Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?

Recently, draft perfumes are becoming more and more popular among young girls and women. Bottles with these perfumery products are inexpensive, and absolutely any representative of the fair sex can purchase them. In addition, you can find a huge variety of different scents in this line. Among them, there is sure to be one that you like.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Draft Perfume

Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?

Almost every girl and some men are ready to change different scents and perfumes depending on the occasion, season, time of day, weather and even mood. In addition, in the wardrobe of any fashionista there must be a huge variety of different looks, each of which needs a certain scent.

Meanwhile, classic perfumery in most cases is incredibly expensive, and even the most wealthy girl cannot afford to buy a new bottle of these products for every day.

In addition, it often happens that a woman, having used one such bottle 2-3 times, realizes that this is not her smell, after which the bottle is on the shelf and gathers dust.

Draft perfume can solve this problem. These perfumes are fairly inexpensive and can also be purchased in a small 10-15 ml bottle. This way you can taste each scent and see if it suits you. Thus, instead of one bottle of French or other perfumery products, you can buy several different flavors of bulk perfumery at once and use them in different situations of your life.

If such substances are bottled at the factory of a well-known perfume manufacturer, they will be able to give you an incredibly long-lasting aroma that will delight you throughout the day. Many girls note that after using them, a pleasant aroma remains the next day, but becomes less intense.

Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?

At the same time, cheap draft perfumes that are sold in most perfumery and cosmetics stores cannot provide such a long-lasting fragrance comparable to traditional perfumery. Instead of expensive natural ingredients, it often includes more affordable counterparts. That is why it often has an incredibly bright aroma that disappears after 2-3 hours, leaving behind only a barely noticeable sillage.

Also cheape analogues may be unsafe for the human body.

In making such an purchase, you are relying entirely on the seller's integrity. Bulk perfumery has no markings, there are no labels on the bottles for draft perfumes, so the composition and shelf life of the product is not indicated anywhere. Unfortunately, among the distributors of bulk perfumery, there are a lot of scammers who sell low-quality fakes. They can provoke a host of allergic reactions and cause serious harm to the human body.

How to distinguish fake oily perfume from real ones?

There are two main ways to calculate a fake:

Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?
  • After you have purchased a bottle, you can understand that in front of you is a real product or a fake one in just a couple of hours. During this time, the intensity of the aroma produced at a well-known perfume factory will not change at all, while a subtle sillage will remain from the fake;
  • at the same time, every customer of bulk perfumery wants to know what exactly she is going to buy, even before buying. In such a situation, price can help you. Pay attention to how much the fragrance you are interested in costs in the original bottle of the manufacturer and compare with the price for the same volume on the bottle. Since real bulk perfumes do not differ from traditional ones in composition, their cost should not differ too much. Ideally, this difference could be around 30%. If you are considering buying a bottle at a price that is more than twice the price of the original perfume, you can be sure that this is a cheap fake.

Draft Arabic perfume

Not so long ago, only French oil on tap perfumes could be found on store shelves. Today, the range of these funds has expanded significantly. In particular, the Arabian bulk perfumery made in the UAE is currently particularly popular.

Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?

The cost of real bulk perfumery with an oriental aroma can vary greatly. In any case, it is quite expensive - on average, about 700 rubles for a small bottle with a capacity of 3 ml. At the same time, it provides a rather persistent specific aroma with notes of the east. Not all girls like it - some of them note that these perfume products have a suffocating and heavy aroma.

However, fans of the East, having purchased or received one such product as a gift, buy more and more Arabian fragrances and can no longer refuse them.

Draft perfume with pheromones

Liquid perfumery with pheromones is also deservedly popular among women and men. These volatile substances, or sex attractants, designed to attract the attention of individuals of the opposite sex, are distinguished by specialwith the other glands found in the skin of many animals, as well as humans. Meanwhile, in the process of evolution, people have practically lost the ability to independently produce pheromones in a natural way.

Cheap draft perfume - what are the pros and cons of this kind of perfume?

Bulk perfumery with pheromones can enhance the effect of natural sex attractants and attract the attention of the object of interest. At the same time, many sexologists argue that pheromones only affect our subconscious mind. That is, using such perfumes, we become more confident in ourselves and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex. Thus, in order to understand whether bulk perfumery is suitable for you, you should purchase such a product at least once in your life.

For some people, a beautiful bottle is very important, so it is better for them to opt for traditional expensive perfumes. Others, on the other hand, do not pay any attention to the outer shell and want to indulge in a wonderful scent at an affordable price.

In any case, such perfumery products should be purchased only from trusted sellers. Also, don't go for cheap prices.

It is best to give preference to bulk perfumes, which cost about 70% of the same product in the original bottle.

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