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Cooking mojito at home

Mojito can be safely called an ideal drink for a hot summer. It perfectly refreshes, tones, invigorates both body and spirit. But here's the paradox, with the onset of cold days, this cocktail does not disappear from the human diet at all, but smoothly flows into the alcoholic version, which perfectly warms and lifts the mood.

Cooking mojito at home

To try it, you don't have to look for a cafe with a skilled bartender and pay extra money, because you can cook a mojito at home very fast and easy.

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Basic ingredients

A mojito cocktail, like a capricious lady, absolutely does not tolerate changes in its classic composition and low-quality products.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main components and evaluate their importance for getting a decent drink:

  • Rum is the most important ingredient in the alcoholic version of mojito, which requires serious consideration of its choice. It's worth noting that this is one of those rare situations where price doesn't matter. Yes, expensive dark rums are delicious, but not suitable for making mojitos. The latter is much tastier with the usual budget white rum. And even if it cannot boast of long-term aging, rich taste and incredibly seductive aroma, you will not find a better option for cocktails;
  • Mint is an equally important ingredient that no recipe for non-alcoholic or heady mojito can do without . This herb gives the drink a pleasant taste and aroma, saturates it with freshness and gives a cooling effect. It is thanks to the latter that this cocktail is so pleasant to taste on hot summer days and languid evenings. Plain mint is in no way suitable for making the original mojito. Only peppermint should be used, which contains menthol. It is he who gives the feeling of chill and freshness. Only the leaves are placed in the glass itself, since the stems are bitter and spoil the whole taste. If mint is not at hand, feel free to use mint syrup;
  • A rare, even the most exotic mojito recipe does without lime, the presence of which cannot be replaced by any lemon. The latter dramatically changes the taste of the drink, and not for the best. Choose only fresh and high quality fruit that has a firm, shiny and yellow-green skin;
  • No non-alcoholic or alcoholic recipemojito is not made without ice. Moreover, it is preferable to use ice crumbs, rather than chunks of frozen water. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean cloth and crush with a bottle or rolling pin. When preparing ice, remember that this ingredient perfectly absorbs all foreign odors. Therefore, freeze the water just before making the mojito and cover the mold with a lid or bag.

Cooking technology

Cooking mojito at home

Before making a mojito, make sure you have all the ingredients. Chill the soda and prepare the ice. Remember, despite the elegance and versatility of this cocktail, it is very simple to make and the whole process does not take more than 10 minutes.

So, the sequence of manipulations is as follows:

  • Tear the mint leaves and put them in glasses;
  • Pour one teaspoon of brown sugar there;
  • Using a mortar, gently grind the mint and sugar. This is necessary for the release of essential oils, which will give the drink that very exclusive aroma and taste;
  • Cut the lime into 8 slices, squeeze the juice out of 4, throw one slice into each glass and grind everything again with a mortar until the granulated sugar is completely dissolved;
  • Pour 50 ml of rum into containers, stir everything again;
  • Pour ice crumbs into all glasses, then pour chilled soda.

The famous Cuban drink is ready, which remains to decorate with the remaining lime wedges, a small mint sprig and a beautiful straw.

Possible cocktail variations

The classic mojito recipe is constantly undergoing metamorphoses regarding the amount of the main components and their replacement with other products. For example, rum is quite successfully replaced by vodka, which gives the drink a new and interesting taste, depriving it of spicy rum notes.

Cooking mojito at home

The recipe for a non-alcoholic Cuban cocktail will appeal to ardent opponents of alcohol or those who have to give up drinking it for reasons of service or health condition. In such cases, vodka or rum is replaced with apple juice, fruit and berry syrup, fresh strawberries, currants or raspberries, ground in a blender along with mint leaves.

A glass of drink can be made more seductive by throwing a few whole berries into it and decorating the edges of the dish.

It just so happened that mojito gained fame as a spa drink that sets you up for a romantic mood and unrestrained fun. But what prevents us from moving away from boring stereotypes and preparing this drink at home or at a bachelorette party?

Let go of your imagination, experiment with ingredients, proportions, or glass decoration. It is quite possible that you will be lucky enough to find a new and amazing combination, which the whole world will soon learn about.

How To: Make The Perfect Mojito

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