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Curls at home: possible or not

It is very difficult to make a beautiful curl at home. It is in the salon that the master can wind the hair in half an hour, securing the result with a ton of varnish. But at home, making curls is not so easy. Why, then, curls twisted with such difficulty crumble after a few hours, without even leaving the memory of a curly hairstyle?

Are you doing something wrong? Let's figure out how to create stunning curls at home.

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Ways to curl curls

Curls at home: possible or not

Before you start curling your hair, it is worth understanding which device is ideal for you.

Beautiful curls can be made with well-known tools such as:

  • Curling iron. A great way to create stunning hairstyles in a short time. But, this miracle device also has disadvantages. For example, in no case should you wind curls with it every day. Due to the intense influence of high temperatures, the structure of each hair is destroyed. The consequences of such destruction are hair loss, dryness and brittle hair;
  • Iron. The principle of its use is similar to the curling iron, but the curls will turn out to be larger. A small, narrow straightener is ideal for this procedure;
  • Hair curlers. A remedy tested by our grandmothers. Although before, their use always symbolized a sleepless night, since it was not possible to sleep on these iron pieces. But today you can buy silicone or foam curlers that absolutely do not interfere with sleep. The only thing worth remembering is time. If you wind up in the evening, be sure to leave a few extra minutes in the morning to carefully remove the curlers from your head.

As you can see, each tool has its pros and cons. But if you want to style yourself with Hollywood or vertical curls, then you won't do with regular curls.

Techniques for creating Hollywood curls at home

Curls at home: possible or not

Such a hairstyle is nothing more than slightly curled careless curls that perfectly complement the romantic image of theirflax. They can be done in several ways. A diffuser is the easiest to use. In order for the styling to turn out beautiful, you need a small amount of modeling mousse for curls, and then give them the desired shape with your hands.

A hairdryer with a special nozzle - a diffuser will help to fix the result. You should end up with a slightly tousled hair effect.

To create a similar effect, you can use a regular iron. The procedure is as follows: comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into several small strands. Each strand must be twisted into a tourniquet, along which it must be ironed from top to bottom. If you want the hairstyle to last a little longer, you can lightly sprinkle some varnish on top of the curls.

Techniques for creating vertical curls at home

This type of styling is easy to create. You don't need to stand in front of the mirror with a curling iron or shape your hair with your fingers and nail polish. All you need are narrow foam or heat rollers. Roll your hair around them and you can go about your business.

Attention! One strand should not be wider than a centimeter and the tails, curls wound on curlers, must be fixed with an elastic band or hair clip. After you unwind the strand, do not comb it. Simply shape the hair by hand and secure the result with a little nail polish.

Technique for creating large curls at home

Curls at home: possible or not

Large curls are a classic, but how to make them stay in shape after a few hours. First of all, lightly sprinkle each strand with varnish or apply modeling mousse. We divide all the hair into two parts using a horizontal parting. Separate a small strand from the bottom and clamp it with a straightener approximately in the middle.

The part of the strand that remains below the iron is wrapped around the device. Now slowly pull the iron down. The strand should slide smoothly between the plates, as too fast movement can damage the hair.

As a result, you should get rather large curls that should last at least a day. The disadvantage of this procedure is the effect of high temperature on the structure of each hair. Therefore, if you do not want to go bald, then you have to limit the number of such procedures.

As you can see, you can make curls at home. And if you put a little more patience with your desire and practice a little, you can look no worse than Hollywood stars. Good luck!

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