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BUCH - a diet for everyone

Nutritionists working with professional athletes have created an effective diet to lose fat without depleting muscle. This is a protein-carbohydrate alternation program - BEACH.

BUCH - a diet for everyone

This program turned out to be so effective and easy to use that it fell in love not only with bodybuilders, but also with everyone who just wants to lose a few extra pounds. Many dietary variations have emerged, but the principle has remained the same: alternating protein and carbohydrate days.

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How does it work?

BUCH is a diet that accelerates metabolism, forcing the body to spend fat. This is achieved due to the fact that in protein days, the body actively consumes glycogen - the main source of energy. When its reserves (and they are stored in the liver and muscles) are depleted, the body prepares for the transition to an energy-saving mode.

Do you think this means that fat will start burning? No, unfortunately our body believes that fat is a strategically more important survival reserve than muscle. Muscles take up a lot of energy, and it is very costly to maintain during times of famine. So it is the muscles that begin to dry out first, not the fat.

To prevent this, BUCH envisages, after hungry days for glycogen, carbohydrate days, combining them with active physical activity, just not cardio (running, aerobics, etc.), but strength.

Thus, the body receives a signal: muscles are very much needed, they cannot be , they are actively working. And then fats gradually begin to be consumed. By the way, cardio training during the diet should not exceed 2 hours per week.

BUCH diet: menu for the week

There are different options for alternating protein and carbohydrate days: 2 through 2, 3 through 2, 5 through 2 (more protein, less carbohydrate). The last option (scheme 5 through 2) is the most difficult to tolerate: on protein days you will feel a lack of energy, your head will have difficulty thinking, your mood will deteriorate, so it is too unpleasant to endure 5 days.

Experts recommend starting with a 4-day cycle:

  • 2 protein days (meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs);
  • 1 high carbohydrate day (cereals, cereals, fruits, honey);
  • 1 low carbohydrate day (vegetables andsquirrel - in the afternoon).

After 4 days, the cycle repeats.

There are options for the BUCH diet scheme for a week: 2B - 2U - 1B - 1U - 1R, where B - protein, U - carbohydrate, P - fasting day.

Some people do this: 1B - 1U - 1P, and so on cyclically.

Do's and Don'ts

As in other weight loss programs, all sorts of harmfulness are excluded here :

  • sugar;
  • baked goods;
  • fried, smoked, semi-finished products;
  • food with preservatives;
  • salt (if possible, if you feel unbearable - add just a little sea salt).
BUCH - a diet for everyone

Accordingly, you can use everything natural, healthy, fresh, homemade. On protein days - boiled or baked lean meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yoghurts without additives, milk, mushrooms. In carbohydrate - cereals (preferably whole grains), soups without frying, salads, stewed vegetables, casseroles, fruit and vegetable juices and cocktails with honey. All recipes should be free of salt and sugar.

You can drink clean water without gas, tea (preferably green), sometimes coffee is allowed. Some allow themselves a little alcohol on carbohydrate days.

The menu for the BUCH diet must include unsaturated fats: flaxseed oil (1-2 tsp per day), fish oil (in capsules) or unroasted seeds and nuts (a handful per day).

Sample Recipes for the BUCH Diet

Menu for a protein day:

  • breakfast: 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, you can add cinnamon - it will add a little sweetness and mouth-watering aroma; sugar or honey - not allowed;
  • second breakfast: two boiled eggs (with a sprig of parsley) or an omelet with seafood or mushrooms, cooked in an oven or double boiler;
  • lunch: 200 g of tuna in its own juice, some herbs, cucumbers or celery;
  • afternoon tea: some cottage cheese, natural yogurt (unsweetened) or a glass of kefir;
  • dinner: 200 g of baked or boiled chicken or beef, with a couple of sprigs of greens possible.

Carbohydrate day menu:

  • breakfast: muesli or oatmeal with raisins and nuts, you can add kefir, low-fat milk or just water with honey;
  • lunch: an apple, a piece of pineapple, a grapefruit, a few apricots or other non-nutritive fruits;
  • lunch: pasta with stew or brown rice with fish;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir and a whole grain bread with honey, as an option - a milkshake with honey;
  • Dinner: if the day is strong carbohydrate, then you can eat fruit salad, and if low carbohydrate, followed by protein, then fish is bettera or cottage cheese.
BUCH - a diet for everyone

The menu for the BUCH diet is quite varied and rich in micro and macro elements. You will not experience extreme hunger, so the likelihood of breakdown is minimized. On such a program, you can fearlessly sit for two months, and no special exit is needed.

BEACH is not a strong stress for the body, you are losing weight smoothly, but constantly, not due to water, but due to fat, and the weight does not tend to return immediately after the end of the diet. This explains the large number of adherents of this program and the flattering reviews about it on the Internet.

People with significant excess weight (over 20 kg from the norm) practically bounced back within three to four months. Quite real figures - 2-3 kg per week, without harm to the body. Just do not forget about physical activity, so as not to cause unnecessary processes eating muscles and accumulating fat!

Another important plus: BUCH has practically no contraindications, except for the standard ones:

  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • children and adolescents;
  • severe liver, kidney, heart disease;
  • diabetes;
  • acute inflammatory diseases.

We hope you enjoy this balanced, fairly light and effective diet. Success in finding the perfect figure!

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