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Children's vest for a boy: how to sew it correctly

Any mom wants her baby to be well dressed. Unfortunately, quality items are often quite expensive. But today we will tell you how to sew a beautiful vest for your baby. And the first rule that you need to remember: do handicrafts in a good mood.

Children's vest for a boy: how to sew it correctly

You can sew or knit a vest, but most importantly, create it for your baby with love.

A vest for a boy can not only warm him, but also perfectly fit into the image. Therefore, if you want to instill taste in your child from childhood, then dress him only in beautiful things. In this case, the vest is versatile. You can wear both a T-shirt and a shirt under them.

As for the combination with the bottom, both jeans and regular straight pants are suitable. In general, this wardrobe item is very useful and goes with almost everything.

Now for the color. If your baby is five to six years old, then it is better to opt for darker shades, since children at this age tend to get dirty. And on a dark color, the spots are almost invisible.

And even if your kid wears a light shirt under his vest, then such a contrasting image will look pretty cute.

Now let's take a closer look at how you can make such a vest for your boy without much effort.

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School vests for boys: how to quickly and easily prepare your baby for school

As you know, in most schools, students wear uniforms. But what to do if it's hot in your jacket.

In this case, a vest comes in handy. In order to sew it you need:

Children's vest for a boy: how to sew it correctly
  • Pattern of a vest for a boy. You can draw it yourself. And if this is not yet within your power, then you can use the ready-made version from the needlework magazine;
  • Main fabric;
  • Lined fabric;
  • Several buttons.

Pay attention to the fabric. Remember that it must be tight. But don't even look at flying, flowing and other light materials, just waste your money. Wool fabric, leather or leatherette, durable jeans, knitwear are perfect for sewing.

Attention! Any jersey will not suit you, you need to choose only dense types that can keep their shape. Also suitable fora variety of water-repellent fabrics. These include a balloon, raincoat and nylon.

Vest lining pattern

If you already have a pattern for a vest, then now you should think about the lining. In order to cut it out, you need to take a ready-made back template and make a lining pattern on it, adding two centimeters in width beforehand.

This is to prevent the lining from pulling on the base fabric. In the future, we will lay these two extra centimeters in the fold in the middle of the back, along the line of the bottom and piping of the neck.

Attention! When creating a lining pattern, keep in mind that you also need to add one centimeter for the seams. Otherwise, the sewn item will be small in size.

How to sew a vest according to the pattern for a 7 year old boy

The first thing you need to do is cut out the necessary elements of the future vest according to the pattern. After that we make a middle seam. You also need to grind the shoulder cuts. In order for the fabric to lay down better, it is recommended to iron all allowances. Then repeat the shoulder and middle seam on the lining.

Children's vest for a boy: how to sew it correctly

We pin the lining to the main fabric with the help of special pins and sew it along the line of the lower cuts, back, sides, neck and armholes of the front. At the same time, do not forget that the extra two centimeters should be hidden in a fold in the middle of the back.

And at the end of the sewing process, you need to sew all the side cuts. After your vest is ready, sew a few loops and buttons in the front. So the vest for your baby is ready.

By the way, if you want, you can decorate the product with some pretty embroidery. But do not forget to discuss the pattern with the child before that, because the thing is for him and not for you!

Children's padded vests for boys

Recently, puffy jackets and vests have become quite popular among kids. And if you try, you can sew such a thing with your own hands. From materials you will need a raincoat fabric, fleece for lining, synthetic winterizer, a long lock.

You need to sew such a vest as follows:

  • Lay out a layer of padding polyester on a flat surface and cover it with a raincoat fabric;
  • We cut the edges of the synthetic winterizer and raincoat fabric together. This is necessary so that you can cut equal pieces of both. Otherwise, you will have to constantly trim the synthetic winterizer, and this may end up in a damaged product;
  • We sew a lining from fleece;
  • Sew all the details together. At the same time, try to carefully smooth out the synthetic winterizer so that it does not wrinkle later. You can even sew through the vest so that the insulation can't get lost in one place.
Children's vest for a boy: how to sew it correctly

Attention! Such puffed vests have one peculiarity: the length of the vest should not be below the hips. Otherwise, the view will be terrible. Now for the castle. Be sure to sew itso that the neckline of the vest is slightly higher than the end of the zipper. This will prevent your baby's chin from pinching.

As you can see, it is not difficult to sew such children's vests. But if this is your first time taking up such a thing, then be careful. In order to avoid all sorts of troubles, we recommend that you watch several videos on the Internet on how to correctly make a pattern and sew all the details.

And one more thing: if the standard pattern for some reason does not fit, then you should not be upset. You can improve it yourself or ask for help from a specialist.

We wish you good luck in creating the baby vest and may your little one wear it with great pleasure! Good luck!


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