Learn The Reason Why Unexplained Bruises Might Appear On Your Body

Bruises on the body for no reason

It would seem that bruises on the body cannot appear without reason. However, why, in the absence of bruises, does a hematoma suddenly form? In fact, this phenomenon, of course, has a cause and may be a signal of the presence of a serious illness.

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Common Causes the appearance of hematomas

Bruises on the body for no reason

Indeed, some diseases become provoking factors for the appearance of a bruise. Why does hematoma form? A bruise is the result of a small hemorrhage under the skin caused by a violation of the integrity of the walls of blood vessels.

Can lead to a similar state:

  • vasculitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • impaired blood flow;
  • decreased elasticity of the vessel walls;
  • low blood clotting;
  • insufficient platelet count.

Often, bruises on the body occur due to prolonged use of pharmacological drugs. Most often, a similar side effect is caused by anti-inflammatory and anti-asthma drugs, analgesics, antidepressants. They significantly reduce the viscosity of the blood, which leads to bleeding, as a result of which hematomas appear.

Especially often, such a negative arises from the intake of Aspirin or Cavinton. If the patient observes the constant presence of bruises, knowing for sure that there were no bruises, it is necessary to stop taking this group of drugs, since their further use can lead to serious internal bleeding.

Currently, it is assumed that bruises on the body for no reason appear due to a deficiency of a group of vitamins. Lack of the required amount of vitamins C, K, P can negatively affect the state of blood vessels, increasing their fragility.

If bruises on the body form regularly, you need to contact a professional hematologist who will definitely identify the cause of the pathology and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Forms and diagnostic options

As a rule, to find out why a person has hematomas, a clinical analysis of a blood sample and a coagulogram helps. When the cause of discomfort and cosmetic defect lies in a lack of vitamins, it is recommended to balance your own diet by introducing more chicken eggs, seaweed, fish oil, citrus fruits, fresh herbs, cherries in the menu. apricots and blackberries.

You can purchase a ready-made vitamin and mineral complex at the pharmacy kiosk,which contains ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids, hesperidin, and rutin.

Bruises on the body for no reason

Within a month after the start of taking the vitamin-mineral complex, the defect must be eliminated. If this does not happen, you should undergo a diagnosis that allows you to find out exactly what the cause of the pathology is.

Often, the elasticity of blood vessels is impaired due to age-related changes that weaken the tissues of the body. In addition, bruising on the body for no reason can form due to hormonal imbalance, more often present in women.

Insufficient estrogen in menopause has a direct impact on the state of the circulatory system. The resulting failures can easily provoke the fragility of the capillary walls and their further destruction.

When hematomas appear due to low blood clotting, it is advisable to try to increase it by eating more foods rich in vitamin K, white cabbage and fresh lettuce. Traditional medicine often advises using nettle decoction to thicken the blood.

This advice should be taken with great caution, as with hypertension, this method of treatment can lead to blood clots.

It is also worth checking the liver, since it is she who is responsible for the production of special enzymes that ensure normal blood clotting. If they are not enough, the organ is not functioning properly.

Sometimes bruises appear with an oncological disease of the blood, so you should not let things go by themselves. You need to make sure that the cause of the bruising on the body was a minor injury that was quickly forgotten, and not a serious illness.

Women suffering from varicose veins are well aware of why hematomas constantly bloom on the surface of the skin . Wearing a high, narrow heel, excessive stress on the legs, obesity often lead to weakening of the capillaries and veins located in the superficial tissues.

High vascular fragility is also provoked by vasculitis. In this disease, the body's own immune system begins to perceive the blood vessels as a foreign element, and destroys them in a directed manner.

Naturally, you can get rid of the appearance of hematomas only after appropriate treatment. However, it is much easier not to treat the disease, but to prevent it. Knowing why hematomas form, you can use a number of preventive measures that can reduce the risk of developing blood vessel pathologies and eliminate the causes of bruising.

Preventive measures

Preventing the reasons why bruises regularly appear on the body is easy and not time-consuming.

Rather, it is a lifestyle that takes into account proper nutrition, as well as the necessary physical activity:

  • Blood vessels should be strengthened by constantly using foods rich in vitamine complexes;
  • It is advisable to closely monitor the functionality of the liver;
  • Do not use pharmacological drugs that interfere with blood clotting on your own;
  • It is worth more time to be outdoors, actively playing sports. A contrast shower and walking also have a good effect;
  • If you are prone to allergies, you should limit the likelihood of contact with allergenic substances. You also need to avoid infection and hypothermia, factors that can significantly affect the state of the immune defense. Routine prophylaxis will reduce the risk of developing vasculitis;
  • Do not forget that hematomas appear quite often with varicose veins. Therefore, it is undesirable to wear tight shoes, to be in a sitting position for a long time. You need to monitor your weight and not abuse fatty spicy foods. If you have a disease, you can get rid of bruises by wearing compression stockings.

A bruise cannot appear for no reason. This is a sign of malaise, often a dangerous disease, which can only be detected when contacting a medical institution. Self-medication in this case is fraught with complications that can cause enormous harm to health.

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