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Bob haircut for short hair - fashion trends in hairstyles

Short bob haircut has not gone out of style for years. Women choose it because it looks very charming and elegant, has a rather simple design and is comfortable for every day. The bob is very versatile and can be presented on both short hair and medium length strands. The most popular option is with side bangs. Girls are crazy about this shape and rightly so, because this is one of the few hairstyles suitable for almost any face, including a round one.

Those with the right facial features can also try a simple bob with bangs or bob for more chic and girly charm.

Bob haircut for short hair - fashion trends in hairstyles

In Hollywood, the owners of this hairstyle were at the same time Katie Holmes, Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham. Pop singer Rihanna had an asymmetrical bob . In the 60s, he was the favorite of the English supermodel Twiggy. And the Chinese version was worn a few years ago by Heidi Klum.

It is well known that this type of haircut came into fashion already at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was popularized by the famous French actress Eva Lavalier, known for her extraordinary sense of style. In those days, the actress brought a real boom to this avant-garde hairstyle .

This hairstyle recently celebrated its 100th birthday and is an unprecedented success. Bob has accompanied women all over the world throughout this century. Its popularity is primarily due to the fact that it does not require much care. Of course, provided that you have straight strands

. Owners of curly hair will have to make friends with a straightener.

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Bob or bob haircut for short hair - short description

This type of hairstyle, as a rule, has straight bangs, no longer than the eyebrow line, and hair is cut in a straight line just below the ears. This version was popular in the 1920s.

Then it evolved so that you can now see at least several variations of this hairstyle:

  • it may have an asymmetrical length;
  • strands on the back of the head may be slightly shorter than in front, and may also be cut very short and high;
  • haircut bob with bangs for short hair and without;
  • bangs can be long, short, acsymmetric;
  • the length may vary between chin and shoulder, with the emphasis on the tips;
  • Thick curls can be profiled, trimmed in layers, and thin curls can be trimmed in a straight line.

The choice of the type of haircut depends on the shape of the face, the structure of the curls and personal preferences.

Bob haircut for short hair - fashion trends in hairstyles

Execution technology is very important. The strands should be properly trimmed so that they naturally curl inward. In some variations, the hair at the back of the head must be shaved. The secret of this effect is in professional milling. Having decided to make such a hairstyle, you should entrust it only to good specialists, otherwise you risk making an unsuccessful experiment on your head.

At home, you can model the ends of the strands and do the right styling with a round brush. The general look must set the varnish in order to maintain its shape for a long time. During drying, you should also use foam for modeling, which will help to create the desired volume.

Who needs a bob for short hair

  • It looks especially good on women with round faces. This type of styling makes the image graceful, emphasizes a beautiful neck. The face becomes optically longer and more feminine;
  • It ideally solves the problem of a too high forehead - with its help you can hide this flaw;
  • Keep in mind that such a haircut will focus all attention on the face, so you need to make sure that the skin looks good and has no flaws;
  • She can rejuvenate the image;
  • Great for women looking for an interesting style. An asymmetric hairstyle will draw attention to its owner and give character even to the gray mouse ;
  • For people with irregular features, a slightly longer haircut with bangs on one side is recommended.
Bob haircut for short hair - fashion trends in hairstyles

Short bob - this haircut is versatile, but requires the work of a professional hairdresser. A good hairdresser should know the structure of your curls, look at the shape of your face, and finally, listen to your wishes. The fulfillment of these three conditions will make the chosen shape ideal. Then in the morning you will not need to waste precious time fighting naughty strands, and your image will be great.

This shape is suitable for almost all hair types. Haircut bob for short, thin and healthy hair can be cut in a straight line, then we get a nice, smooth haircut. Haircut bob for short, thick and thick hair is often formed in layers.

How to choose a shape for your face type?

  • For an oblong face . Chin length is well suited for people with an oblong face. This short haircut creates the illusion of fuller lips. If you havetoo high a forehead, it will be beautifully hidden by a bang. This is Naomi Campbell's style. Long and very short versions visually lengthen the face;
  • For a round face , a few centimeters below the chin will work. This length allows you to reduce the width of the face and visually lengthen it. Another interesting version is an inverted bob or hair that is longer in the front than in the back. Do not add too much volume to the hair by drying and combing, because this will additionally enlarge the face;
  • For an angular face . People with a triangular or square face should focus on blurring their outlines. Asymmetrical lines are ideal to soften harsh lines.

This haircut is a great choice for women who value classics. Smoothly combed strands add charm and emphasize naturalness. The hairstyle suits almost any style.

In order to be beautiful and feminine, she must meet several conditions:

Bob haircut for short hair - fashion trends in hairstyles
  1. First of all, the curls cannot be damaged. They require refreshing, straight, not split ends, should shine. Conditioning is often required to maintain this look;
  2. The shape should be natural. Don't overdo it with style, because you can achieve the effect of an incomprehensible helmet on the head instead of a light and charming hairstyle;
  3. Color is also important. The trendy shades are very eye-catching, but remember that with this type of haircut it is impossible to hide the overgrown roots.

Today stylists are changing the traditional hairstyle somewhat bob . Sometimes they leave a little more hair in places, for example, near the ear or shoulder.

This hairstyle is very versatile, it can be freely adjusted to suit the age and face shape.

By styling your curls in light waves, you can quickly update your hairstyle and dispel the myth that short hair is boring.

Experts point out that bob is one of the easiest hairstyles to take care of and keep in shape. With the right haircut, it doesn't require much work during styling. Hair is practically styled by itself.

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