Indoor Smoked Brisket

Cooking boiled-smoked brisket at home

Almost everyone loves to enjoy delicious smoked meats and other meat delicacies. We usually buy these products in markets or supermarkets, but why resort to the store option when it can be easily done at home!

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How to smoked chicken breast at home?

Chicken breast, and the whole chicken as a whole, is a favorite type of meat for many, due to its lightness and wonderful taste. Smoked chicken is one of the most delicious ways to cook a bird.

Cooking boiled-smoked brisket at home

Cooking boiled smoked brisket at home is not as difficult as it seems. We reveal the secrets and subtleties of cooking a spicy dish.

Even ancient people were engaged in the preparation of the recipe for boiled smoked brisket. True, they smoked with wood smoke to neutralize microbes. Today the purpose of smoking is to give a dish a special, pronounced taste and aroma.

The counters of many supermarkets and shops are packed with smoked chicken, which tempts with its unique taste and aroma.

But homemade smoked chicken is an even more appetizing dish. It is prepared in an electric smokehouse, which can be purchased at the market or shop.

It can be made as a whole or in separate parts - legs, fillets, breast, thighs, wings, etc. Choose very carefully source material . Make sure that the bird is not spoiled, if there is mucus on it, it will be sticky or the smell will confuse you, do not take such a product. Females - their meat is tastier, softer, and even better if they are young.

Rinse poultry before cooking. Further methods of cooking birds for smoking depend only on your preferences.

Boil the chicken for a couple of minutes, first immersing it in salted boiling water, then dry the carcass.

Soak it in brine (a glass of salt in a glass of water): fill the bird with brine by putting it in a large saucepan and set it aside for three days. Then we rinse and dry it.

We soak the bird in the marinade (kg of chicken, 3 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1.3 unheated boiled water): fill the carcass with marinade and set it aside under oppression for 12 hours in a cold place. After that we dry it and also need to add salt and you can boil the semi-finished product a little (the meat will be softer) - such a bird needs to be smoked for four minutes and at the end we set everything aside for a draft.

Smoked pork belly in the smokehouse

Before smokingpork, you need to take seriously the choice of meat. Take a good look at it - the color of the pulp should be pink. Look closely at the fat; no yellow color should be present. This means that the product is damaged. Choose chunks with an even distribution of fat and meat. It should also be tight.

When choosing good meat, you need to think about a cooking recipe. There are two types of smoking: cold and hot. In both cases, you need to do the pickling first.

Hot smoking

Rub the pork with spices and wrap with cling film if you don't want to waste time marinating the product and put everything in a cold place overnight.

Cooking boiled-smoked brisket at home

In order to salt the hot smoked method, you need to take pork (1 kg, pork brisket is good), garlic (5 cloves), sugar (2 tsp), bay leaf, water (1.5 l), red pepper ( if you like), salt (3 tbsp. l.)

After mixing all the ingredients, taste the marinade. Because if you undersalt it, then your semi-finished product will quickly deteriorate.

We wash the pork, remove the films from it, so that it cooks faster, you can cut it into pieces.

Stuff with garlic and season with spices. We send the pork to the pan, add water and put on low heat. After 40 minutes, remove and let cool the pork.

Pour sawdust into the smokehouse. We put the pieces so that the fat does not drip or cover the sawdust with foil. On average, the dish will take 3 hours to cook, depending on your smoker. Ultimately, pork should be easy to chew and cut well.

Cold smoked

This method will take more time. Cold smoking is no different from the aforementioned hot smoking.

What is the best way to salt pork for smoking?

First, rub the brisket with garlic and ground pepper. Then we prepare a marinade from salt, bay leaf, peppercorns and, of course, water. We take a jar (3 l) and put the semi-finished product there, fill everything with marinade. We put everything in a cold place for five to ten days.

If you don't have a smokehouse, it doesn't matter. There are recipes that use liquid smoke. This is a special aqueous solution of natural wood smoke. These recipes are simple and you don't need any special knowledge or skills. You can also add a couple of drops to the first or second ready-to-eat meals and you will get an imitation of the delicate taste of smoked meats.

5 rules for smoking pork:

Cooking boiled-smoked brisket at home
  1. choose the right meat. The result depends on this. It should have a pleasant aroma and pink color, and the fat is white;
  2. meat should be cut into small pieces and rub with spices;
  3. both smoking methods have their own priorities. If you choose hot smoking, it will save time, but using cold, you can store pork longer and get a special delicate flavor and delicate structure;
  4. you will get an ideal and aromatic dish if you cook it with sawdustx alder and fruit trees;
  5. the cooking time depends on the type of smokehouse. Also remember to cut the slices to help you know if the dish is ready.

Of course, smoked meats can be eaten not only in pure . There are a huge variety of types of salads from this type of product. For example, smoked chicken goes well with pineapples, mushrooms, corn, Korean carrots, asparagus croutons, etc.

The main thing is not to forget that you can not overdo it with the dressing, so that the aroma is not interrupted. In general, meat goes well with both vegetables and fruits. Create and experiment!

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