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Crochet handbags for girls

Childhood is such a time for girls when they become women-to-be. Having barely learned to walk, they begin to imitate their mother and other gorgeous and brilliant ladies. Each of them wants to be like a princess, queen or fairy.

They perfectly feel gracefulness and elegance in clothes and manners, but at the same time they adore bright, clean colors as a child.

Crochet handbags for girls

Mothers of little fashionistas know perfectly well how many brilliant and expressive accessories their daughter requires. They adore beautiful outfits, bracelets, beads, rings and, of course, colorful handbags. Such adornments cause an indescribable delight among girls, as they immediately feel big and irresistible, like a mother.

Life circumstances do not always allow getting ready for another child's whim. Either the child asks for something that is not on sale, or there is, but unsatisfactory quality.

And such cases are an occasion to apply your knowledge and skills to create a wardrobe item with your own hands. And if you are not familiar with needlework skills, it's time to learn them. Fortunately, now this is absolutely not a problem.

On the Internet, not only is there, but there is a large number of not only descriptions of various models of all kinds of things, but also step-by-step video tutorials that teach the most basic elements of one or another kind of hand-made. This fully applies to crocheting. And what wonderful models of girly bags there are! They can be repeated, or you can be inspired by them and come up with something of your own, original. Let's try to discern all this variety in order to choose what is right for you.

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We classify knitted handbags

An original, spectacular or funny (depending on the age and nature of the future mistress) handbag is an excellent gift for a child, especially since knitted bags are now very fashionable among adult young ladies. And made with your own hands, in a single copy, it will help the little princess feel her uniqueness. In addition, they are lightweight and practical - they perfectly tolerate washing and wash well (from everything that was taken for a walk and spilled or smeared, for example).

It is very important to decide on a suitable model, since this accessory creates or complements a certain image, emphasizes style, evokes the appropriate emotions and mood.

Firstly, they differ in shape: some repeat adult models, others are made in the form of fruits and berries (the configuration of strawberry, pineapple, orange andetc.), others are made in the form of animals. The latter type of handbags is especially relevant for the smallest, as the accessory also serves as a toy. Handbags in the form of faces of animals and birds look very attractive (the most expressive, of course, is an owl). The image of a ladybug looks spectacular as an accessory.

Crochet handbags for girls

Secondly, bags are woven in different techniques. Openwork sirloin creates a romantic mood of sophistication, calls for graceful manners, special accuracy. Japanese technique is rich in beautiful patterns and looks very girlish and gentle. Products assembled from motives open up a lot of creativity, and they are always very distinctive. According to the principle of technique, animal bags are made of motifs: individual elements are knitted, which are then combined into one product.

Thirdly, a variety of materials are used to create handbags: they are knitted from ordinary yarn, from cords, ropes, jute thread, satin ribbons and even plastic bags.

Children's bags for girls can be decorated with leaves, flowers, funny faces, all kinds of appliqués, beads, beads, embroidery, frills and ruffles and much more.

Children's rainbow knitted handbags not only delight the eye and cheer up with bright colors, but also save on yarn. A lot of leftover thread comes in handy when you are going to create cute colorful fun handbags.


If you decide to crochet the bag, use the following algorithm:

Crochet handbags for girls
  1. immediately determine your level of proficiency in crocheting bags: do not tackle complex techniques or models right away (the authors usually warn about this right away);
  2. choose descriptions of crocheted handbags with patterns and illustrations;
  3. clarify what materials and tools you need and have them ready;
  4. choose the right yarn colors: for festive outfits it is better to choose pastel colors, for summer walks - bright colors, for autumn bad weather - something calm and unmarked, such as brown and purple shades, in winter warm tones warm the eyes better - all shades of yellow and red, juicy greens, etc .;
  5. make patterns of all elements of the future product;
  6. craft each piece;
  7. sew or tie with connecting posts;
  8. if you decide to make a lining, then you need to sew it on at this stage of work;
  9. tie the top edge of the garment;
  10. sew on fasteners, if any;
  11. attach a strap or handles to the bag;
  12. make decorative items;
  13. attach decorations.

Helpful hints

When knitting an accessory for a girl, always consider her age and avoid materials and elements that can injure the child. In the heat of the gameabout excitement, children can get hurt by the most seemingly harmless objects: faceted beads, metal snakes-fasteners, buckles, etc. For children under three years old, even buttons are not recommended. Replace the fasteners with Velcro, laces, and embellish with embroidery, knit or linen.

In order not to confuse the front and back sides of the product during the manufacturing process, mark one of them by threading a thread contrasting with the color of the fabric.

If the knitting is too loose or delicate, sew a lining to the purse so that little girls' little things are not lost through the holes.

When choosing color combinations for accessories, choose immediately according to the color of the outfits with which the young lady will wear them.

Shades of pink and purple are considered good companions. The contrast of delicate lilac and bright fuchsia adds femininity and showiness to the outfit.

To make bright colors reinforce each other, put opposites next to each other, cold and warm. For example, orange and purple, yellow and blue, green and orange, pink and blue, yellow with fuchsia, etc. In handbags, the alternation of black thin stripes with wide bright light stripes looks great, and thin white stripes with wide dark and neutral stripes.

Crochet handbags for girls

Eye-catching accessories perfectly complement the cheerful details - dense rows of pendants with colorful pompoms.

Fill tubular hollow handles with filler as you knit - this is much more convenient and it turns out evenly and beautifully.

Do not be afraid of the complexities of weaving toy bags. All of them, as a rule, are variations with the same base. And additional small elements are quite simple in their outlines. Here, as in other handbags, it is rather important that the parts are securely connected to each other and are arranged naturally and symmetrically.

Your princess will also be delighted if the handbag is tied complete with a hat or headband.

And let the minutes that you spend on weaving bags for your daughter be filled with sweet memories of your own childhood and the cozy little world of bags and purses in which you kept your secrets, treasures and amulets.

And your baby, in turn, having received a gift from her mother, a needlewoman, will remember for the rest of her life, for example, how she hid her cherished seven-color flower in a small bear purse.

Crochet Bag For Little Girls

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