Giant African Land Snail Diet

Choosing a diet for snails

How to feed the snails? - this question will certainly interest a huge number of people who are fond of breeding these funny creatures. At home, you can breed many types of snails. Most often, houses contain giant African Achatina. They attract clam lovers with their large size and unpretentious disposition.

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Why is food so important?

Choosing a diet for snails

Before you start a particular type of snail at home, it is important to find out from professionals what and when you can feed them.

If gastropods eat improperly, this can have a very negative effect on their health.

Land snails are fed mainly with plant foods. Experts recommend using only biologically natural plant foods. If fruits or vegetables are bought in stores, it is advisable to wash them thoroughly.

It's no secret that store products are often chemically treated. A very important rule follows from this: food for shellfish should be clean and without any harmful additives.

Few people know, but for normal growth and development of mollusks, sometimes it is necessary to feed them with animal protein. It is better to consult a specialist about this.

Food for Achatina

Choosing a diet for snails

As mentioned above, the Achatina snail is currently very popular among shellfish lovers. These cute creatures are usually around 25 cm long.

It should be noted that this pet can be called unpretentious without exaggeration.

Experts do not recommend feeding Achatina too often. Feeding should only take place when the pet is awake.

If the mollusk wakes up every day, then you need to feed it daily, if in a day, then in a day. It is better to give food in the evening, because these gastropods are nocturnal creatures that sleep peacefully during the day.

When feeding Achatina snails at home, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • This type of snail is very fond of fruits, vegetables and herbs. They can eat with pleasure almost everything - plantain leaves, dandelion flowers, clover. They will not refuse from mushrooms and various cereals. Often Achatina are fed carrotswok, cucumbers, cabbage leaves. An interesting fact is that very often they have taste preferences. So, for example, if Achatina is fed from birth only with cucumbers, then further they will most likely refuse other food. This can bring a lot of inconvenience, because a variety of food is needed for the normal functioning of any living organism;
  • Achatina very quickly recycle food waste, so they can be given large bits without fear. It is better to give soft food for a short time, as they heavily pollute the soil;
  • It is not advisable to feed domestic Achatina meat;
  • It is better not to feed even babies with large portions of soft food. It happened that a hungry kid completely buried himself in a large piece of banana and suffocated there. At first, it is better to give the little Achatina only greens and very thinly chopped carrots. A little later they can be fed with apples and salad.
Choosing a diet for snails

In addition to the main food, at home such snails must be given calcium-containing foods. This component is very important for the construction of the clam shell. There is a lot of calcium in the eggshell (it must first be thoroughly crushed), feed chalk, cuttlefish shell, meat and bone meal. It is also important that snails get protein (buckwheat, millet, gammarus, daphnia).

It is necessary to drink Achatina every time after feeding them. For these purposes, you should irrigate the terrarium with a sprayer. These gastropods love to lick droplets from its surface.

Food for aquarium dwellers

Those who have an aquarium with snails at home should know the answer to a very important question: How to feed your aquarium snails? . It should be noted that there is nothing difficult in feeding this type of molluscs. Most often, these snails are fed with greens.

Choosing a diet for snails

Various plants and algae should be placed in the aquarium and food should be added as they disappear. Also, such pets can be fed with bloodworms, daphnia, finely chopped salad and meat. The meat must first be chopped to a powder consistency.

Some ignorant home owners like to feed their aquarium pets with bread crumbs. Experts advise against doing this. The thing is that such food is very large, so the snail often cannot grab it.

Also, bread crumbs are very rude food.

Grape snail food

The grape snail is easy enough to keep in captivity. This mollusk loves to feast on the following products: barley, artichokes, apples, carrots, dandelions, lettuce, leeks, nettles, nasturtium. Also, these pets love grape leaves, bell peppers, buckwheat porridge and various berries.

For those who are interested in knowing , how to feed a grape snail at home, you must remember that this type of mollusk also needs fecesttsii. Nowadays, tablets with this component are available in any specialty store, which can simply be placed in the aquarium on the soil.

What should not be fed to land and aquarium snails?

There are a number of foods that should never be fed to snails:

Choosing a diet for snails
  • You cannot feed your pets with pickled, fried, spicy and smoked foods. The bulk of their diet should contain plant foods;
  • At home, you should not give clams citrus fruits - oranges, limes, lemons. These products are prohibited due to the fact that they contain a large amount of acid, which reacts with calcium. It can do a lot of harm to the cute creature;
  • Salt is the white death for all types of gastropods. This product eats away at the body of the shellfish and causes incredible pain;
  • You cannot give your pets and raw potatoes. The solanine in this product is highly toxic;
  • Pasta is another product that should be avoided when feeding these animals.

How to feed common snails? is also a fairly common question. Children love to bring snails from the street and do not agree to part with them later. Parents should be aware that snails should be fed from the street in the same way as Achatins. These clams love lettuce, fruits and vegetables. The main thing is to have time to quickly remove uneaten food, no matter what it starts to deteriorate and does not harm the pet.

Many people now stop at snails as a pet, since they are quite unpretentious, do not require impressive financial and time costs from their owners.

The main thing is to learn how to feed them correctly, which even the smallest family members will gladly do with the help of adults. And then these little animals will delight all household members for a long time!

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