Can Cirrhosis Of The Liver Be Cured?

Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease during which normal tissues of this organ are replaced by fibrous ones, nodes are formed, as a result of which liver functions are impaired. The disease progresses, a recurrent process is impossible, pathological changes cause the occurrence of liver failure and portal hypertension.

There are 3 times more patients with liver cirrhosis among men, especially in the age subgroup over 40 and 12% of them are unaware of their disease.

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Signs and causes of cirrhosis

The disease can be classified according to morphological characteristics, depending on the size of the liver tissue lesions:

Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
  1. Small nodules spaced up to 12 mm apart - micronodular or small-nodular cirrhosis;
  2. Large nodules - more than 3 mm in diameter - macronodular or coarse nodular;
  3. If the nodules are of various shapes and sizes, they are diagnosed with mixed cirrhosis;
  4. In incomplete septal cirrhosis, connective tissue dissects the parenchyma and ends without connecting the portal vessels to the central vein.

In most cases, alcohol dependence is considered the cause of the disease, but it can also provoke:

  • viral hepatitis of any form;
  • taking certain medications;
  • acute and chronic intoxication ;
  • chronic diseases that cause metabolic disorders.

Symptoms increase depending on the stage of cirrhosis.

1 - compensation. The degeneration of tissues is just beginning, healthy cells work in the same mode, connective tissue begins to form in place of the dead. Symptoms are not yet observed, the liver is performing its functions.

2 - subcompensation. The liver becomes painful on palpation, an enlargement can be seen on ultrasound.

The first symptoms indicating the disease appear:

Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
  • weakness;
  • weight loss;
  • decreased appetite;
  • nausea;
  • heaviness in the right hypochondrium;
  • bleeding gums;
  • itchy skin.

On the skin of various parts of the body, you can notice the appearance of a vascular network

3- decompensation. The printer appearsFailure of the night, the skin becomes jaundiced, the eyeballs turn yellow, vomiting occurs, and severe weakness. There is a risk of hepatic coma. At this stage, most of the liver has sprouted with connective tissue.

If the treatment of liver cirrhosis is not carried out, then the symptoms increase - the intercostal muscles atrophy, the process of eating becomes difficult, indigestion becomes permanent, hypothermia occurs.

Complications of liver cirrhosis

If the disease is not treated, the following complications arise at the stage of decompensation:

  • Hepatic encephalopathy - damage to the brain with toxic compounds that the liver cannot remove from the body in time. Reversible;
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding due to portal hypertension;
  • Infectious complications of the respiratory and genitourinary system;
  • Ascites is an increase in the size of the abdomen due to fluid accumulation.

The complications are quite serious and it is impossible to eliminate them without medical assistance.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

After the symptoms appear, it is necessary to begin treatment of liver cirrhosis immediately. To clarify the diagnosis, a mandatory patient survey and special examinations are carried out.

The survey includes:

Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
  • complete blood count and biochemical analysis;
  • immunology;
  • ultrasound of internal organs;
  • angiography of the vessels of the abdominal cavity;
  • liver biopsy.

Therapeutic measures consist of eliminating the factors that caused the disease; prescribing medicines that compensate for the development of the disease and a special diet.

Drugs for the treatment of liver cirrhosis are prescribed depending on the etiology of the disease and the complications it causes.


  • antiviral drugs;
  • cytostatics;
  • hormonal preparations;
  • antibiotics;
  • hepatoprotectors;
  • enterosorbents;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • antiparasitic agents.
Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?

If abnormal liver function has pathologically changed the work of the cardiovascular system, antiarrhythmic and potassium drugs are introduced into therapy.

Medical treatment of liver cirrhosis is largely determined by the complications caused by the disease.

Treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is no different from the treatment of a disease of a different etiology.

Initial treatment may require detoxification therapy.

To relieve complications, they resort to surgical intervention - most often, operations are performed for bleeding of the veins of the esophagus and hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum:

  • In case of gastrointestinal bleeding, a tube is inserted and filledblow it with air. It blocks the walls of the esophagus and stops bleeding - through the tube, patients and feed;
  • Proctological operations require suturing of rectal veins and excision of the affected areas;
  • In ascites, excess fluid is pumped out: a puncture of the abdominal wall is performed and a trocar is installed. The procedure is called paracentesis.
Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?

The treatment regimen for the disease and the dose of the drug are adjusted by the attending physician according to the patient's condition, depending on the body's response to the administration of drugs.

The main principle of the diet for cirrhosis of the liver - according to Pevzner, its number 5 - is to completely exclude foods that stimulate increased bile secretion. Cooking technology: cooking and steam processing. The diet is fractional, in small portions, up to 6 times a day.

Completely excluded:

  • fried;
  • spicy;
  • pickled;
  • carbonated;
  • salty;
  • bold;
  • alcohol.


Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
  • protein food - but lean meat and fish no more than 100 g per day;
  • dairy products;
  • pasta;
  • dried fruits;
  • jelly;
  • honey;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • sweet berries and fruits;
  • toasted bread;
  • porridge;
  • tea.

An extended drinking regimen is recommended - up to 2 liters of liquid per day - this is in addition to soup, fruit drinks and juices.

The diet is adjusted depending on possible complications:

  • In the event of ascites, salt and foods that contain it - bread, pastries, mineral waters are completely excluded from the diet;
  • In primary biliary cirrhosis and toxic brain lesions, the amount of protein in the diet is reduced to a minimum.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis with folk remedies

They also suggest treating the disease with folk remedies - they stabilize the condition and help cleanse the body of toxic compounds that the damaged liver cannot cope with.

Herbal decoctions can alleviate the condition only at an early stage of the disease:

Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?
  1. Herbal tea made from 1 part nettle and 2 rose hips and wheatgrass rhizomes. Pour a tablespoon of the mixture with boiling water, boil for 7 minutes, filter and cool. Top up to the original volume. Take 2 times a day, 200 ml;
  2. Nettle tea - 1 tablespoon is infused in a glass of water, do not boil. Added to tea in small portions throughout the day;
  3. Another tea is brewed in the usual way. It is made from herbs taken in equal quantities:
  • St. John's wort;
  • yarrow;
  • chicory;
  • horsetail.

Drink a glass a day in equal doses;

  1. Cleanses the liver with juice from fresh stems and leaveseve oats - the grass is simply twisted. Drink 1 glass a day.
Can alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver be cured?

Oatmeal jelly stabilizes the liver. The grains are first soaked in water for 72 hours, then the liquid is drained, and the grains are ground and washed with cold water until the liquid that passed through them becomes clear.

Then, from the swollen grains - they are stored in the refrigerator under a layer of clean water - jelly is cooked daily. 2 tablespoons for 1 glass. To make it tastier, you can add honey before use.

Liver cirrhosis is irreversible, the prognosis of the disease depends on its stage and etiology.

A significant breakthrough in the treatment of the disease appeared with the introduction of liver transplant operations.

But if the patient fully complies with the doctor's recommendations, follows the diet, gives up bad habits, then it takes a long time to compensate for the disease.

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