Choosing an apartment: practical advice

Before buying a home, many people start to get nervous - what if the new house becomes not a cozy nest, but a source of endless problems and worries? And it is also not easy to decide on the choice of new and secondary housing on the market, everywhere there are pluses and minuses. We offer you useful tips on how to choose an apartment for purchase and how to avoid disappointment after housewarming.

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How to choose an apartment in a new building?

Choosing an apartment: practical advice

If you are one of those who dream of becoming a newcomer in a new house, feel the special spirit of a newly erected building and realize that you are the first tenant in this cute apartment, then you need practical knowledge about this kind of housing.

Let's start with the positives. The undoubted advantages of buying a home in a new building will be:

  • monolithic-frame technology, according to which most buildings in recent years are being erected;
  • the presence of a package, without which almost no new project can do;
  • an opportunity to choose a small-sized apartment, which means, significantly save on cost;
  • a fine refurbishment that assumes you won't bump into surprises from past owners with crazy handles ;
  • new communications - pipes, wiring, etc. that do not need immediate replacement;
  • the incomparable freshness of a space where no one has lived before you.

However, there are pitfalls too, and these include, first of all, the problem of shrinkage, which inevitably occurs during the first 10 years after construction, and the presence of load-bearing walls inside the apartment. Accordingly, in the first case, due to violations of technology (with super-fast construction), shrinkage will cause cracks and even distortions of the walls, in the second, difficulties with possible redevelopment of the premises are provided to you.

The rest of the complexity of the choice is the same as in the secondary, which will be discussed below.

How to choose an apartment on the secondary housing?

Let's start with the fact that the cost of purchase often plays a primary role, even more important than the convenience of the area and the level of comfort. The real estate market is constantly changing, some areas are falling in value, others are rising, for example, due to the construction of a new metro station, improvement of transport interchange and infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, clinics, shopsus, etc.). First of all, decide for yourself what you are willing to sacrifice if you want to save money.

Any real estate agent will explain to you that the price depends on several factors not directly related to the apartment, namely:

  • convenient access to the city center and other areas;
  • location near the metro;
  • availability of trade, service and market outlets;
  • nearby parks and recreation areas;
  • industrial and automotive, noise and atmospheric pollution.

It is also important to understand that living in a low or high area is a big difference, and no matter how attractive the price, a house near a ravine or on a low embankment will be damp, especially on the lower floors. Let's say you've decided on the area, street and house, but is the apartment itself good? There are several important points on how to choose the right apartment.

First, rely on good sound insulation. To do this, the walls in no case should be made of a gypsum block or aerated concrete, otherwise you will learn the evening news on your neighbors' TV.

Secondly, those who like the peace and quiet of the uppermost floors should make sure that there will be a so-called technical floor above them, and not a roof slab that is always leaking and hot in the sun.

Thirdly, it is worth choosing any directions of the windows, except for the strict north and south, since the north will mean darkness and cold (you will have to light up and warm up with electricity), and the south - unbearable heat and aggressive sun rays, from which the wallpaper fade and furniture and plants on the windowsill die.

Choosing an apartment: practical advice

The last advice on how to choose an apartment in the secondary housing sector may seem strange to someone, but many will understand. If you feel that the atmosphere is difficult, then most likely you will not be able to live happily in such a house. Putting aside mysticism, let's be objective - the spirit of the past tenants really affects your comfortable feeling in your new home.

Do not hesitate to find out who and how lived in this place, whether there was a tragic or criminal past that the previous tenants suffered from. The latter, by the way, is not at all superfluous, because you may also have health problems if they are caused by toxic building materials, fungus or allergens.

Having found out such details and satisfied with the answers, you can proceed to familiarize yourself with the documents for the living space and the final auction.

How to choose an apartment on a mortgage

When it comes to buying a home on credit, the most important question you should be puzzled with is whether it will be a feasible burden for you and your family? After all, the difference between living economically and credit doesn't let you breathe is very tangible!

If youare young, are going to build a career, have a family and children, and simply do not intend to live to the detriment of themselves, then you need to approach the loan issue very responsibly and soberly assess your capabilities and plans for the future.

This is especially true for the military, since in 2016 the Ministry of Defense will no longer provide housing, but is switching to a mortgage format for providing housing. When choosing an apartment on a military mortgage, it is important to understand that the bank has the right to take the apartment in case of non-payment of the loan if the subject is dismissed from the military position, since the state no longer acts as a guarantor of payment credit.

After losing his job and, accordingly, the status of a serviceman, the latter bears full financial responsibility and acts as the only and independent guarantor for his mortgage.

The very first standard advice for paying off any debt is that your monthly payment should not exceed 30% of your income. But! There is an important nuance that will determine whether you will be balancing on the verge of a nervous breakdown or will calmly come to the end of the payment period.

This 30% must be deducted from the amount that you have after you have paid all other mandatory payments such as utilities, other loans and insurance. That is, you separate from the monthly income everything that you cannot refuse or save, and only after that you consider a feasible contribution in the form of 30%. This way you will not be left with on the beans and will be able to lead a very decent life, quietly paying off your mortgage.

The second tip is to meet the minimum mortgage term, which is approximately 7-10 years. With a longer period, you overpay more than 100% of the cost of housing, besides, psychologically, your life will turn into a hellish race stretched for 20-30 years.

Of course, many are tempted by such long terms to break up the loan with as small payments as possible, but think about whether you can afford this purchase if the difference of 10 thousand rubles in a monthly payment plays a role for you?

So, use our advice, and we hope that buying an apartment will be a joyful event, will justify your dreams and fit perfectly into your possibilities!

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