Natural Brown Hair Dye with Cocoa and CoFFee

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?

Chocolate is one of the favorite treats for almost every woman. But as it turned out, this amazing sweetness can not only be eaten, but also used to heal or dye curls. Numerous studies show that cocoa contains a huge amount of nutrients that can give our hair a stunning appearance. Why is cocoa so useful for our curls?

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What is rich in cocoa powder?

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?

First of all, it is worth mentioning exactly which nutrients are included in this amazing product. These include minerals, amino acids, proteins and fats.

Such a rich combination of nutrients can well moisturize your curls, improve metabolic processes and stimulate active hair growth.

At the same time, do not forget that the use of cocoa as a cosmetic product can not only improve your hair, but also cheer you up. Imagine - a chocolate hair mask ... It even sounds delicious! Another advantage of this product is that you can use both cocoa powder and regular dark chocolate.

So there are no problems with finding ingredients in this case. Attention! If you decide to use such products for the care or dyeing of curls, then you should give preference to a quality product. Do not spare money on yourself, especially since a bar of high-quality dark chocolate does not cost so much.

Cocoa for hair: homemade mask recipes

Today we offer you several recipes for homemade masks that will help you heal your hair:

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?
  • Chocolate kefir. To prepare this mask, you need to thoroughly mix one teaspoon of cocoa powder and one teaspoon of warm water. As a result, you should have a chocolate water . Add the whipped yolk and 100 grams of low-fat kefir to this water. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly again and apply to the roots. Now we warm our head and leave the mask on the curls for at least half an hour. Rinse off the product with warm water using regular shampoo;
  • Cocoa and olive oil. This mask is suitable only for those who havedry or normal hair. But if your curls quickly grow fat, then you should not use this tool. To prepare the mask, you need to mix one tablespoon of cocoa powder and two tablespoons of olive oil. After all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, you need to slightly warm the resulting mixture in a water bath and add the beaten egg yolk to it. We rub the mask into the roots and leave for an hour. Then wash my head as usual.

Masks based on cocoa should be used for those who suffer from hair loss. The ideal solution would be this tool for those who consider their curls too dull and lifeless. Alternatively, you can use chocolate to color your curls.

Hair coloring with cocoa

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?

As we said, cocoa powder can also be used to dye curls. Moreover, the undoubted benefit of such coloring is that in the homemade paint there will be no impurities and additives of chemical origin.

This means that with the help of natural dyes, you can not only achieve an interesting hair color, but also heal it.

As for which powder to choose, you need to give preference to either ordinary food powder without any impurities, or cosmetic cocoa powder, which can be purchased in specialized stores selling ingredients for making home cosmetics.

One of the easiest ways to dye blonde curls a warm chocolate color is to add a small amount of powder to your regular soap base.

As for the aspect ratio, it all depends on the color you want to get in the end. But most of the fair sex mix a soap base and cocoa powder in a 1: 1 ratio. This will create an aromatic tinted shampoo.

Now for the time: dyeing blonde hair can last for several minutes, but if you want to give a chocolate shade to darker curls, then it is better to stretch the dyeing session for an hour.

Another great way to dye your hair with cocoa is to use a combination of cocoa henna.

After dyeing, your curls will get a mahogany color:

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?
  • three to four tablespoons of dry henna should be mixed;
  • and five to seven tablespoons of cocoa powder;
  • dissolve these ingredients in water until a thick sour cream consistency is obtained;
  • apply to the head;
  • keep the mixture on your hair for about an hour;
  • then wash my head with regular shampoo;
  • you can also use balm after shampooing.

In this case, the curls will be more manageable and shiny.

Firming & Nourishing Mask

If you haveand hair fall out, then you can make aroma-paint:

  • you need to mix one and a half teaspoons of honey and three to five drops of cognac;
  • add the resulting mixture to a regular shampoo or soap base;
  • add cocoa here;
  • the proportion of cocoa and shampoo is 1: 1.
Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?

Such a tool will help you not only quickly and effectively color the curls, but with its help you can maintain the color for a long time without worrying about the growing roots.

The fact that this product contains honey makes it even more useful for your hair. Just a month of use and you will notice that your curls are thicker and shinier.

If you notice that your curls have become dull and lifeless, then you can nourish them by adding egg yolk to the coloring shampoo.

This should be done as follows:

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?
  • a small amount of shampoo mixed with cocoa pour out of a can into a shallow cup;
  • Now add the yolk and mix the ingredients thoroughly.

This shampoo will not only give your curls an interesting cocoa color, but also strengthen the roots, making your hair healthier and more beautiful.

Using such products will help solve the problem not only with dyeing curls, but will also give you a great mood.

A nice bonus is that your curls will smell like chocolate for several days.

Cocoa Curl Spray

Every girl knows that quite often it happens that shampoo alone is not enough for full-fledged hair care. This is where you can use a special coffee-based spray.

It can be prepared very simply:

Cocoa for hair coloring: is it possible?
  • all you need to do is make some fresh ground coffee;
  • after the coffee has cooled down, you need to thoroughly strain the liquid, since you and I don't need particles of coffee grounds on your hair;
  • pour the strained liquid into a bottle with a spray bottle;
  • and apply to curls immediately after washing.

This spray is most effective after staining with henna and cocoa.

In this case, it makes the color of your hair even more saturated and shiny. As you can see, cocoa can make everyone around you envy your chocolate hair color. In addition, the use of such a natural dye has a positive effect on the health of your curls, making them shiny and thick.

So if you haven't used this amazing tool yet, we recommend that you try to dye your curls this way!


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