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By physical activity, we create a beautiful relief of the priests

Most often, girls are worried about an insufficiently narrow waist or a protruding belly. At the same time, the priest is not so strongly criticized. However, flabby buttocks do not adorn anyone. Therefore, when going to the gym, do not forget to work on them to achieve a beautiful, chiseled relief of the priests.

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Glute workout in the gym for girls

If you work on your body regularly, visiting the gym every second day, you can achieve pumped-up appetizing buttocks in about 2-4 months.

By physical activity, we create a beautiful relief of the priests

It all depends on the girl herself. If she has not neglected training in the gym before, it will take less time. If a beginner starts training, more.

As with any physical activity, muscles ache after exercise. The main thing is not to stop classes and just endure this time.

Pain in the muscles of the buttocks and legs can last for about 2 weeks. But you can reduce painful sensations with the help of relaxing baths. Even if you came to the gym solely to work out the buttocks, you should start work with a warm-up, as it is necessary to warm up muscle tissue groups. A great way is walking, running, an exercise bike. Allow about 15 minutes to warm up.

For women familiar with exercise machines, free weights are recommended. It is better for a beginner to focus on the bench press while lying down, as in this case you do not need to focus on coordinating your movements.

However, exercises with free weights should gradually be included in the program, they are considered more effective.

A set of exercises for girls in the gym


It is recommended to perform with dumbbells bent in front of the chest.

For oldies, the best option is with a barbell on the shoulders.

  • Squat with a straight back until you can bend your knees to 90 degrees;
  • In this case, the thighs should be parallel to the surface, and the knees should be on the line of the toes;
  • You need to return to the starting position smoothly, straining the buttocks to a greater extent, and not the legs, leaning on the heels;
  • Lowersquats are more effective but increase the load on the legs.

The recommended course is 3 sets of 20-25 times. When using free weights - 3 sets of 10-15 times.


Helps to improve the shape of the buttocks. Dumbbells are held in hands hanging loosely along the body.

In the case of a barbell, hold it on the shoulders.

By physical activity, we create a beautiful relief of the priests
  • You need to stand straight with a tense press, slightly bending in the lower back. The stops are placed parallel to each other;
  • Take a step forward with the left foot. At the same time, they lean on the heel, on which they transfer body weight;
  • You need to take a wide step, but watch the position of your feet - the left knee should not go beyond the toes. But you need to bend the knee up to 90 degrees;
  • The toes of the right foot rest on the floor, the knee is also bent 90 degrees;
  • Return to the starting position, leaning on the foot of the left leg. The right leg should just help maintain balance.

The exercise is performed alternately for both legs, or first a full cycle for the left, then for the right. You cannot lean forward or backward with the body, the back must be kept straight. The deeper the squat and the further the lunge, the greater the load on the muscles of the buttocks.

The recommended course is 3 sets of 15 times for each leg. When using free weights - 3 sets of 10-15 times for each leg.

Shoulder bridge

Another effective exercise for girls looking to tighten the buttocks.

You need to lie down, bend the knee joints of your legs, placing your feet on the floor.

To increase the load, you can put a pancake from the barbell on the lower abdomen. If you are uncomfortable holding it, grab small dumbbells.

Hold the hands on the hip joints.

  • With the tension of the muscles of the buttocks, gently lift up the pelvis. At the same time, do not allow the muscles of the lumbar zone to work;
  • Without stopping at the top point, gently lower the pelvis while touching the floor with the rounded lower back;
  • Without stopping at the bottom point, start climbing again.

You can increase the load on the buttocks by resting your toes on the floor or spreading and bringing your knees at the top.

The recommended course is 3 sets of 20-30 times. When using free weights - 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Swing your legs back

Performed on a machine with a cuff on the ankle.

By physical activity, we create a beautiful relief of the priests
  • Put on a feasible burden and put on a cuff;
  • Stand up straight, gripping the handrails with both hands;
  • The leg with the cuff is gently pulled back and returned to the starting position.

To get the maximum load on the muscles of the buttocks, you need to maintain a straight back position. If you stand on a step platform, the effectiveness of the exercise will increase. In this case, the supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee, instraighten the other leg. With a second delay of the working leg at the extreme point, additional muscle tension occurs.

The recommended course is 3 sets of 15-20 times.

Plie Squats

This exercise requires good coordination and is therefore not recommended for beginners.

  • The feet should be turned with the heels to each other shoulder-width apart;
  • Sitting down, take a dumbbell from the floor and straighten;
  • Slowly sit down again, making sure to keep your back straight;
  • Take a slow breath while descending;
  • Without lingering at the bottom point, return to the starting position with a powerful exhalation.

You should squat until you get a right angle in bent knees. During execution, you cannot take your heels off the floor and lower your buttocks too low. You need to squat longer than lifting.

The recommended course is 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Performing this complex regularly, you will quickly achieve a beautiful buttocks look. The workout can also be done at home. However, it is better for a young woman to work in the gym under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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