How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

Cycling is a great way to lose weight

Riding a bike for weight loss is a great opportunity to have a good and interesting time, meet new people, relax mentally and lose extra pounds. It suits almost everyone. Although, of course, there are contraindications, it can be diseases of the heart, lungs or joints, the musculoskeletal system, therefore, before starting classes, you need to consult a doctor.

If there are no contraindications, you can not only lose weight while cycling, but also significantly improve your health, train endurance, get hardened, develop muscles, improve your general condition, efficiency and performance of the body.

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How many calories are you burning?

The weight loss benefits of cycling and the amount of energy expended depends on weight and other factors, but typically 500 calories are burned per hour of quiet ride. When you ride at a faster pace, you can lose even 700-800 kcal / hour. Taking a 3-hour bike tour on a warm day will burn about 2,000 calories.

Motivation and goal setting:

Cycling is a great way to lose weight
  • Set realistic goals for yourself - losing 2-3 kg per month is a result that can be easily achieved. More importantly, it's easy to maintain;
  • Start with the simplest - think about what your main dietary mistakes are and fix them, it could be candy, chips, fast food. Swap them for better alternatives such as fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts;
  • Think about why you want to lose weight;
  • Set aside 30 minutes during the day for cycling (morning or evening);
  • After you reach your goals, don't relax. If you want the end result to be consistent, don't fall back on old habits.

A healthy and balanced diet is better for your physical activity and is one of the secrets of being in good shape.

How long to cycle to lose weight

In order to lose weight, as a rule, use one of two methods. Both include a healthy, balanced diet and are based on the essential principle of reducingweight loss: in order to lose weight, you need to maintain an energy balance, which should be slightly negative. In other words, the more we eat, the more we must burn energy. The principle seems simple and obvious, but it can be very difficult to implement it.

Here are two suggested workout patterns to lose weight with a bike:

Cycling is a great way to lose weight
  1. Move more, but eat as before

To do this, you should also add morning workouts to your nightly workouts. If your lifestyle does not allow for this, then you should consider conducting longer evening workouts with a break.

Each of them is no more than 40 minutes long. Alternatively, your morning bike ride can be replaced with exercise, which should include warm-up, jogging, and stretching.

Evening cycling will help in accelerating recovery from exercises that you did in the morning at home, will fundamentally speed up your metabolism, and, therefore, restore the body's energy resources. While maintaining the calorie content of meals, such a schedule should lead to weight loss;

  1. Eat less while riding as well

The second method is more difficult, since most people find it easier to move more than to deny themselves delicious food. If you belong to a minority and can easily go on diets, then this method is for you. However, changing long-term eating habits will be difficult.

But if it makes your diet healthy, why not?

Cycling is a great way to lose weight

This strategy can also be successful. For her, you need to reduce the number of calories consumed during the last meal each day. To achieve this goal, you can only eat half of your dinner.

But at the same time, the diet must be well balanced so that the body receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and energy. Increase your protein intake and reduce your carb intake for dinner.

Take your last meal in advance, at least 3-4 hours before bed.

How to ride a bike properly to effectively lose weight

Almost everyone can ride a bike. Adjust the bike to suit you, the most important thing is to take care of the correct position, which allows for comfortable and efficient movements.

Start with short, relaxing trips. Remember that each ride must last at least 20-30 minutes. First, choose the best riding routes in your area and surroundings to get your muscles used to work. After a while, if you're looking for adventure, increase your travel times. You can go to the nearest park or forest, or uphill and downhill, adding variety to your training.

Cycling is a great way to lose weight

To combat excess weight, it is best to train three times a week. The difference between trips is oftenThat 4-6 times a week, and the frequency of 3 times a week is insignificant in terms of the effect on the body, but the difference between two and three workouts is already quite significant and the benefit is much greater from a three-time workout. It is best to spread your workouts evenly throughout the week, for example Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, to give the body time to rest and recover.

This will allow the body to regenerate and give better results.

You need to drive with such intensity that slight shortness of breath appears. This is called riding with with oxygen and this is the best way to burn fat. However, it is better to come to such trips with some experience and hardening of the body. Intense rides with very heavy loads, contrary to popular belief, do not produce very good results when it comes to weight loss.

How to quickly pedal

The number of revolutions per minute is called cadence. Ideally, you should aim for 80-90 rpm.

How to calculate cadence? You can use the help of a special counter, and if it is not there, just count the number of revolutions for 10 seconds and multiply it by 6.

How to eat right

Cycling is a great way to lose weight

To correctly calculate the diet, it is necessary to determine the body's energy needs and calculate the calorie consumption based on the volume of physical activity. When you calculate your diet, cut the number of calories you need by 10% and limit yourself to this in the coming weeks, body weight should be falling.

But this will have a positive effect on the body only with a healthy and balanced diet.

This means that every meal, and especially before and after exercise, provides the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Body weight may not drop if you exercise intensely and your muscle mass grows. Muscles are known to be heavier than fat and therefore the effect of this lifestyle may not be noticeable on the scale, but it will be clearly visible visually - your belly and buttocks will become tighter, your waist is thinner, and your overall physical condition and mood are better.

If you're looking for shortcuts, don't try to combine both strategies at all costs. The energy balance becomes negative, and you may be haunted by bouts of severe hunger. A drastic reduction in calories, combined with an increased dose of exercise, can also lead to overtraining. Constant and sustained reduction in body fat can only be achieved through modest calorie restriction and continuous exercise.

Have fun driving

Cycling is a great way to lose weight

Cycling is not only useful, but also very exciting. Often people who have sat down on a bike for weight loss continue to ride after reaching the samedesired result.

Unlike running, cycling helps you overcome much greater distances, which will help you explore your surroundings, get to know your city better, be outdoors more often, meet like-minded people, and see things that have not previously attracted your attention.

This is an interesting activity to let you release stress after a working day, forget about unpleasant things, get rid of stress. Satisfaction is guaranteed after completing each trip. This is not only work and work on yourself, but also one of the best types of recreation.

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling | Healthy Weight-loss From Riding Your Bike

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