What kinds of laxatives are safe to take during pregnancy?

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?

Even when a woman approaches her pregnancy responsibly, planning it in advance - she is fully examined, finds out the weaknesses of her body - she cannot insure herself against illness during pregnancy .

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?

During this crucial period, the body reduces the immune status - otherwise it is impossible to bear the baby - accordingly, the risk of contracting a seasonal viral or bacterial infection increases.

Very rarely, such diseases do not leave behind complications in the form of a runny nose and cough.

What medications can be used to get rid of complications and not damage the development of the fetus?

Is it possible to drink Sinekod during pregnancy - after all, this drug is considered one of the most effective antitussives?

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Drug Information

The active substance of the drug is butamirate citrate, available in the form of coated tablets, in drops and Sinekod -syrup. The latter form has a vanilla flavor and is enjoyed by children.

Babies are prescribed medicine from 2 months already - Sinekod in drops. Sinecode during pregnancy 1 trimester is not used - at this time, its use may negatively affect the formation of organs and systems of the fetus.

Few side effects:

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?
  • dizziness and drowsiness - from the central nervous system;
  • intestinal upset and nausea - a reaction of the digestive organs;
  • exanthema - dermatological manifestations.

Individual allergic reactions may occur, which the manufacturer should ask to report. Produces a drug under the original name Novaris Consumer Health SA ., Switzerland.

I must say that side effects are rare, and in most cases - in case of overdose. If this happens, it is necessary to flush the stomach and take activated charcoal. There is no antidote for stopping the action of the drug.

Indications for use:

  • bronchitis - regardless of etiology;
  • excruciating whooping cough attacks;
  • for diagnostic studies of the respiratory system;
  • after operations on drespiratory system.

Pharmacological properties

After oral administration of butamirate, citrate is absorbed in the small intestine and spreads through the bloodstream - the maximum concentration in blood plasma is reached after 1.5 hours.

The cough center is blocked, paroxysmal cough is suppressed, but at the same time the depressing effect on the respiratory organs - as in the drugs of the previous generation from this group - is not observed. In addition to the effect of stopping coughing, Sinekod also has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects.

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?

Bronchodilator properties: able to increase the lumen of the bronchial branches, which leads to blocking of spasm in the bronchial tree, in its large and small alveoli. This helps the body to quickly remove phlegm, which has found home pathogenic flora that caused the disease.

The swelling of the mucous membrane lining the respiratory organs decreases, the physiological function is restored. The amount of secretion produced, which helps flush toxins from the bronchi, increases, it becomes more liquid and is easily coughing up. When using the drug, the patient feels relief after a cough attack.

The drug is accumulated by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. Accumulation in the body with prolonged use is not observed, there are no restrictions for use in patients suffering from diseases of the urinary system. Use with caution in renal failure.

The half-life is 6 hours.

Children under 3 years old are recommended to give the medicine in drops, over 3 years old and adults - in the form of a syrup. The tablet form is from another company and is used in adults. During pregnancy, the possibility of use is discussed with the attending physician.

Sinecode during pregnancy

From the 2nd trimester, you can already use this drug. The laying of organic systems has already been completed, no blocking properties of the main active substance will affect the further development of the central nervous system and the formation of the ability to receive and reproduce impulses. You can also use Sinecode during 3 trimester pregnancy.

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?

However, when prescribing a medicine, the doctor always takes into account the risks - the effect of the disease on the female body and the drug on a particular condition, and only comparing them, makes a decision. A woman is unable to independently assess whether to take this particular drug or to use another means.

Even among analogs, the effect may differ in some way, so only a doctor can prescribe this or that drug. Sometimes it is preferable to drink an analogue or use traditional medicine recipes to treat the disease.

Sinecode analogs

Preparations with the same effect Sinekodu , also have anti-inflammatory and antitussive properties.

Ascoril syrup - the main active ingredient of salbutanol - expands the small and medium bronchi more effectively, which facilitates and accelerates the discharge of sputum. But it should not be used during pregnancy.

Stopussin - the main active ingredients are guaifenesin and butamirate. They, acting in combination, dilute bronchial secretions, facilitate sputum discharge, and reduce the susceptibility of the cough center in the central nervous system. Contraindication is 1 trimester of pregnancy - at a later date, the decision on the appointment is made by the attending physician.

Can I take Sinekod during pregnancy?

The most pronounced anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by Erespal . This drug is also available in syrup - there is also a tablet form - and in addition it has an anti-allergic effect. However, it is the most expensive and is not prescribed during pregnancy.

Of all the above drugs, Fluditec more effectively liquefies phlegm, and due to a change in consistency, its removal from the tracheobronchial tree is easier.

The drug has more contraindications than Sinekoda , but during pregnancy from the 2nd semester it can already be used. As you can see, despite the almost identical properties, all analogs act slightly differently. This confirms once again - you cannot make a decision on your own and prescribe this or that drug to yourself, especially during pregnancy.

Taking Sinekod during pregnancy

The dosage of the drug during pregnancy is maintained in the same way as in the usual state.

Dragee tablets - 2 times a day, 2 pieces, syrup - one measuring cap - 15 ml - 4 times a day, drops - from 25 - 4 times a day. The frequency of taking syrup - Sinekoda or drops - every 8 hours.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to use drops - in this dosage form it is easier to adjust the dosage. Adults are allowed to take up to 50 drops of the drug at a time, so the pregnant woman should discuss the dosage with the doctor - it depends on the clinical picture, that is, on the general condition.

It is categorically impossible to combine the use of Sinekoda with other drugs of expectorant action - the consequences for the body can be quite severe.

If you follow all the recommendations for using the drug during pregnancy, it will not have any adverse effects on the developing and growing body of the baby.

Health to you and your baby!

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