Choosing a bra: tips for nursing moms

A beautiful figure is not only a flat tummy, slender legs and an elastic ass, all this can be achieved by exercising in the gym, but in order to preserve the beauty of the breast, you need to take care of her constantly.

This attractive part of the female body needs especially reverent care during pregnancy and lactation. Even in the early stages, ladies are advised to use special anti-stretch marks and pay special attention to the choice of underwear. Today we'll talk about how to choose a maternity and nursing bra.

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What should be a bra for a mother-to-be

Choosing a bra: tips for nursing moms

Even in the early stages of pregnancy, a woman's breasts begin to undergo certain changes. It increases in volume, swells, changes shape, becomes heavier and more sensitive, even too much for some ladies.

With an increase in pregnancy and a gain in kilograms, the volume of the chest changes, old underwear for maintaining the bust in such a period is simply unacceptable.

Of course, you can neglect the purchase of a new kit, but in this case, there is a danger after the birth of a child and lactation to get saggy breasts with stretch marks and skin that has lost its tone. The picture is sad, but to prevent this from happening, you need to buy a new bra on time.

It will allow not only to preserve the external attractiveness of the décolleté area, but also reduce the load on the spine, protect the nipples from irritation and excessive sensitivity and give a feeling of comfort.

The thing is that lingerie for expectant mothers is designed taking into account the changing proportions of women.

Such bras perfectly support the breast and at the same time, due to the elastic cups, they do not squeeze it. In addition, such products have a fairly decent stock in volume, so one bra can be enough for all 9 months. True, ideally, a woman should have at least two such items of the toilet, since the products need to be washed often.

Although many beauties are not limited to a couple of products, because the underwear is now so beautiful and every lady can choose a model to her taste. The question of how to independently sew a bra for a nursing mother has not been raised in front of people for a long time, and this is great.

Nursing bra: how to choose

In principle, during lactation, as well as during pregnancy, the bra must be elastic, but at the same time it is good to support the breast, relieving it of unpleasant and painful sensations in those moments when the mammary glands are filled with foodth for crumbs. In addition, the underwear should sit comfortably, relieve stress from the spine and allow you to safely feed the baby in any conditions.

Feeding comfort will directly depend on how the special valves on the bra are unfastened. The lighter the device, the faster and more convenient the feeding. Ideally, all fasteners should be opened and closed with one hand.

Breastfeeding experts recommend choosing underwear so that the bra cups completely expose the mother's mammary gland. This will allow the baby to develop as a harmonious personality, since the necessary psychological contact with the mother will occur, and also will not allow the laundry to get wet during the feeding process. Products in which the valve opens only the woman's nipple have no such advantages.

In addition to the above, when choosing a nursing bra, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choosing a bra: tips for nursing moms
  • Quality. Of course, most mothers will prefer natural materials when choosing lingerie, for example, buying 100% cotton. On the one hand, the choice is simply excellent: natural fabric allows the skin to breathe, is pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies. But on the other hand, such products quickly lose their original shape, it becomes difficult for bras to cope with the supporting function. Therefore, when choosing an intimate detail of her wardrobe, it is better for a nursing mother to give preference to products that have at least a little synthetic material in their composition. Such bras look better externally, and they do their job perfectly well;
  • It is very important that the nursing bra has a seamless cup made from natural fabric;
  • A cup that sits comfortably even in the event of a surge of breast milk should be preferred, and allows nursing pads (both absorbent and collecting) to be inserted into the bra;
  • Give preference to products with wide adjustable shoulder straps. Such details of lingerie will help to maintain a beautiful shape of the breast without squeezing it;
  • Ladies with small breasts should buy models of bras without underwire. But mothers with large mammary glands will have to wear underwear with bones. When choosing such a wardrobe item, you need to be extremely careful. These metal inserts can lead to health problems such as lactostasis. Therefore, women with large breasts should prefer flexible bones;
  • Night nursing bra can be in the form of a top with a detachable cup. It should support your chest well and be comfortable.

When to get your nursing clothes?

It is believed that the optimal time to buy a breastfeeding bra is 36-38 weeks of pregnancy. It is better to choose the product one size larger, as the breast will increase a little more, but the elastic cup should be comfortableabout sit. But, of course, everyone's mammary glands enlarge in different ways, so if you are afraid not to guess the size, then get underwear after childbirth. The minimum number of bras is 3-4 pieces, including items for night feeding.

That, in principle, is all, there should be no questions about whether a nursing mother needs to wear a bra and how to choose it. Easy pregnancy and childbirth, excellent lactation and health for your baby. Good luck!

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