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Calorie content of Suluguni cheese and nutritional value

Where high mountains support clouds with their tops, and small and large streams and rivulets flow down from their rocky cliffs, make the famous Suluguni cheese. If you translate the name of this dairy product from the Ossetian dialect, it will be made from whey. Although the Georgian people prefer a different version of the translation: the first half of the name suli is interpreted as a soul, and guli is translated as a heart.

Indigenous people consider Suluguni to be the heart and soul of their people, part of their history, cultural and culinary heritage. And what is the calorie content of Suluguni cheese?

How it is produced

Calorie content of Suluguni cheese and nutritional value

The hot climate forced the ancestors of modern cheese makers to look for a special way of making cheese. The fact is that as a result of transporting milk in hot temperatures, it turned sour and, thus, a new production technology appeared based on a curdled product, into which they began to add a starter culture with pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria.

Pasteurized sheep, cow, buffalo or goat milk is used in the production of cheese.

Often, cow's milk is mixed with sheep's milk in a 1: 1 ratio or buffalo and goat's milk in a 3: 1 ratio. This cheese is classified as pickled. It is distinguished by its layered structure and pronounced creamy taste. Most notably, the technology for the production of this dairy product is identical to the Italian technology for making cheese Provolone . Depending on the type of milk used, the color of the product ranges from pure white to light yellow. The latter is considered a real delicacy and costs several times more than its white counterpart.

Composition and useful properties

You can talk a lot and for a long time about the beneficial properties of this cheese:

  • it contains a huge amount of vitamins - E, D, C, A, PP, group B, as well as minerals - iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, sodium and magnesium;
  • vitamin A increases the body's resistance to infection, vitamin C increases immunity, vitamin D is indispensable for the development of the skeleton and bone tissue;
  • B vitamins provide special benefits to the nervous system;
  • calcium has the same value as vitamin D;
  • without potassium, the work of the heart and blood vessels, excretory and nervous systems is impossible;
  • iron is considered an excellent prevention of anemia;
  • phosphorus is a direct participant in chemical reactions in the body;
  • sulfur - a constituent of amino acids, maintains normal balance in all organs, cells and tissues;
  • sodium is involved in water-salt metabolism;
  • magnesium is responsible for muscle contraction and transmission of neuromuscular impulses.

Cheese provides the body with protein and amino acids. He can perform a choirA great source of energy, as it contains about 40-50% fat. The energy value of a product can be calculated based on the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the product.

So, if one gram of fat provides 9 Kcal, 1 gram of protein 4 Kcal and the same number of calories provides one gram of carbohydrates, it turns out that the calorie content per 100 g of cheese Suluguni is 290 Kcal. Based on these indicators, we can say that cheese can be an excellent addition to the menu of everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and adheres to the principles of proper nutrition. It is extremely useful for children, nursing and expectant mothers, people with weakened immune systems and those recovering from surgery.

The calorie content of homemade cheese called Suluguni will depend on the fat content of the milk used. But in any case, it is within the specified figure and is 280-290 Kcal per 100 g.

The delicate taste of this dairy delicacy will appeal to many, because you can eat it not only in its pure form, but also prepare various dishes from it, for example, khachapuri, pizza, tortillas, omelets, moussaka and much more. For cheese lovers, the possibilities are enormous. Try to cook something from Suluguni and you, and treat your family and friends.

Who knows, maybe this cheese will take its rightful place on the shelf of your refrigerator. Bon appetit!

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