How To Crochet An Easy Beret Hat / Beginner Friendly Tutorial

Crochet beret for girls

Beret is an amazing headdress, which in its various guises acts as an almost universal addition to the wardrobe. This is probably why he became so loved by both women and men from around the world and has not gone out of fashion for several centuries in a row.

He is a mandatory attribute of the military uniform of many types of troops in many states. At the same time, he became an indispensable element of the wardrobe of a romantic girl. He is also a symbol of creative natures: artists, musicians, writers.

Crochet beret for girls

The shape of the beret allows designers a large number of variations, each of which will suit a particular style of outfit and even emphasize it. The small, laconic berets of the military owe their configuration to purely practical considerations: they are especially widespread in the army due to their convenience.

Beret perfectly hid hair, kept the head warm and at the same time fit under helmets and helmets. If such a beret is worn by a girl, she will emphasize the severity of the outfit, its business or sporty style, for example, a cardigan or sweater, a straight cut coat, classic trousers or an elegant dress.

At the same time, models of bright and catchy colors, trimmed with rhinestones or sequins, are perfect for evening dresses, consisting, for example, of a rough leather jacket, an extravagant top of crazy colors, oversized boyfriends and shoes of exotic shades.

Beret goes well with casual wear. To create a casual look, the headpiece can be worn with wide, chunky knit sweaters, feminine dresses, and simple jeans or shorts.

In addition, the positive feature of the beret is that it looks harmonious in any weather. In summer, an openwork model will be an excellent addition to an airy romantic dress, and in a cooler season, styles of mohair or warm wool will wonderfully complement a luxurious fur coat, a comfortable down jacket, and even a reckless bomber. In each case, the beret will add elegance and femininity to the images.

For spring, berets made of yarn of bright colors, which perfectly conveys a good mood, are perfect. In any season, checkered models and white, black clothes remain relevant.

An exquisite and beautiful beret can even be worn with an evening dress, and not only worn on the street.

In this case, the piece can either be combined with the rest of the elements of the outfit in color, or be a light accent of the image. The advantages of the beret are that it is able to keep the hairstyle low, covering only the head circumference, and also that it can suit women of all ages. It gives a romantic look to young ladies, especially with a shallow landing. Older women will look confident if the piece is pulled slightly over the forehead.

As you can see, the beret can be assigned the title of universal headdress absolutely by right: it fits anyclothing, face and style. Therefore, if you are still wondering if you should wear a beret, you can rest assured! You will always be in trend with him.

But berets have become favorite fashion items and children's wardrobe. One of their advantages is that they reliably protect the child's head from the cool wind in the off-season. It will fit both a raincoat and a jacket. In cold weather, you can wear a thick, warm beret. Girls defile in them with pleasure. If you decide to make this popular accessory yourself, we recommend using the following tips.

How to crochet a baby beret

Making a stylish hat is easy with a crochet hook. This method is suitable for spring and summer models. They are soft and lightweight.

The description of the actions will be pretty simple:

Crochet beret for girls
  1. there are two basic principles of knitting this thing: in a circle and in separate wedges, which are then sewn together. Decide which one you prefer;
  2. find a suitable beret pattern with a crochet pattern and a description of the sequence of actions. If you are not sure, do not choose complicated styles right away;
  3. for openwork hats it is very convenient to use napkin patterns (preferably, of course, with an interesting pattern in the center);
  4. select the grade and color of the yarn for the cap that matches the selected model. Consider the color scheme of the outfits with which the little lady will dress her. Also decide which crochet hook you will use (usually several are required);
  5. before starting knitting of the entire headdress, it is better to knit a prototype of the pattern report in order to correctly calculate the number of loops in the future product, knitting density;
  6. crocheting a baby beret can be started from the center to the bottom edge or vice versa;
  7. When you are knitting from the center and not using a specific pattern, it will be useful for you to know how to weave a circle. The rules for expanding it can be described in general terms: add 6 single crochets in each row or 12 single crochets. In a pattern with a crochet and air loop cage - add 7 cells in each row. If you add on top of each other, you get a polyhedron, not a circle. Therefore, you can shift the increments with each wedge. Or you can knit randomly. It is not so convenient, you have to count more, but extensions. Invisible. Although the version with a polyhedron looks the same - choose according to your taste;
  8. when you start from the bottom, knit an elastic band by alternating the front and back embossed double crochets. At the beginning of knitting a raised elastic, weave a chain of air loops, knit the first row with double crochets. After 3 air lifting loops, turn over the knitting row, and already here start weaving the actual embossed elastic;
  9. when you assemble the finished product, do not be lazy, decorate it with additional elementsntami - knitted flowers (very good made using the technique of Irish lace), beads, beads, brooch, etc .;
  10. if you have finished knitting a beret and there is still yarn and a little time left, weave a scarf to the headdress. These kits look very good.

Helpful Hints

If suddenly you decide to make a surprise and present a hat as a gift unexpectedly, of course, you will not be comfortable asking the size of the head of the future hostess from her or her loved ones.

In this case, it is useful for you to know the following correlations of age and head circumference:

Crochet beret for girls
  • from birth to three months, the baby's head circumference ranges from 38 cm to 40 cm;
  • from three to six months - 42-44 cm;
  • from six months to a year, this parameter is 44-46 cm;
  • from one year to two - 46-48 cm;
  • from two to three years, the head grows to 48-50 cm;
  • from three to five years old - 50-54 cm;
  • from five to eight years old, head circumference ranges from 52 to 56 cm.

To make the bottom rows denser, not too stretched and the beret is better held on the head, always knit a rim from the bottom - 2-4 rows of single crochets. The edge can be done with a crustacean step - you get a similar effect.

Different hook sizes can be used for the same purpose. The peg also makes it possible to slightly reduce the size of the beret, if it suddenly turned out to be too big.

It is very useful to constantly write down, for each specific size, which threads you used and how many stitches were in the row.

It is better to select a crochet pattern for crocheting a beret for autumn on specialized sites or forums, where you can read and discuss the details of the work, and ask a question directly to the author of the model. Here you will also find a lot of ideas on how to wear a beret, how to decorate it, and what outfits to combine with.

Knit lovingly, making sure it blends in with your girl's face. Let the young fashionista feel like a real lady wearing a flirty beret!

How to crochet Beret hat

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