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Causes of aching joints and aching pain in the legs

The reasons for such an unpleasant condition are various diseases, for example, the most common are neurological pathologies, as well as rheumatoid arthritis and anemia. In this case, the patient is helped by means of relaxing muscles, and with iron deficiency, the treatment is the simplest.

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Causes of discomfort in the legs

Causes of aching joints and aching pain in the legs

Often, the causes of the condition when the legs twist are hidden in joint lesions - deforming arthrosis (salt deposition), metabolic, viral and infectious polyarthritis. No less often, this phenomenon accompanies vascular pathology - varicose veins, atherosclerosis.

To find out the reasons for such feelings, you need to contact a specialist, because it is almost impossible to establish them yourself.

The problem may be associated with neurological changes (eg restless legs syndrome) or damage to the blood vessels of the lower extremities. In this case, it is necessary to contact a neurologist and a vascular surgeon. If necessary, these doctors will refer you for consultation to other narrow-profile specialists to clarify the diagnosis and prescription of therapy.

If you have restless legs syndrome, see a neurologist.

It is also necessary to exclude iron deficiency anemia. To do this, they take a biochemical and general blood test. The reasons can be hidden in rather serious pathologies: neurological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, impaired renal function, anemia.

Very often, doctors do not find the factors that can provoke this phenomenon. Then the patient is prescribed drugs that normalize the activity of the brain, as well as muscle relaxants - drugs that relax muscles.

Causes of aching joints and aching pain in the legs

Also, doctors recommend paying attention to the amount of calcium consumed, especially after 25 years, since its lack can cause unpleasant sensations in the bones.

In addition, people who follow a diet need to be careful, because with weight loss, which is not accompanied by sufficient physical activity, calcium is leached from the bones.

To make sure that there is no such violation, they pass the analysis - densitometry.

People who smoke should quit this harmful phabit, especially when detecting vascular diseases. The fact is that even after successful treatment, atherosclerotic plaques will again accumulate in the vessels, they will narrow, which will impede blood flow.

What to do if you twist your legs?

Problems with blood vessels are eliminated with the help of drugs that expand them, and physiotherapeutic procedures are also prescribed, for example, baths with medicinal herbs. But for joint diseases, such measures are not strictly recommended.

In such a situation, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, dry heat are needed. In other situations, they act on the basis of the doctor's recommendations.

Why are your legs twisting in the weather?

Causes of aching joints and aching pain in the legs

Very often people feel a decrease in atmospheric pressure, an increase in air humidity, and a cold snap. The most sensitive in this regard are people with rheumatoid arthritis. Changes in the weather affect not only the intensification of the pain syndrome, but also the strongest manifestation of other symptoms of the disease.

This is due to the fact that in patients with arthritis and rheumatism, in addition to the joints and bones, the nerve endings that penetrate them are damaged. Therefore, they become sensitive to higher humidity and lower temperatures.

High humidity provokes swelling, and cold snap - pain. With a change in atmospheric pressure, this indicator also changes in the joint cavity. Aching sensations provoke irritation of the nerve endings of the cartilaginous surface of the joints. With the normalization of weather conditions, all symptoms disappear or their severity decreases.

Very often twists the legs in the elderly, because the osteoarticular system undergoes degenerative age-related changes. Young people may also have meteosensitivity as a result of joint deformation in the case of previously received injuries, osteochondrosis.

What to do when you twist your legs in the weather

When the temperature drops, people with joint diseases should not warm up in the bathroom or visit the sauna / bath. In such rooms, the humidity is high, which will only aggravate the situation and lead to even greater swelling. If it gets very cold, it's best to visit an infrared or dry sauna.

Causes of aching joints and aching pain in the legs

It is very important to protect yourself from hypothermia in the off-season and in winter, to prevent hypothermia. Patients are shown warming ointments, woolen belts and bandages. You can also reduce the manifestations of the disease with the help of folk remedies, for example, add decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants to the foot baths.

You need more rest, you need a full night's sleep, because overwork aggravates the course of the disease.

But such measures only stop the symptoms of pathology, so it is necessary to direct efforts to eliminate the root cause.

If a previously healthy person begins to feel joint aches, he needs to consult a rheumatologist. It is necessary to examine the state of thestavov, especially when they bother with changing weather conditions. It is very likely that in the early stages of arthritis or arthrosis, this discomfort is the first sign. In case of difficulties in diagnosis, arthroscopy is performed. This procedure will reveal the cause of the aching pain.

Therapy must be comprehensive. Treatment includes relief of pain, normalization of tissue metabolism and bone nutrition. The intake of vitamins, chondroprotectors, general nutritional correction is shown. It is necessary to diversify the menu with products that will help restore cartilage tissue: meat, seafood, fish, buckwheat, pearl barley.

Spins a woman's legs during pregnancy

Very often, this phenomenon first manifests itself during this period. It usually goes away after the birth of the baby, very often causing inconvenience in the second and third trimester. Discomfort can be of a different nature, most often it bothers in the evening and at night. In the first trimester, women notice that their legs are twisting in the weather, and in the future, unpleasant sensations can be observed almost daily.

Why twists legs during pregnancy:

  • Anemia. Iron deficiency often occurs during this period. A lot of this element is found in hemoglobin and in order to increase the latter, you need to consume more animal products;
  • Hormonal adjustment. Increased estrogen levels accompany pregnancy;
  • Deficiency of magnesium and vitamins of group B. In this situation, it is advisable to drink vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • Venous insufficiency resulting from deterioration of blood circulation. If you have problems with your legs, you need to wear special compression garments to protect your calves, and also lie more often with raised limbs;
  • Excessive consumption of tea and coffee. It is not recommended to drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day, as it negatively affects the development of the baby;
  • Drinking alcohol;
  • Taking lithium drugs, antipsychotics, calcium antagonists, tricyclic antidepressants.

What to do when you twist your legs during pregnancy

Walking around the room is recommended. Walking promotes the release of endorphisms and restful sleep. You can wave your limbs back and forth. It is not recommended to have a hearty dinner, especially with something heavy. With anemia, take multivitamin complexes. Just before going to bed, you need to rub your legs, do a massage.

In the absence of contraindications, exposure to heat will help: you need to use a warm pillow or elastic bandage. The opposite procedure can also help - rubbing the limbs with ice.

Pregnant women should reduce their intake of caffeine, quit smoking and drinking alcohol. If possible, avoid sleeping pills.

Do not self-medicateand start taking medications only as directed by a specialist!

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