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Cooking a hair mask from mayonnaise

All women want to look well-groomed and catch the enthusiastic glances of men. According to social polls, the bulk of the stronger sex, after women's eyes, turns their attention to the woman's hair. There are no special wishes for the length of the hair. It can be either long braid , or a neatly executed semi-box. The main criterion is their aesthetic appearance.

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What does a woman want?

Cooking a hair mask from mayonnaise

As you know, beautiful hair is healthy strands from roots to ends. According to the masters of hairdressing, our hairline is a reflection of the general state of the body. Therefore, lovely ladies must, without fail, select not only cosmetic and hygiene products for personal care, but also their diet.

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of care lines for all hair types. The main criterion that you should pay attention to when making a choice is the composition of the product. It is logical to assume that the most useful are masks and shampoos made from natural ingredients, but such cosmetic sticks-lifesavers require certain financial costs, and not many can already afford it.

The composition of homemade mayonnaise and its benefits for hair

Women always wanted to look beautiful, as evidenced by an impressive list of folk recipes for caring not only for hair, but for the whole body. One of these recipes, which is actively discussed on the Internet, is homemade mayonnaise. Its usefulness and advantage over expensive means is obvious.

Since the recipe is quite simple, it does not require special financial costs, and it contains only natural and useful ingredients. Why is mayonnaise useful for hair? Of course, by its composition!

For your curls to be as effective as possible, the ingredients in homemade hair mayonnaise should be as follows:

  • Olive or vegetable oil. Thanks to vitamins such as retinol, calciferol and tocopherol, oil has a beneficial effect not only onand the scalp, but also on the hair follicles. Due to its moisturizing effect, the oil makes the hairs less susceptible to drying out, which means more radiant;
  • Egg white and yolk. The benefits of the lecithin contained in the egg are noted even by dermatologists, actively prescribing egg-based masks for patients suffering from seborrhea. Such procedures delicately nourish the scalp and can get rid of problems such as dandruff. Hair under the influence of lecithin splits less and grows faster;
  • Mustard. Thanks to its warming effect, it enriches the scalp with oxygen and improves blood flow, which also has a positive effect on the scalp along its entire length;
  • Acetic acid. It is a natural disinfectant that will keep your curls from getting dirty.

The benefits of homemade hair mayonnaise are as follows:

  • provides gentle and proper care for the scalp;
  • nourishes and restores the hair follicle;
  • moisturizes the strands along the entire length, thereby preventing them from breakage;
  • enhances the strength of growth.

As you can see from the above, mayonnaise in hair masks can be of great benefit. The main thing is to follow the recipe correctly.

Mayonnaise for the mask: cooking the right way

In order to maximize the benefits of a mayonnaise hair mask, you must be able to properly prepare the base mixture.

To prepare it, we need the following ingredients:

  • fresh chicken eggs (preferably homemade);
  • sunflower or olive oil;
  • sugar;
  • mustard;
  • lemon juice.

The amount of ingredients you use will depend on how thick your hair is and how long your strands are. Please note that cosmetic products made from natural ingredients under the influence of oxygen quickly lose their beneficial qualities.

It is not recommended to store them even in the refrigerator. Therefore, if you decide to prepare mayonnaise for treating the ends of your hair, the result should be a maximum of 1 tbsp. l. mixtures.

Considering that homemade mayonnaise, if you have observed all the proportions, should resemble thick sour cream in consistency, this amount will be enough. It is better to mix all components in a blender, so you can achieve an ideal homogeneous mass, thanks to which it will be easy to smear your hair with a mayonnaise mask.

Mayonnaise mask options

Cooking a hair mask from mayonnaise

The homemade hair mayonnaise recipe has many variations. Components may vary based on personal preference and desired end result.

It is impossible to list everything, note the most popular:

  • Mayonnaise mixture with honey. Makes the hair follicle stronger and thickens the hair;
  • Homemade mayonnaise, honey and aloe juice. Not only will they strengthen the hairs, but will also help get rid of problems such as dandruff;
  • Mayonnaise mask with banana pulp. If the structure of your curls naturally has a rough texture, such a mask will help make it more elastic and obedient in styling;
  • Mayonnaise mix and yeast. The benefits of yeast have been known for a long time, and in combination with a mayonnaise base, this mask becomes the leader among vitamin procedures aimed at caring for the hair. After systematic application of the mayonnaise-yeast mixture, your hairs will become strong, healthy and thick. Yeast will also promote their rapid growth;
  • A mayonnaise mixture with the addition of cottage cheese or kefir will visibly strengthen the hair and prevent it from quickly becoming dirty.

Rules for applying masks based on mayonnaise

In order for the desired effect of the mask to be useful, you need to be able not only to properly prepare, but also to apply it correctly.

There are some nuances here too:

  • Do not apply the mixture to already washed hair, it is better to keep it only slightly damp;
  • After applying the mixture, put a shower cap or cellophane bag over your head and, wrapping your head in a towel, hold it for 15-20 minutes;
  • If your scalp is naturally oily, use a decoction of chamomile or calendula herbs instead of vegetable oil;
  • It is recommended to wash off the mask with plenty of water and shampoo. Whether or not to use the balm after washing is up to you;
  • The frequency of using the mask depends on the result being pursued. Firming procedures can be performed 2-3 times a week. Nutritious - no more than 2 times a week;
  • It is also worth considering that some people have an individual intolerance to certain components. To protect yourself from the possible occurrence of an allergic reaction, a small test should be performed. After the mayonnaise is ready, you need to smear it on the skin where, in the event of an allergic reaction, it will be least noticeable. Most often, this is the back of the hand. If after 20-30 minutes the skin remains unchanged, you can safely apply the mask to your hair.

How to remove hair dye with mayonnaise

Every woman at least once in her life had a case when such a procedure as hair coloring did not bring the desired result. In order to rid myself of the undesirable shade, I had to visit the hairdressing salon again, leaving not only my time there, but also an impressive amount of money. As a rule, after such manipulations, the hair does not look its best.

There are suggestions that using homemade mayonnaise can lighten hair dye. Naturally, completely rid yourself of the black colorThis will not work, since it is the most persistent of the existing shades, but it is quite possible to make it lighter.

Cooking a hair mask from mayonnaise

For this you will need: vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l. vinegar or citric acid, an egg and a decoction of herbs in order to wash it off later. Mix all the above ingredients, distribute the resulting gruel evenly over the entire length of the hair and, wearing a shower cap, wrap your head well with a terry towel.

The residence time of such a mask on the hair is 2.5-3 hours. Of course, with its help you will not become platinum blonde , but it is quite possible to lighten the existing color by 1-2 tones. This delicate lightening will not harm your hair and will leave it strong and shiny.

In order for the masks to bring you the desired result, you need to carry them out in certain courses. And after the result is achieved, do not stop halfway, continue doing them as a preventive procedure. Then your hair will always look healthy and well-groomed.

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