Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? Dr. Hemali Tekani

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?

Many women lead an active lifestyle and play sports. Even during pregnancy, they do not want to give up the workouts that have already become familiar to them. But responsible women understand that now they carry their baby under their hearts, so they must think not only about themselves, but also about him. Naturally, they wonder if it is okay to exercise during pregnancy.

Moderate exertion will smooth such phenomena as toxicosis and dizziness. Despite the fact that in the first trimester you are sleepy and hungry, in these cases it is even recommended to move a little.

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Why is sport useful?

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?

If there are no health problems in the early stages, sports during pregnancy will be beneficial.

It increases resistance to infections, improves metabolism, normalizes the functioning of all body systems. If you exercise regularly, you will reduce the risk of possible complications after childbirth, the likelihood of ruptures, and the pregnancy itself will proceed much better. In the early stages, if a woman does not move much, stagnant processes may occur in her body.

In order for the fetus to develop well, little physical activity is necessary. They improve blood circulation, cell nutrition. Therefore, the fetus does not lack nutrients and receives a sufficient amount of oxygen. What sports can you do during pregnancy?

If you choose the right type of training, then you will not have morning sickness, toxicosis. The trainer will help you draw up an individual schedule.

What physical activity should you avoid?

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?

What kind of load can you train your body with? Not all sports are allowed during planning and pregnancy. It is forbidden to jump with a parachute, do karate, boxing, horse riding. This is because such activities are very traumatic and pose a risk to the fetus.

It is strictly forbidden to ride a bike, ski, jump, do dance aerobics, run long distances, dive into the water.

Any exercise that provokes abdominal tension, stretching, or swings and bends, protectsand are shown.

What can you do?

The health of expectant mothers will improve if they walk more. This is the most accessible load that is useful for the fetus. You can start at the beginning of planning. You need to walk at a leisurely pace, several times a day. For walking, it is better to choose quiet streets, parks and squares. But do not forget to take care of comfortable shoes and warm clothes to avoid catching cold.

Doctors forbid women who are at risk of being interrupted to walk and exercise a lot. They are shown bed rest, and any activity can lead to disastrous results.

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?

It is good for pregnant women to walk up the stairs. Do this slowly so you don't get out of breath. Be sure to breathe through your nose, you don't need to open your mouth.

If you were actively involved in sports before pregnancy, then the intensity of training should be reduced. And in the case when before conceiving a baby you did not bother with playing sports, you should increase the load gradually.

Especially useful for women in the position of aqua aerobics and swimming.

In water, muscles relax, the load on the spine is significantly reduced. All movements in the water have a strengthening effect on the muscles, improve blood circulation. After a few sessions, the woman notes that her health improves significantly, swelling decreases, and appetite returns. But it's important to keep your pool water clean.

Yoga and gymnastics for pregnant women

There are many types of yoga, and the trainer will help you master the complex for pregnant women. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the mother and on the development of the fetus. The complex does not contain positions that must be done on the back. Classes are aimed at teaching a woman to breathe correctly and relax.

When performing the procedures, one should not strain the abdominal muscles and strongly stretch the ligaments. If you do everything right, your baby will receive the oxygen he needs.

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?

Special gymnastics is another useful set of exercises. It is designed taking into account all the characteristics of the body of women who are carrying a baby. Exercise normalizes the work of the respiratory and vascular systems, heart, strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

During childbirth, the load on the muscles of the perineum is very large, so exercise on a fitball is useful - this is a large inflatable ball. Thanks to them, flexibility and strength will develop, back pain will decrease, blood pressure will normalize.

It is not prohibited to play tennis. But you should not get too carried away - training should not be intense. Do not make sudden movements, jerks and jumps.

After 5 months of pregnancy, classes should be stopped.

What to consider?

Make sure that your workout clothes are comfortable and comfortable, they should not hinder movement. This also applies to shoes. If it's chilly outside, don't forget about the shapo.chke and scarf.

Up to 8 months, you can give the body a moderate load, but after class it is worth stopping. If you feel unwell while doing the exercises, you have dizziness, shortness of breath or muscle pain, then you cannot continue training.

To whom is loading is contraindicated?

If a woman has chronic diseases or ailments that have manifested themselves during pregnancy, then any classes can be carried out only after consulting a doctor.

Contraindications include:

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?
  • Purulent or inflammatory processes;
  • Chronic appendicitis;
  • Toxicosis;
  • Spotting;
  • Polyhydramnios;
  • Kidney problems.

Important to remember!

Sports during pregnancy are useful, but you need to know the basic recommendations given by experts:

Can I exercise during early pregnancy?
  • High cardio loads are contraindicated - the heart is already working for two;
  • Stretching can cause injury;
  • Overheating interferes with the blood supply to the fetus;
  • Better to be safe than risking the health of the unborn baby;
  • Do not forget to consult with a specialist and go to him for examination;

Sports and physical activity during pregnancy should be a joy.

If a woman feels bad, it is difficult for her to do the exercises, then it is necessary to stop training.

Peaceful pregnancy and successful childbirth!

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