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Can I give a cross for birthday and baptism?

Christianity is considered one of the most popular religions in the world. In our country, it is dominant. However, it all depends on the regions. True, in the Muslim regions of our country the question is Why is it impossible to give a cross? just not put. After all, these characters are not common there.

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Before answering this question, let's figure out what, in general, a cross in Christianity is. It is primarily a religious symbol.

Can I give a cross for birthday and baptism?

But not only the religion itself is symbolized by the cross, as in other beliefs it is used quite often.

In Christianity, he is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which means His suffering for human sins, as well as the opportunity to go to heaven for us. Before his crucifixion, the way to heaven was closed for people, but now it is open. That is, from the point of view of Christianity, the cross is goodness.

There is no negative context in this symbol.

On the contrary, the Orthodox consider the symbol to be protection from dark forces, therefore it is recommended to always wear it.

Arguments for giving a cross on your birthday

Can I give a cross for birthday and baptism?
  1. If you consider this thing as an Orthodox symbol, then it is even recommended to make a gift in the form of a cross. We talked about this earlier. Therefore, we will not dwell on this in detail. If you are Orthodox and give a person who professes the same religion a symbolic gift, then what is wrong with that?
  2. Besides, the cross is a very beautiful decoration. It is usually made from silver, gold or other precious materials. And they are very responsible for the creation of these jewelry. Why not please another person with such a piece of jewelry or beautiful costume jewelry?
  3. In some cases, symbols are even encrusted with precious stones. This additionally has a positive effect on the perception of the gift. After all, precious stones in combination with gold look very good. And if you consider that such a cross will cost quite a lot, then your attention and generosity will be pleasant to a person. True, if such a gift turns out to be a christening child, he will not appreciate it. But, parents will be pleased;
  4. But if you donate an ordinary cross with good intentions to the Orthodoxperson, then it will be important for him. After all, this symbol is sacred to them. Superstition plays no role for him.

Arguments Against

Can I give a cross for birthday and baptism?
  • Those who are against the cross as a gift claim that all human troubles are transmitted with it. Indeed, in their opinion, the cross absorbs everything negative that can only be in a person. However, such superstitions have no real basis. After all, a cross cannot contain anything bad, and moreover, most often a new cross is given. For girls who have received such a gift, such people prophesy troubles and a hard life. But let's face it. Everyone has troubles, regardless of gifts ...
  • It is also not good to give a cross for a birthday to an atheist. The reasons are clear here. Why do people who do not believe in God need such a symbol of faith? These people do not invest any sacred meaning in this subject. They may find this gift pointless, and you may be considered a crazy fanatic. In any case, the relationship runs the risk of significantly deteriorating. Arguing about religious topics or imposing your beliefs in any other way is not good. After all, each person is individual and has the right to believe what he wants. If the relationship does not deteriorate, then the cross can still gather dust in some unknown place, or even be given to other people as a gift. You don't need that, do you?

Christening Gift

Let's answer the questions: Who should give a boy's baptismal cross? and Who should give a girl's baptismal cross? .

First, it should be noted that for believers, infant baptism is considered a great holiday. After all, after the ceremony, the baby receives a strong protector - his Guardian Angel, who will keep him and protect him from everything bad.

Can I give a cross for birthday and baptism?

It is accepted that the godfather gives the cross, and the godmother - new clothes, diapers, a towel, etc. (everything that is needed during the ceremony). Some people claim that the godmother gives the girl's baptism cross, and the godfather gives the boy. But this is superstition.

In fact, the situation is simpler with the one who will give a cross for baptism: many priests advise their godparents to agree in advance among themselves about what gifts each of them will give to the baby.

It doesn't matter which godparent will present this significant creed, it is much more important that it is done from the heart.

Can I give a cross to everyone on their birthday? What does religion say?

Christianity in all possible ways encourages pectoral crosses as a gift. However, it is believed that the cross should be given by a loved one or godparents, sometimes best friends. The donation of icons or any other items related to Orthodox or Catholic rites is also encouraged. For example, you can give incense, which is not only a religious attribute, but alsoIt refreshes the air redly. Frankincense smells very nice, and since many other essential oils are often added to it, the smell will be even more pleasant.

The Orthodox believe that if you give another person a cross, you will wish him well-being for many years. For a believer, this gift will indeed be pleasant, as mentioned earlier.

Can I give an unlit cross as a gift?

It is possible, but in this case it is imperative to warn about it so that a person does not use it as an image of the crucifixion of the Lord and does not commit idolatry.

Because, if the cross is not consecrated, but it is used as a subject of the ceremony, then it will not be worship of God, but in this case only the cross. And this is already a sin.

Thus, you take responsibility for saving another person with the help of a birthday present.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Everything needs to be solved individually:

  • When a person you know is superstitious, it is best to refrain from such a gift. It can ruin the relationship with you for a long time;
  • If a person is an atheist, then you can give a cross for your birthday, but only as a decoration, that is, only an uninitiated one;
    If a person is an ardent atheist, then it is better not to give a cross in any form.

And, in general, it should be noted that everyone is the smith of his own happiness. This is what science and religion say. God will only support man, but he does everything himself.

As for the cross as a gift for the christening of a boy or girl, as well as for a birthday, this can be done, but only with sincere wishes of all the best to its future owner.

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