Cucumber Juice: Benefits and Uses

Cucumber juice: useful and harmful properties of the drink

Cucumbers can be seen on the table all year round: we eat them fresh, salted, pickled. Almost all housewives make salads and preparations from this vegetable, but few people know that it is a real medicinal and miraculous remedy.

Cucumber juice: useful and harmful properties of the drink

Cucumber juice is endowed with many useful properties, using which you can strengthen and heal your body.

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This delicious fruit mainly consists of water: it contains about 93-94%. However, one should not think that this is ordinary water, because cucumber juice is a structured liquid that improves all metabolic processes in the human body. Correct metabolism maintains a normal water balance in our body, removes toxins that prevent many organs and systems from functioning properly.

In addition to water, cucumbers have other useful substances: they are rich in PP vitamins, biotin, B, ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol. There are essential oils in a green vegetable, it is they who give the fruit such a flavor. In addition, they contain tartronic acid, which slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and the deposition of fat.

There are many minerals in the product that, as a rule, are in short supply in the human body, these are sulfur, iodine, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, iron, calcium, chlorine and potassium. When the fruit is squeezed, all the nutrients that the product is rich in pass into its liquid form, so it is useful for humans in any form.

What are the benefits of a vegetable

Not everyone knows how cucumber juice is useful for our body, however, it is a rather valuable product that contributes to the full functioning of many organs and systems. Due to the content of potassium and sodium in fruits, it is good for the heart, first of all, it strengthens the heart muscle.

Experts note that with regular use of cucumber extract, blood pressure can be normalized. If you have hypertension, a glass of a delicious and refreshing drink will make you feel better by lowering your blood pressure.

This therapeutic effect is achieved due to the rendered diuretic effect and the removal of excess fluid. Those who suffer from hypotension can also drink the drink, because it will increase the pressure to the required levels.

This drink is also recommended for people who have problems with the digestive tract. This folk remedy is especially useful for normalizing intestinal motility, it has a laxative effect and allows you to get rid of constipation.

Given the laxative properties of the fruit, it is recommended for pregnant women who are prone to constipation. For constipation, you need to drink a glass of cucumber juice on an empty stomach, dissolving a spoonful of honey in it. To notice an improvement in bowel function, the medication should be taken for at least 3 consecutive weeks.

The benefits of the drink are also revealed in the effectiveness in the treatment of dry cough. Iodine, which the product is rich in, normalizes the functioning of the endocrine system, so its use prevents the occurrence of thyroid diseases. This drink will also help with rheumatism: it removes uric acid, which tends to accumulate in the body.

Cucumbers tend to improve the digestion process, so they are an effective tool for losing weight. By drinking a glass of the drink, it reduces the calorie content of all food consumed. Cucumber juice for weight loss is also useful in that it reduces appetite.

How to make a drink

Cucumber juice: useful and harmful properties of the drink

In the summer, when cucumbers are sold in the markets, it is easy to make juice, but in winter many have difficulties. There are several ways to prepare cucumber juice for the winter. There are many ways to prepare a healthy drink: just grate and squeeze cucumbers.

It is important to adhere to one rule - the drink must be freshly prepared, within half an hour after its preparation, its beneficial properties begin to gradually lose. To do this, you need to wash the fruits and start preparing the drink. It is not recommended to peel the vegetable from the peel, as it contains the main amount of nutrients.

To make a harvest for the winter, cook 13 kg of cucumbers, 35 g of dill seeds, 20 g of horseradish, 1 g of black and allspice.

  • Cut the fruits into slices, add salt water - 20 g of salt per liter of water, stand for several hours, grind. Squeeze the juice from the puree, add salt: 180 g of salt is needed for 10 liters of liquid;
  • Chop, mix, divide all seasonings into parts equal to the number of prepared cans or bottles;
  • Pour the seasonings into containers, pour the juice so that it does not reach the neck by 6-8 cm;
  • Leave the product at a temperature of 20 degrees for three days. When fermented, place in a cool place, cool to 0 degrees;
  • Then pour into jars and roll up the lids.

Blank Recipes

To eat cucumbers all year round, you can use more than one recipe. Quite popular amongdi homemade preparations are cucumbers in their own juice.

Prepare food:

  • cucumbers - 3 kg;
  • garlic - 2 heads;
  • dill - 4 umbrellas;
  • ½ cup vinegar;
  • 7 Art. l. sugar;
  • 3 tbsp. l. salt;
  • ground pepper.

Cook cucumbers as follows:

  • Chop the dill, mix with crushed garlic, pepper and salt, leave for 6 hours;
  • Cut the fruits into circles, mix everything, add vinegar;
  • Spread vegetables in jars, sterilize for 5 minutes, roll up the lids.

Wrap until cool and store until winter.

Many housewives pamper their household with delicious cucumbers in tomato juice.

Use a simple recipe for cucumbers in tomato juice using these products:

  • tomatoes - 2.5 kg;
  • cucumbers - 1 kg;
  • salt and sugar to taste;
  • garlic, spices;
  • vinegar - 1 spoon per jar.

Make tomato juice from tomatoes. Wash medium-sized cucumbers, cut off the tails, soak in cold water for several hours. Place vegetables in jars, half full to leave room for tomato juice.

Cucumber juice: useful and harmful properties of the drink

Boil it and fill it with cucumbers. Leave them on for 20 minutes, drain back into the pan. Boil the tomato juice again, adding salt, sugar, garlic and spices. Pour the cucumbers, roll up the lids and turn over.

Like any other product, cucumbers can bring not only benefits to the body, but also harm. Do not abuse the drink; it is not recommended to drink more than a liter of it per day. It is strictly forbidden to take a drink during an exacerbation of gastritis, peptic ulcer and urolithiasis. The product should be taken with care by nursing women, because it can cause stomach upset in the baby.

Knowing what benefits and harms cucumber juice can bring to the body, you can improve your health without unpleasant consequences.

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