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Choosing a blender - advice from professionals

Modern advances in science in the development of household kitchen appliances have made life easier and simpler for many women - many time-consuming processes are now performed not manually, as before, but with the help various models of various technical orientations.

Choosing a blender - advice from professionals

One of these irreplaceable helper mechanisms can rightfully be called a blender. It's easy to cook with it :

  • minced meat;
  • puree soup;
  • desserts;
  • cocktails;
  • sauces.

Modern stores offer a wide range of this type of home appliances, and the consumer easily gets stumped - how to choose a submersible blender or a stationary shaker, what brand, and what criteria should be followed?

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Blender models , their purpose and main functions

In order to choose a blender correctly you need to understand as clearly as possible that this device is not will be able to fully replace a food processor or mixer: it has a slightly different purpose and corresponding technical characteristics.

It will not help the hostess to knead the dough or beat the whites into a thick foam - the speed of the standard model is much lower than the speed of the mixer or combine, so for the above purposes it is better to use these types of household appliances.

The advantageous feature of these devices is their small size and invaluable assistance in such simple, but rather laborious and painstaking processes, in the preparation of multicomponent sauces, mashed soups, cocktails, such as grinding a large amount of some or food :

  • greenery;
  • nuts;
  • meat;
  • vegetables.

The modern home appliance industry is ready to offer housewives two main models: stationary and immersion blenders. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of which variety is better, because the choice of a model directly depends on the purpose of using the technique.

Stationary Models

The stationary version is a more common name in Russia and in general on the territory of the former Soviet Union: in Europe and the United States, this model is called a shaker, since it is most often used to prepare a variety of cocktails that require intensive whipping.

Shaker is also good for cracking ice for drinks and ice cream or whipping protein mass forbaking and pastry.

An obvious plus of the shaker is that it is equipped with a special bowl and there is no need to hold this household appliance in your hands: just put all the components in the container and turn it on: the whipping process starts by itself.

Most stationary devices have a self-cleaning function, which means that a shaker of this model does not need to be washed, at the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp edges of the shaker knives.

Using this function is extremely simple: you just need to pour a small amount of hot water into the shaker bowl and start the corresponding program - easily, quickly and conveniently.

There is also an economic benefit to purchasing a shaker: shakers are much cheaper than their submersible counterparts.

When choosing a stationary shaker, special attention should be paid to the material from which the bowl of the household appliance is made: most often the container is plastic or glass.

The glass material of the bowl is easy to clean, does not absorb strong odors, and does not darken even with a long service life. However, the glass bowls of stationary shakers must be handled with particular care - if such a container breaks, it will not be easy to buy a replacement one.

Choosing a blender - advice from professionals

Stationary shakers with plastic bowls are much cheaper, but you need to know that over time, a plastic container can darken a lot and take on an unsightly appearance. Also, do not pour hot water into the plastic bowl and put non-cooled food - it may crack.

The next important criterion when choosing a stationary shaker is the volume of the container for placing the products. Usually manufacturers offer stationary shakers with bowl volumes from 0.4 to 2 liters, the choice should be made based on the needs of the family, and also minus the volume of about 0.2 liters - after all, the shaker bowl cannot be filled to the eyeballs .

Attention should also be paid to the power characteristics of a household appliance: a power indicator in the range from 300 to 600 watts is considered optimal for a stationary model shaker.

It should be noted that if the hostess chooses a blender for making cocktails, then a stationary version of the device will be an ideal option.

On the question of popular manufacturers of stationary appliances: it is better to choose stationary blenders among such titled brands as :

  • Mulinex;
  • Tefal;
  • Kenwood;
  • Bosch.

The price will equally depend on the manufacturer's policy and quality, as well as on the set of useful functions in the device itself.

Submersible Models

The submersible device is a simple design that most of all resembles a volumetric pestle. This pestle can be made of plastic or metal: the material of the immersion device is the main criterion when buying it.

The plastic base is notwill be able to grind too hard products and can also be damaged when immersed in a hot environment, metal from this point of view will be a much more practical material.

The submersible device is not used in the preparation of cocktails - its main function is to grind a small amount of products. It will be the perfect companion for a young mother when she needs to make some porridge, fruit puree or minced meat to feed her baby.

The main inconvenience of submersible devices is that the hostess will have to keep such a device in her hands all the time, and this is very difficult when processing a large volume of products - her hands will quickly get tired. However, the submersible device is indispensable for grinding spices, preparing bread crumbs, cutting onions for minced meat and sauces.

The main criteria for choosing a submersible blender should also be indicators of its power and speed. The higher these characteristics are, the faster the hostess will cope with the task of cooking.

Switching speeds in models of hand blenders is not an empty advertising stunt. It is almost paramount and is a really big option.

Very often, hand blenders are sold complete with additional attachments. Let's tell you more about them.

Choosing a blender - advice from professionals

There are three main types of attachments :

  • The first one is the same pestle from the basic configuration of the model. It is equipped with special knives, which chop the food to the desired state. You should not expect that you will make mashed potatoes for the whole family with the help of a blender - it will not taste good, the blender knives will turn it into a thick and unsightly slurry. This method of chopping boiled products will only be applicable for feeding babies or making thick puree soup;
  • The second type of nozzle is a whisk. This whisk is perfect for making a variety of mashed potatoes and whipping proteins, a whisk in an immersion blender is quite capable of performing all the functions of a mixer;
  • The third nozzle is a special shredder. From himself, he represents a special bowl, inside which there are knives. With these knives, you can easily mince or chop onions for the sauce.

Less common in the assortment of nozzles is a vacuum pump, a thing that is undoubtedly very useful in the household. Using this attachment, the hostess will be able to completely evacuate the air from the plastic containers for storing food and thereby provide food for a longer shelf life.

However, do not fall for the trick of manufacturers and buy submersible blenders with bonus attachments - very often useless attachments are attached to such models, such as a whisk for beating eggs, which you will not use every day. It is better to choose a more expensive model of a well-known brand of hand blender with a full set of really useful and necessary attachments.

Immersion models stand signmuch more expensive than stationary models - due to increased power characteristics and compactness.

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