Bustier dress: how to wear it

You've probably heard of a dress like a bustier. And, most likely, you even saw him. But, if your visual image is not associated with this word, then we will now describe this amazing model to you in a nutshell. A bustier dress is an off-the-shoulder outfit that can be used both for creating a casual look and for going to a corporate party.

These dresses can be different, but there are two distinctive features that are characteristic of any model:

  • Open shoulders, as we said earlier;
  • Sexuality. Whichever dress you choose to wear, you will still look stunning.
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How to choose the style of a bustier dress, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure

Bustier dress: how to wear it

Despite the fact that such a dress is suitable for almost every girl, we must choose not the style that is ideal in size, but the one that is able to hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. For example, girls with lush breasts should pay attention to the heart-shaped neckline. This model will help you to favorably emphasize your beautiful breasts and feminine rounded shoulders.

Now for the plump appetizing girls. You should opt for high-waisted models. But at the same time, you should not wear too fluffy skirts, as your waist will visually increase even more.

Careful about this style should be treated by those who have a little wide shoulders. In this case, it is imperative to visually balance the upper and lower body. A bustier dress with a fluffy skirt can easily cope with this task. A model with a flared skirt, which is also called a flyout, is also suitable.

What to wear with a bustier dress

We'll start with underwear. Remember that this style requires special strapless lingerie. Well, or alternatively, you can completely abandon the bra. But this can only be afforded by girls with full elastic breasts, since they should not hang under the dress.

And if you nevertheless decide to buy yourself special underwear, then the best choice would be a bra without any printed pattern or lace. You can also use silicone bras, which have become quite popular recently.

But there is one catch: such underwear is not always suitable for overweight women, since such a brais attached only in front, which means that if you have large breasts, it will not be able to fully support it. Of the classic options, the Angelica model will be optimal, but strapless.

Now let's talk about accessories. Since this dress looks gorgeous on its own, you shouldn't spoil the look with too many jewelry. You need to choose jewelry in such a way that they organically complement your image, without coming to the fore. In case of bad weather or an evening out, you can provide a short jacket.

As for the color, the shade should either be several shades darker than the dress itself, or be contrasting. A wide scarf can also be put on top of the jacket. By the way, instead of some kind of pendant, you can attach a small but bright brooch to your scarf.

If you want to emphasize the beauty of your hands, you can wear a wide bracelet. But remember that there should not be too many decorations, because in this case the image will be hopelessly spoiled. When it comes to footwear, you should opt for shoes or sandals with thin high heels.

Also, note that the skin of the exposed parts must be in perfect order. If you have blemishes on your skin, you can use a little foundation. Attention! Don't overdo it with concealer, as the dress can slip a few inches and reveal differences in skin tones.

Bustier dresses: fashion 2014

Bustier dress: how to wear it

This year, quite a few designers have presented models of such a dress in their collections. For example, a black bustier dress made of lace, mesh and organza looks pretty nice. This style perfectly emphasizes the figure, making it more graceful and light.

Bustier wedding dresses presented at fashion shows in 2015 are also noteworthy. A beige wedding dress decorated with fabric feathers is very original.

Feathers in this case play not only the role of decoration, but also allow you to balance the upper and lower body. In addition to this dress, it is worth doing a simple braid hairstyle and not too flashy makeup. Such an image can delight any bride, and in such an outfit every girl will feel like the queen of the day.

A simpler version of a floor-length wedding dress can be a model with a golden top and a pure white bottom. Attention! In such cases, you need to be especially careful with the choice of accessories, since a bright top does not accept too noticeable decorations.

Is it possible to sew a bustier dress by hand

Bustier dress: how to wear it

If you have studied all the fashion trends of this year and finally chose the model you like, then the probability of finding something similar in a regular store is 50%. And if you are also a little strapped for funds, then the situation is generally stalemate.

But don't despair! You can always sew such an outfit with your pukami.

So, in order to create a fashionable bustier with your own hand, you will need to stock up on fabric and download a suitable pattern from the Internet. Attention! If you have a non-standard figure, then you should contact the professionals to tailor the pattern to your body type.

If you are just starting to create things with your own hands, then the first job should be a short dress, since it is much faster and easier to sew. We recommend that novice dressmakers sew this model under the supervision of experienced colleagues, since even the smallest mistake can spoil the whole product.

As you can see, in order to become the owner of a short or long bustier dress, you need to either sew it or buy it. And believe me, any fashionable dress of this type will suit your figure. You just need to choose the style you like and wear it for your pleasure!

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