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Causes and consequences of scabs on the head

Scabs on the head not only cause a cosmetic defect, but also cause discomfort. The disease is accompanied by severe itching, the skin turns red and inflamed. A chronic stress condition appears due to deterioration in the quality of the hair: fragility and dryness. In addition, the hair begins to come out, but new ones do not grow.

The way to get rid of the scab on the head is selected depending on the cause of this condition.

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Symptoms and causes of the disease

Causes and consequences of scabs on the head

A dense crust on the head does not form immediately, but symptoms may appear indicating the onset of the disease.

Hair becomes dull, begins to break, dandruff of various types appears, which gradually covers the scalp, despite the measures taken - changing shampoos and using masks of various types. Then the scalp turns red and begins to itch, separate abscesses form on it, which merge into large areas of inflammation.

All these signs indicate the introduction of an infection, which can be fungal or parasitic.

Treatment of scabs on the head without determining the reasons for the effect does not give.

A crust on the head can appear when various types of fungal spores or parasites are introduced, causing the following diseases:

  1. Microsporia. It spreads very quickly, red spots appear on the skin, on which medium-sized bubbles form later. Hair falls out at the site of lesions, bubbles burst, forming weeping surfaces;
  2. Favus or scab. Its signs are yellowish dense crusts, under which hair falls out. Hair follicles are damaged;
  3. Trichophytosis or ringworm. At first, the skin turns red, inflamed, weeping areas form on it, foci of ocher or bluish color may appear, the edges of which are significantly swollen. Hair breaks off near the root, a gray crust appears on the area of ​​inflammation. Most often, scabs form on the head of a child from ringworm - in adults, immunity is able to cope with this disease and cases of infection are rare;
Causes and consequences of scabs on the head

Children are more likely to tinker with domestic animals, and they are the main carriers of infection.

  1. A dense crust on the head appears when a scabies mite is introduced - a disease called scabies. External manifestations are secondary - they appear after scratching the affected areas, since it is impossible to resist when itching occurs, it is so strong, especially at night.

The reasons for the appearance of scab can also be:

  • allergic reactions due to constant contact with an allergen;
  • acne with hormonal and endocrine disorders.

The first sign of the development of the disease is severe seborrhea, further symptoms increase.

Scab treatment

Like any disease, it is very difficult to treat inflammatory processes without identifying their causes. General measures in the form of anti-dandruff shampoo give a short-term effect, but they do not have any effect on scabies or allergies.

The following therapeutic regimens may be prescribed for the treatment of fungal infections:

Causes and consequences of scabs on the head
  • To arrest the development of microsporia, topical ointments are used: Thermicon and Terbizil . They are applied in a thin layer to the affected areas, the course of treatment is up to 1.5 months. It may also be necessary to take a general action drug - usually it is Griseofulvin ;
  • Scab and ringworm are treated with the same drugs. Prescribe an ointment Microspore , compresses of lactic-salicylic ointment in combination with compresses of salicylic acid - they achieve detachment of the scab, which, when it softens, is removed with the back of the scalpel. Fragments of hair must be pulled out with tweezers - the pathogen may remain in the bulb. To get rid of ringworm, a general action drug is prescribed - Irunin and Batrafen ointment.

How to treat scabs on the head caused by the introduction of a tick?

Diagnosis of the disease at its initial stage is difficult - the clinical picture resembles psoriasis or weeping eczema, double passages on the scalp are difficult to detect while the hair is thick, as well as to suspect a parasitic infection in people from a prosperous social stratum.

Therefore, if severe itching occurs in the scalp, you should not drink antihistamines, but consult a dermatologist - then the pathogen will be immediately identified by an analysis-scraping from the affected area.

Causes and consequences of scabs on the head

Most often, the following solution is used to treat scabies under the hair: a 20% emulsion of benzyl benzoate in an amount of 200 ml is diluted in 780 ml of warm water and a piece of laundry soap is added about 20 g. apply the second. The resulting suspension is stored for about a week in the refrigerator; it is not necessary to cook daily.

When treating children, the suspension is diluted in half with water - you don't have to shave off your hair.

How to remove seborrheic scabs on the head caused by hormonal or endocrine changes?

In this case, special shampoos will help to cope with an external defect - some of them also have an antifungal effect:

  • Nizoral ;
  • Keto Plus ;
  • Sebozol .

It is possible to correct internal changes only after consultation with the attending physician - self-medication with hormonal agents is dangerous to health.

Coping with acne on the scalp is not easy - in some cases, antibiotic therapy or metronidazole may be needed. Simultaneously with the relief of the inflammatory process and the restoration of the body's immune status, an external defect is eliminated - agents with an anti-inflammatory component and local ointments are used - chlorhexidine solution, synthomycin emulsion and similar agents. You can make therapeutic masks based on salicylic alcohol.

Traditional medicine against scabs

Traditional medicine will help to remove the scab on the head caused by a fungal infection.

Causes and consequences of scabs on the head

If the inflammatory process is weak, the hair can be brushed regularly by first dropping eucalyptus essential oil on the comb.

Helps to get rid of the fungus and remove the yellowish crust of the compress from the tincture of celandine. 300 g of freshly crushed plant is infused in 0.5 liters of vodka in a dark place for a week, and applied to the hair for an hour, covering it with a film.

Another way. Mix in equal proportions crushed garlic gruel, sunflower oil and lemon juice, make a mask - the head should be under the film for at least an hour.

After all the masks, the hair is washed with medicated shampoo and rinsed with water and vinegar - a tablespoon of food vinegar for 1 liter of water.

Masks should not be used for acute skin lesions - in the presence of abscesses, weeping ulcers and swollen areas. The disease can be spread from the scalp to the entire body.

Scabs on the scalp, causing inflammation of the skin and damage to the hair follicles - a reason to see a doctor. Do not self-medicate, because this way you can drive the disease into a chronic form!

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