Breathing Exercises for Better Health

Breathing Exercise for Better Health

The first thing a barely born baby does is breathe deeply, confirming his right to life on earth. Breathing is a natural process that allows us not only to exist, but also to transmit emotions (one sigh can say more than a hundred words), survive in extreme situations and even engage in self-healing. Correct breathing exercises are a whole science, the main provisions of which are set out in this article.

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What is the use?

Breathing Exercise for Better Health

A complex of breathing exercises is not just a set of inhalations and exhalations, it is a real chance to improve your well-being, and even your attitude to the world as a whole. If you follow the advice correctly, that is, if you do not cure, then significantly improve your well-being in heart diseases and blood vessels, sexual dysfunctions, headaches, etc.

It is obvious that each of the breathing practices improves the condition of the lungs and bronchi. Well, girls are attracted by the fact that with the help of proper breathing according to the appropriate scheme, you can lose weight.

Varieties of breath

To get fresh air and get rid of carbon dioxide, we use not only the chest, but also the trachea, nasal cavity, bronchi and other organs that can replace each other. So, for example, when we get a stuffy nose during a runny nose, we breathe through our nose quite successfully.

It turns out that using the same systems and complexes of organs, a person can breathe in different ways, and his breathing can be:

  • Deep, in which the lungs are full of air. Usually we want to do it outdoors;
  • Superficial, when a small amount of fresh air enters the lungs, and they begin to ventilate worse. As a result, blood circulation is impaired, and health problems appear;
  • Frequent, arising after physical activity or heavy exertion. If such breathing appears in everyday life, it is time to think about irregularities in the respiratory system;
  • Rare, which is most common in swimmers. They also master holding breathing and other breathing techniques, with the help of which it is possible to avoid severe wear of organs and give them the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrition;
  • Lower, depending not on frequency or depth, but on the basic technique. Abdominal or lower breathing is the prerogative of men, because they often breathe not with the chest, but with the diaphragm. By the way, this technique is activeo used by TV announcers, getting the opportunity to produce long phrases in one go;
  • Medium, carried out by contraction of the muscles located between the ribs;
  • Upper, when the collarbones and shoulders work with a fixed diaphragm and chest;
  • Mixed, in the process of which the middle, upper and lower types of breathing are used, which guarantees the best ventilation for the lungs.

Breathe and lose weight!

Disorders in metabolic processes are becoming the underlying cause of obesity. Often the problem of excess weight is solved only by diets and other food restrictions, while breathing exercises for weight loss or visiting the gym no longer have any time, energy, or special desire.

And in vain, because both oxygen and carbon dioxide play an important role in material exchanges, since the content of these gases in human blood, tissues and muscles will determine oxidative processes and the production of the necessary chemical compounds.

Breathing exercises for weight loss not only normalize gas exchange, but also activate metabolic processes, helping to optimize intestinal peristalsis, normalize the activity of the diaphragm and improve food digestion.

Can I breathe while pregnant?

Breathing Exercise for Better Health

The steadily growing uterus, or rather, the growing fetus in it, begins to put pressure on the diaphragm and other organs located in the abdominal cavity.

Therefore, a woman in the last stages of gestation experiences heartburn, difficulty breathing, suffers from shortness of breath and literally cannot breathe.

All this is not fatal either for the child or for the future woman in labor, but there is a risk of provoking fetal hypoxia and overloading the cardiovascular system of the mother herself.

Breathing exercises , specially designed for pregnant women, help not only to make the gestation process comfortable, but also to simplify the procedure for relieving the burden. It would seem that nature has long developed and thought out all the stages of childbirth, and a woman can only remain calm, listen to the instincts and recommendations of obstetricians.

But as soon as the most crucial moment comes, the woman in labor almost panics, and her cries and behavior interfere with a full, normal and safe delivery. Such pregnant women quickly run out of strength, and babies often appear with acute hypoxia.

Having mastered the technique of breathing in contractions and childbirth, a woman will be able to more easily endure delivery, keep calm and keep the situation under control. And, it means that the child will have to appear not under the screams, but under the smile of his mother.

Respiratory exercise

Breathing Exercise for Better Health

Breathing exercises are suitable not only for the prevention of pneumonia, but can also be used to treat acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and evene tuberculosis.

Moreover, to cure and prevent it, it is enough to perform elementary breathing exercises, consisting of several approaches:

  • First you need to get ready , and take 15 diaphragmatic breaths in and out through the nasal cavity;
  • The same number of breaths are taken with the mouth;
  • The exercise is performed three times;
  • When a coughing attack occurs, you should bow your head, fold your hands on your stomach and, pressing on it, cough down, secreting phlegm.

Of course, it is unreasonable to think that breathing exercises alone will save you from acute pneumonia or complex tuberculosis. You will still have to take medications and do the procedures prescribed by doctors, since both exercises and cleansing breathing are auxiliary, not basic measures.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Beginners

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