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Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?

Radio wave therapy is one of the new methods of treating serious diseases. One of them is cervical erosion. It is increasingly common in young women and, over time, can lead to infertility and even cancer. Since moxibustion is an effective and painless treatment method, it is gaining more and more popularity and interest.

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Cauterization of cervical erosion with radio waves: what is the peculiarity of the treatment method

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?

One of the most common and dangerous gynecological diseases is cervical erosion. In this case, various damages are formed on the epithelium of the organ: wounds, ulcers, cavities and other defects. The reasons can be very different. But the main causative agents are sexually transmitted diseases and other inflammatory processes.

If the treatment of erosion is carried out at an advanced stage, then more serious inflammatory processes may begin. An early reaction to cervical erosion and improper treatment can cause infertility and even cancer.

Cauterization of erosion with radio waves is one of the newest ways to treat the cervix. Its essence consists in a point effect on the affected areas of the epithelium with high-frequency energy. During the procedure, a specialist directs a beam of radio waves for erosion. The damaged tissue is exposed to very high temperatures. It is through this that diseased cells begin to evaporate.

The main advantage of this treatment is painlessness. It is achieved due to the fact that moxibustion does not affect healthy neighboring cells. Accordingly, the negative consequences after the operation are minimized.

The main advantages of cauterization of cervical erosion:

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?
  • No pain. Only slight tingling sensations are possible;
  • For those who are afraid of blood, this is the ideal treatment. It does not bleed;
  • No scars or scars remain after the procedure;
  • Complete elimination of burns;
  • Rapid wound healing after surgery;
  • Healthy cervical tissue is not affected;
  • Cauterization sterilizes, which excludes infection during the operation;
  • Radio wave abouta performance only lasts 10-15 minutes;
  • The procedure is suitable for women of any age, whether giving birth or not;
  • Minimizes the occurrence of new erosion.

All these advantages make treatment with radio waves an increasingly popular and demanded procedure.

Discharge after cauterization of erosion by radio waves - norm and pathology

Erosion of the cervix is ​​observed in half of the fair sex of the entire planet. Treatment must be taken seriously and responsibly. After radio wave therapy, there will definitely be discharge indicating a positive reaction of the body or pathology.

Typical for the normal period after surgery:

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?
  • The transparency of vaginal discharge;
  • Slight blood impurities;
  • Small amount of discharge.

If, after cauterization, the discharge is of this nature, then the procedure is considered successful. Sometimes there may be a slight burning sensation. But this is also the norm and speaks of a quick full healing.

Large amounts of blood can be released only within 24 hours after the operation. This applies to those patients who have a fairly large affected area. The attending physician will definitely warn about all the consequences. But if the blood comes out abundantly on the second day, then you should inform the specialist about it.

In what cases discharge after surgery is considered a pathology:

  • Profuse discharge and blood;
  • Thick;
  • Selection with admixtures of brown, green shades;
  • Foul smelling;
  • Blood in the discharge for more than a day.

If any of these signs are present, you should also immediately report them to the gynecologist. In this case, a specialist will prescribe either drug treatment or a coagulation procedure.

Menstruation after cauterization of cervical erosion

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?

Many are interested in the question of when menstruation will begin after radio wave surgery. The day of the moxibustion procedure is of great importance here. The fact is that the most optimal time is 5-7 days from the beginning of the cycle. At this time, heavy bleeding stops, but the tissues have not yet lost their increased ability to regenerate.

When cauterization of erosion has occurred, microbials are formed on the walls. They shouldn't bother a woman in any way. Within 7-10 days, the scars heal and turn into a dry crust - a scab. The crust begins to peel off and it is possible that blood will appear in small quantities.

When the scab comes off, blood may appear. This period may take several days. If the discharge becomes profuse, then this will be considered the first period.

Cauterization of cervical erosion should not interfere with the menstrual cycle. Women's days may start a little later. This is a common occurrence after radio wave cauterization surgery. Most likely, the reason mayt become stressful. The second period should be on time. If there was a failure or bleeding started, but did not stop, this is a signal of the appearance of pathology.

How erosion heals after cauterization with radio waves: possible consequences of the operation

In order for the cauterization of erosion not to turn into unpleasant consequences, a number of rules must be followed.

First, you need to get serious about the procedure itself. It is strictly forbidden to start the procedure if:

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?
  • There is an oncological disease;
  • Pregnancy at any time;
  • There is a contraceptive spiral;
  • If the patient has poor blood clotting;
  • Infectious disease;
  • Genital inflammation;
  • The procedure is also contraindicated in case of high body temperature.

In the absence of such diseases and deviations in health, the period after the operation passes quickly and painlessly. During healing, there may be a clear discharge with a slight admixture of blood. See a doctor every 2 weeks during the first months.

The wound heals quickly and correctly if the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The first month after the operation, you must not have sex.
  2. Do not exercise or lift weights for the first few weeks.
  3. Within a month, you need to completely abandon saunas, pools and swimming in ponds. This can cause blood in the discharge and cause infection. It is recommended to take a short shower.
  4. Tampons cannot be used.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to personal hygiene: wash yourself as often as possible, use panty liners, gel for intimate hygiene. Any wound heals faster. You also need to carefully monitor your health. Hypothermia can lead to complications. Cauterization of erosion may not help in this case.

Repeated cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves

Cauterization of erosion by radio waves - what you need to know?

Unfortunately, sometimes after treatment of cervical erosion, a relapse may occur. This is a repetition of the occurrence of pathology after treatment. Nobody is immune from this. The reasons can be stress, hormonal disruptions, inflammatory processes of the reproductive system, promiscuous sex life and much more.

Relapse often occurs after pregnancy. At this time, the immune system is very weak. All chronic diseases can be exacerbated. This also applies to cervical erosion. In some cases, after childbirth, the disease itself recedes. In others, repeated cauterization with radio waves is required.

If erosion reappears after exposure to radio waves, do not despair. Subject to all the doctor's recommendations, correct complex treatment and repeated cauterization, the disease will surely recede. The main thing is a positive attitude and adherence to all appointments.

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