It can be semolina, milled or grated rice, or buckwheat. Barley, corn, peas and other legumes should be avoided;
  • fruit . Soft ripe fruits are allowed, apples should be baked, pears and plums are best avoided. Fruit can be used to make jellies, juices, compotes;
  • drinks . Water is the main substance of our body. Therefore, you need to drink a lot, moreover, clean water. As for drinks, juices diluted with water, compotes, green tea and even weak coffee are allowed. You cannot drink carbonated drinks, cocoa, and, of course, alcohol;
  • flour products . Bread can only be eaten dried, that is, yesterday's made from wheat flour. As for buns and other pastries, they are prohibited. Only biscuits are allowed.

13th table diet menu

The daily ration should be split into 5-6 meals, preferably a little, but often, so keep in mind that the portion size should be 1.5-2 times less than usual. You should try to drink water half an hour before and after meals, this is somethingThere are also tea, compote and other drinks. The amount of salt is minimal; hot spices cannot be used. Mayonnaise and ketchup are also not acceptable. Steam dishes or cooked ones prevail.

Here is an approximate 13th table diet menu:

Diet 13 table: you can be treated deliciously and with appetite
  • start the day with semolina cooked with low-fat milk and sugar;
  • a slice of bread with jam or a slice of low-fat cheese for lunch;
  • lunch will consist of vegetable puree soup with meat broth, boiled noodles with steamed chicken cutlet and vegetable salad;
  • for an afternoon snack you can eat a baked apple and some low-fat cottage cheese;
  • dinner will consist of a piece of baked fish and mashed potatoes;
  • you can drink a glass of kefir before going to bed.

During this diet, it is necessary to remove all foods that can cause an increase in metabolism, such as legumes, as well as those that cause constipation or, conversely, relax the intestines . Food should be as simple as possible, the body would not expend a lot of energy to digest.

Diet 13 table is designed specifically for these purposes, it allows a sick person to recover faster and return to normal.

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