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Clothes for dogs: types and selection rules

Often many people who do not have pets do not understand why they need clothes for dogs or cats. They see the purchase of wardrobe items for animals as a whim of their owners. However, pets are often cold and sick, so they need warm clothing.

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Clothes for dogs: types and selection rules

Clothes for four-legged friends serve almost the same as for ourselves: it protects them from the cold, helps to maintain sanitation and hygiene, and increases comfort while the animal is in nature.

Do not forget about the aesthetic function of wardrobe items for dogs: they look even more cute and attractive in them. You can buy wardrobe items for everyday wear, holidays or other special occasions.

In the cool season, protection from the cold is a must for representatives of short-haired breeds, as well as elderly animals that are prone to arthritis. In addition, the mammary glands of the nursing bitch should be kept warm as she may develop mastitis.

The coat of long-haired dog breeds will help protect the wearing of special protective clothing from dirt and dust.

Varieties of dog clothes

Clothes for dogs come in the following types:

  • warm;
  • demi-season;
  • summer;
  • medical and protective;
  • working.

At the same time, costumes for pets do not have to be bought in stores, you can find available patterns for clothes for dogs and make them yourself.


The main purpose of wardrobe items for animals is to protect them in the cold season. Your pet should be insulated depending on its breed. For this reason, some four-legged friends can walk in warm overalls already in the fall, while others walk without them and feel comfortable at the same time.

Beef VeterinariansThey say that being the owner of a small decorative dog, you need to insulate it at temperatures below + 10C °. If your pet is smooth-haired and belongs to a medium to large breed, it should be dressed in late fall or early winter, when the temperature drops below zero.

But almost every dog ​​needs a warm overalls if the temperature outside is minus 15-20 degrees. The exception applies to animals with thick and long hair, which are not afraid of the most severe frosts.

These breeds include:

  • Siberian Husky;
  • Alaskan Malamute;
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Remember that the most vulnerable places to cold in dogs are the reproductive and genitourinary systems. Often the kidneys, which are located in the lumbar region, suffer from the cold; it is these parts of the animal's body that need to be especially insulated.

Such items of a dog's wardrobe are made of ordinary elastic fabric that does not allow moisture to pass through and does not crack from frost. These elements must have a warm lining and synthetic winterizer quilting.


In the spring-autumn period, during walks, dogs need protection from moisture, when it is not cold outside, but it often rains and there is wind. Many owners purchase wardrobe items for their dogs to keep their coat dry and clean after walking.

Unlike winter clothing, demi-season clothing does not have a warm lining, but it must be waterproof. When sewing such items of clothing, different types of raincoat fabric are usually used.


Clothes for dogs: types and selection rules

This may seem strange to some people, but dogs also need clothes in the summer. It provides them with protection from dust, moisture and insects.

It is generally difficult for owners of long hair to do without protection, because every time after an active game, the owner of the animal has to comb out burdocks for a long time and look for ticks. Summer jumpsuit can be made of light natural fabric.

Healing and protective

A separate group of dog clothes is made up of the so-called veterinary blankets. These elements are small robes with holes for paws and tail, which have longitudinal fasteners along the entire body in the form of buttons, Velcro or zippers.

The main function of such clothing is to protect a certain area of ​​the animal's body after an operation with sutures. Veterinary blankets protect the surgical site from damage during walking, as well as from penetration of infection into wounds.

You cannot do without such blankets in cases when the dog tries to rip off the bandages or lick the seams. Another varietyThese medical dog clothes are blankets for nursing bitches. They protect the mammary glands from sagging and adverse environmental factors.


Most often, they buy decorative clothes for small dogs, which ladies like to walk with. Also, such decorative elements are a great way to highlight the dignity of the animal's exterior at the exhibition. Decorative items of the dog's wardrobe are characterized by some peculiarities - they are represented by a variety of models and styles.

If you wish, you can dress your four-legged friend in original dresses, skirts, vests, blankets, raincoats, hats, bandanas and other attractive things. Often such decorative clothes for small dogs are also used for photo sessions with your beloved pet.

Rules for buying dog wardrobe items

If you decide to dress your four-legged friend, find out what to look for when buying dog clothes:

  • Overall quality of sewing and material used. Regardless of the type and purpose of wardrobe items, they should be sewn from durable fabric, if possible, give preference to natural materials. Pay attention to the quality of the seams, they must be strong, but soft, so that when wearing the products the dog does not experience discomfort. In addition, your pet's personal belongings should be easy to dress and remove. Do not forget to check if all fasteners are working properly;
  • Convenience. Do not buy a jumpsuit, sweater or pants size to size , when wearing these products, the animal should not feel restricted in movements, it should be as comfortable as possible. The neck and cuffs should not be too tight as this will compress the throat or limbs of the dog. At the same time, they should not be too free, because this way snow will fall and the wind will blow;
  • Moderation of decorative elements. The presence of decorative excesses - sparkles, rhinestones, thorns, fasteners, does not delight dogs. Decorative items can injure your dog or other animals while walking in such things.

If you love handicrafts, try making wardrobe items for your pet with your own hands. DIY clothes for a dog are easily made according to a ready-made pattern.

Taking care of your dog will prevent you from many of the health problems associated with your pet. Plus, it'll make your friend look much more attractive!

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