Burdock oil: make eyebrows beautiful!

When communicating with a person, first of all we look at his face, including his eyebrows. This part of the face can successfully correct any appearance for the better or spoil it altogether.

Burdock oil: make eyebrows beautiful!

In addition to the unsuccessful eyebrow shape , requiring correction, light eyebrows that need coloring, many girls complain that they have thin eyebrows.

Among the available, and most importantly, effective means for solving this common problem, burdock oil for eyebrows. Women who have experienced it on themselves claim that by using burdock oil for eyebrows regularly, you can strengthen the regrown hairs of the eyebrows and stimulate the growth of new ones.

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What does burdock oil consist of

It is worth noting the naturalness, and hence the harmlessness of burdock oil. It cannot harm the human body, since it is a natural bioactive product. It contains inulin, essential oils, beta-carotene, bioflavonoids, vitamins C, E, silicon, zinc, selenium, and many other trace elements.

Due to the palmitic and stearic fatty acids contained in it, the hairs of the eyebrows will stop falling out, become elastic and shiny. Therefore, leading cosmetologists say that regular use of burdock oil helps against eyebrow loss, helps to accelerate their growth.

The antioxidant and regenerative properties of burdock oil make it a miracle cure, the result of which is visible within a week.
Unlike many expensive, advertised products, which often contain hormones, the burdock remedy brings not a temporary, but long lasting and lasting effect.

Ways to use burdock oil for eyebrow growth

To strengthen and stimulate the hair follicles, it is very important to apply burdock oil to the eyebrows daily. It is best to use a soft brush for this, apply with massaging movements, in this case, applying it, you also stimulate blood circulation, which is very good for strengthening hair bowsich.

For the best effect, we recommend that you warm up a little oily product in a water bath before use. It is enough to pour the liquid into a teaspoon and hold it over the steam of a boiling kettle or any other container.

After applying the product, lightly comb the eyebrows in and out of the direction of hair growth several times. Wipe off the excess, if any, with a cotton pad. It is most convenient to carry out this treatment procedure before bedtime, leaving the remedy overnight. You don't need to rinse off the product in the morning, just wash your face as you usually do.

In a few days you will notice the first results - itching and peeling will disappear, and a month later you will become the owner of long, fluffy, healthy, well-groomed eyebrows.

What kind of burdock oil can you use to strengthen your eyebrows?

Burdock oil is sold in a dark glass bottle at an affordable price in pure form in any, not necessarily homeopathic, pharmacy. Going to the cosmetics section of the store, on the shelves you can find it in more colorful packaging, usually manufacturers add other oils (for example, castor oil) and herbal extracts there.

When buying a product, be sure to look at the date of manufacture and expiration date. If the product is more than two years old, then it is worth looking for a fresher product. After all, old oil will not benefit your eyebrows, but will irritate the skin.

Burdock Oil Recipes

Burdock oil: make eyebrows beautiful!

Of course, pure burdock oil can be used to stimulate the growth of eyebrows, or you can prepare various products based on it, which will enhance the positive effect. The basic rule of such cocktails is that they must be fresh (only cooked), they cannot be made for future use and stored in the refrigerator.

Here are some proven recipes:

  • You can add vitamin A to burdock oil by buying it at the pharmacy or get from handy products, such as carrots. Grate a small piece of vegetable and squeeze the juice out of it. Then mix it with the main ingredient in equal proportions;
  • As an option, especially for coarse and protruding hairs, beauticians suggest mixing burdock and olive oil. Next, you need to dip a small cotton swab into the resulting liquid, sitting comfortably on the sofa, put it on your eyebrows for no more than 10 minutes. In this recipe, the olive base can be replaced with peach or sea buckthorn;
  • If you notice that the eyebrows have become less frequent, then you need to mix in equal parts burdock, castor and almond oil and apply it with a brush as we described above.
    This tool is also suitable for strengthening eyelashes, but you need to apply an oily mixture carefully, without getting into the eyes, and always 2 hours before bedtime. If you apply the composition before bedtime, then the product will not have time to be absorbed, and in the morning you will wake up with reddenedwith irritated watery eyes;
  • To stimulate the growth of eyebrows, you need to mix 3 drops of burdock oil with 3 drops of rum (cognac is possible). Only when applying, be very careful, if it gets into your eyes, the mixture in which alcohol is present is very hot.

DIY eyebrow burdock oil

If it is important for you to make your own burdock eyebrow tool, then it is not so difficult.

To do this you need:

  • Olive or sunflower oil (for base) - 100 grams;
  • Chopped root of large burdock (burdock) - 40 grams.
Burdock oil: make eyebrows beautiful!

It is necessary to mix olive or sunflower oil with carefully chopped burdock root large and infuse in a closed container in a dark place ten days. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and cook over low heat for 15 minutes. When it cools down, strain it!

It should be added that very rarely, but there are cases of individual intolerance to burdock oil. Therefore, before applying the product to the eyebrows, you need to test it, for example, on the hand.

That's all the tricks for using and preparing! If you want your eyebrows and eyelashes to look healthy, have burdock oil on hand!

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