In pursuit of ideal beauty, we sometimes do desperate things, going under the surgeon's knife, following the recommendations of little-known doctors, whose opinion we get from the Internet, conducting experiments with our body with questionable cosmetics.


The result does not always suit us, but this is nothing, we go further, subjecting ourselves to more and more trials, and all this is aimed at an intolerable desire to be beautiful and to please our loved ones.

Of course, this despair is not always driven only by a simple desire to become ideal, there are cases when it becomes necessary to correct or remove something that fate has so unnaturally awarded us with. Modern medicine in the field of cosmetology is meeting us halfway in this regard, offering more and more advanced, affordable and gentle methods of satisfying the desires of every woman.

One of these methods is dermabrasion of the face and body, and we will talk about it in this article.

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The secrets of popularity

The beginning of the popularity of dermabrasion has been going on since the 80s of the last century, when, due to its availability and effectiveness, this procedure became the first in cosmetic medicine. It was originally used to remove scars, stretch marks, skin blemishes and the effects of acne.

Today, the practical application of dermabrasion is not limited to these procedures, it is actively used to rejuvenate the face. I think it is not worth talking about the sufficient experience of specialists in this matter, accumulated over the years of using this method, and about the modern drugs used, and about the enthusiastic reviews of those who know about it firsthand.

What is this

Dermabrasion - a procedure for deep grinding of the upper layer of the skin. In other words, this is a mechanical peeling, in which the epidermis is removed, and in its place a new, young, with improved vital signs grows.

Using this method, you can eliminate deep expression wrinkles, even out the tone of the face, remove pigmentation, and make invisible blood vessels on the cheeks and near the wings of the nose. It is also used to remove scars, tattoos and birth defects of the skin (for example, moles and warts). It is also very effective for removing stretch marks on the body.


In more detail,Then the purpose of the dermabrasion procedure is to remove the epidermis layer and the underlying dermis layer using a fast rotating grinding brush. These layers are perfectly restored without the formation of scars and tissue nodes. The use of this procedure is especially effective in the face area, since there is a sufficient number of sebaceous glands on its skin, which are of paramount importance in postoperative rehabilitation.

Dermabrasion types

In modern cosmetology, there are several varieties of this procedure, which involve different types of effects and, as a result, the use of different types of instruments.

Diamond dermabrasion - this type of grinding uses diamond particles, which are very hard and microscopic, which greatly reduces the trauma of the procedure. It is used to remove age wrinkles, scars, acne.

Laser dermabrasion - the process itself is performed due to the thermal action of a laser beam, which acts on the upper layers of the skin. This procedure is considered gentle and effective, in which the surface is smoothed, the overall tone is normalized, and the subsequent healing process is faster. It is suitable for eliminating birth defects, wrinkles, acne.


Mechanical dermabrasion is considered the roughest and most aggressive procedure in which deep grinding is carried out using scraping abrasive materials. After her, the healing process takes a long time and is painful, with the use of ointments, dressings and healing balms.

But by doing it, you can get rid of the most serious scars, deep wrinkles, age spots, not to mention acne, scars, tattoos.

Microdembrasion is the most gentle and superficial procedure in which grinding is carried out using microscopic crystals. It will relieve shallow scars, acne, high fat content. Some pharmaceutical companies produce special kits that make home dermabrasion easy and painless.


Despite the excellent performance after dermabrasion, it is not suitable for everyone. It is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, bleeding, tuberculosis.

Also, people with dark skin should not undergo the technique, as this can lead to irreversible pigmentation processes, people whose skin is prone to scarring and chloasma. In no case should pregnant and lactating women carry it out.

Performing the procedure

Those who decide to undergo dermabrasion should undergo a full course of examination, which includes examination of the patient and the delivery of general tests. The examination reveals indicative skin characteristics, the presence of contraindications and allergies.reactions to anesthesia.

Therefore, you should stop using it in advance:

  • tobacco products;
  • alcohol;
  • the use of hormonal drugs;
  • drugs for the treatment of skin diseases.

Before resurfacing, areas of the skin are marked with a marker and, most often, local anesthesia is done. If the case is serious enough, anesthesia is increased, up to the use of general anesthesia.

To enhance the effect, ice is applied to the area of ​​the skin to be resurfaced, after which the skin becomes denser and easier to expose.

Then a special nozzle is selected, depending on the chosen method and the expected result. The process takes approximately one hour to complete.

When finished, apply a freezing spray, peel off the peeled layer and apply a bandage.

Rehabilitation process

Depending on the chosen method of dermabrasion, the rehabilitation time will also depend. For about 7-10 days, the skin will be noticeably sore and sore. After about two days, it will become crusty, which will peel off on its own in a week.

Newly formed skin will initially be red and thin; over time, the color will even out, acquiring a natural shade. This is a very important period, when the main thing is proper care, high-quality protection from the sun and wind, full compliance with the doctor's recommendations.

The final result will depend on the characteristics of the patient's skin, general indicators of the body, the experience of the cosmetologist, the chosen method. But judging by the reviews of women who have undergone this procedure, it qualitatively helps in solving many dermatological problems, making us beautiful and confident.

Dermabrasion Scar Removal Treatment

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