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Chubby figurine: fashionable or not?

Today it is quite difficult to find normal things if your sizes are far from the puppet standards. But if you think about it, what is the difference between us, plump women, from girls who do not stand out in any bulges.

Chubby figurine: fashionable or not?

Nothing! For some reason, most obese women consider their obesity a disadvantage. But here's a mod for the full 2014 shows us that even if you have a slightly custom figure, you can look stunning.

If we turn to history, we will see that at different times different types of figures were popular. At one time, they preferred tall, stout women with a blush all over their cheeks, and then painful pallor became fashionable.

Today, fashion for the overweight is a kind of turning point. Indeed, a few years ago, world-famous designers and fashion designers turned their attention exclusively to thin girls.

Today, presenting a chic dress for plump girls in your collection is a kind of mandatory action that any self-respecting person should take when showing off their stunning outfits at high fashion weeks.

Of course, a very large number of well-known people in the fashion world prefer to sew outfits exclusively for thin people, at least for reasons of economy. But I believe that in a few years a huge number of styles will be created, which will be suitable not only for those with figure parameters 90-60-90, but also for those whose figures are so far from this ideal.

For example, in 2014 bright multi-colored patterns came into fashion. Today there is no place for dullness and boredom, only bright colors, sparkling overflows will help you highlight your dignity. But with the help of special capes or a special cut of sundresses, you can hide most of the flaws, thereby turning into a fairy princess.

Don't forget about such things in your wardrobe as :

  • Loose tunics;
  • Dresses with trick elements;
  • Military or safari style clothes.

All these clothes give the figure a tighter shape, you seem lighter and more airy. Particularly this year's attention should be paid to models such as dresses with prints of large or small flowers.

You will not go wrong if you buy a blouse with wide oriental sleeves, the original cut of which will favorably emphasize the graceful line of your shoulders and neck.

Spring-Summer 2014 Fashion

Chubby figurine: fashionable or not?

First of all, let's decide for what time of the year we will be choosing an outfit. Today we will take a closer look at spring and summer.

Why these seasons? Yes, if only because in winter or autumn you can easily disguise a few extra pounds under a coat or jacket. But when the clothes are light, choosing the right wardrobe is very difficult..

Fashion for plump spring 2014 presents to your attention a variety of models and opportunities for plump girls. But the original color schemes will clearly indicate that it is really springtime outside.

Do not forget about fitted clothes in this blooming time, since its ability to create a beautiful silhouette is very useful to you. Leggings remain popular in spring fashion for overweight. And do not think that exclusively black is suitable for you.

Here you need to look at the figure, because the right color or print on the leggings will help not only hide a few extra pounds, but will attract admiring glances of the opposite sex.

But the summer fashion for full 2014 includes a huge number of dresses and sundresses. Particular attention should be paid to dresses in the Greek style. And if you love the length of to the ankle , then the style of distant Greece is exactly what you need.

In such dresses you will look like a fairytale fairy who decided to honor our world with her attention.

The variety of models for full sundresses can also be amazing. Of course, black dresses can be considered a universal option. But in the summer, you really want to be brighter and infect all people around with joy. So don't be afraid to experiment.

If there is a black dress with a beautiful bright print, you want to use jewelry - only massive and expensive ones. In general, do not be afraid to be extravagant, and then most of the people around you will notice not extra pounds, but your originality and uniqueness.

How to choose clothes depending on your body type

As we all know, there are few body types. But each of them is original in its own way, which means that the approach to choosing clothes should be exclusively individual. For example, if your figure reminds you of a pear, then the ideal option would be a dress with sleeves like in Eastern culture.

This way, you can balance the proportions a little between narrow shoulders and fairly wide hips.

But for a figurine like apple , a tunic with flounces on the chest is perfect. This will distract attention from problem areas. Adding a touch of romanticism to your image.

Chubby figurine: fashionable or not?

Well, a shape like hourglass is notable for its versatility, since it is very difficult to buy a dress that will not fit well. In this case, you can even safely use corset fabric. It will accentuate the slim waist, which looks absolutely stunning overall.

Do not forget about the problems of short women. They have to go beyond just matching colors. You also need to carefully monitor the styles so as not to look like a kolobok. For example, don't wear a skirt below the knee.

It will make the figurine more squat. So it's in vogue for lowFor some fat women, skirts remain just above the knee, which, paradoxical as it may sound, make your legs longer and graceful.

So, as you can see, you can choose clothes for any figure. The main thing is to look in the mirror more often and learn to determine whether such an image suits you or not.

But what should not be done unambiguously is to complex. Remember, a huge number of the greatest women were custom sizes. But this absolutely did not prevent them from leaving a bright mark in history. And we wish you the best in finding yourself!


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