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Common myths about virgins

For many young girls, being a virgin means experiencing moments of ignorance and awkwardness, because information about female characteristics and problems is presented in the family, in the social circle and in society mainly for women with sexual experience.

The delicacy of the question and the stubborn philistine opinion that a girl should develop as if by herself, contribute to the helplessness and delusions of virgins in some issues.

Common myths about virgins

Of course, virginity for a woman is more or less a temporary condition, but this does not make the problems that young girls face one-on-one less important.

Throwing aside the embarrassment, you can and should learn about a lot from a gynecologist, finding time and energy to find an attentive and tactful specialist. But there are questions that, for all their obvious absurdity, still leave room for doubt - what if? Let's try to figure out at least three of them, which are very common among girls:

  • can a virgin get pregnant?
  • can a tampon damage the hymen?
  • Is it true that virgins never have thrush?
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Myth # 1 Virgin can't get pregnant

First, you need to understand that conception and pregnancy occur from the fusion of a sperm and an egg, which the virgin's ovaries produce monthly from the beginning of menstruation. Virginity is violated due to the first introduction of the penis into the vagina. Thus, if sperm enters a virgin's vagina without inserting a penis, then there is certainly a chance of pregnancy.

Another thing is that it is impossible to get pregnant without sexual contact, or, better to say, without a man. If for some reason you preserve virginity, but have sexual contacts with a man, know that his sperm should not touch your genitals and underwear.

It is also unacceptable to insert fingers, sex toys or other objects that are stained with semen into the vagina. Spermatozoa of some males are so active and tenacious that in a few days they can overcome the path along the vaginal mucosa from the entrance to the cervix and deeper, where they are likely to meet with the egg and, accordingly, conception.

Myth # 2 Virgins can't use tampons

In fact, it is possible, but excitement, fear and unusual sensations make girls refuse the convenience of this feminine hygiene product.

Common myths about virgins

A competent and modern approach is a consultation with a gynecologist who will examine the genitals from the outside for their normal development and shape features. the hymen .

At the same time, the doctor practically does not touch the body, so there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. But you will personally receive an answer whether virgins can use tampons.

It is true that virgin tampons should be slightly smaller than normal tampons. But it is also impossible to lose virginity with a standard tampon - its size is always smaller than the hole in the hymen, which usually has a diameter of 1.5-2.5 cm and is also elastic.

It is recommended to use special tampons that almost all brands have, for example, o. b. mini or TampaxRegular.

The tampon has a smooth shape so it can be inserted into the vagina quite easily, however, the first few times can be difficult if you are anxious and instinctively tense your pelvic muscles. Carefully read the instructions for use several times and try to insert the tampon, consciously relaxing and not afraid to harm yourself, which is impossible in any case.

There are several rules for using tampons that are the same for all women and girls:

  1. if your period is your first time, start with pads and move on to tampons when the cycle is established and you can decide what absorbency you need;
  2. always use tampons of suitable absorbency;
  3. change tampons every 4-6 hours, you don't have to get up at night, but you must change after sleep;
  4. tampons will have to be abandoned if itching or burning in the vaginal area appears - virgins have microflora disorders that need to be identified by a gynecologist and get rid of it, then you can return to using tampons;
  5. the tampon should be placed with the applicator in the middle third of the vagina (the middle third can be determined with experience, but if you missed deeper, then nothing bad will happen - the string will help to pull the tampon closer to the entrance to the vagina);
  6. Change your underwear daily, observe personal hygiene, take the tampon with clean hands only, wash your hands again after use.

Myth # 3 Virgins can't have thrush

Common myths about virgins

Sometimes girls who have not yet begun sex, and even adolescents, have unpleasant symptoms: severe itching in the vaginal opening, edema of the labia, white curdled discharge .

These are signs of a fungal infection - candidiasis, or thrush. There is a misconception that thrush is transmitted only through sexual contact and therefore cannot be found in virgins.

However, any gynecThe ologist will confirm that this fungal infection affects women regardless of age and sexual intercourse.

Thrush in virgins can occur for the following reasons:

  • improper hygiene of the external genital organs;
  • carelessness when visiting a bath, sauna (sitting without linen and towels);
  • long-term use of antibiotics (more than 7 days);
  • weakening the body by taking medications;
  • decreased local immunity on mucous membranes;
  • asthenic syndrome, underweight, poor nutrition;
  • suffered severe infectious diseases, as well as flu, tonsillitis;
  • constant stress or some kind of severe shock.

Without examination by a gynecologist and appropriate tests, you cannot self-medicate, since at best the symptoms of candidiasis will go away for a while, and at worst you can get chronic thrush, vaginal irritation and cross-infection with one of the non-pathogenic, but harmful bacteria.>

Common myths about virgins

The only justification for self-selection and use of medicines for thrush may be a case when the discomfort is very acute, and it will not be possible to visit a doctor soon (for example, thrush began on vacation, in the village).

In this case, you need to use one of the medicines, preferably in a form adapted for girls (there are some): Polygynax , Pimafucin, Fluconazole, Zalain, Livarol .

If it is not possible to purchase the medicine, you need to do sitz baths with the addition of soothing herbs or antiseptics.

To make such a bath, proceed as follows:

  • boil about 5 liters of water for the bath (depending on the volume of the basin), let the water cool;
  • prepare a decoction of one of the herbs or their mixture of chamomile, calendula, sage (5-6 tablespoons of dry herbs for 0.5-0.7 liters of boiling water, keep in a water bath for 15 minutes or insist in a thermos for 45 minutes, drain) ;
  • wash basin cleanly washed with soap and soda with boiling water;
  • pour cooled boiled water into a basin, add broth, taste with your elbow - the water should be a little warm;
  • wash yourself clean without soap and sit in a basin so that the water covers the genitals;
  • the duration of the bath is individual, until the itching is relieved, but no longer than 25 minutes, then wipe dry, rinse the basin with boiling water after the procedure.

Instead of a decoction of herbs, you can use a pharmacy solution F y ratsilin (1 tablespoon per 5 liters), chlorophyllipt tincture, essential lavender oil (10 drops per bath).

We hope that our advice, clarifications and recommendations will allay your fears and clarify the questions so important to you!

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