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Boater hat: features of a stylish accessory and how to wear it

The Straw Boater Hat has a long history dating back to the beginning of the last century. In the late 19th - early 20th centuries, both men and women, and even children, preferred to wear hats.

Boater hat: features of a stylish accessory and how to wear it

This headdress, first of all, had a protective function, so most hats were made from natural materials: straw or reed.

A boater hat was also made of straw, but this model was of interest only for the male half of the population, since boater hats at the beginning of the 20th century were considered a headdress for a strong half of humanity.

Today this fashion accessory can be seen more often on women than on men, as the fair sex took the initiative in their own hands and modified this convenient accessory.

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Model transformation

Time moved fashion forward, women gradually added trousers and shorts to their wardrobe to skirts and dresses, it's time to pay attention to boaters.

But before this headpiece moved from a purely masculine version to a unisex model, the fair sex made a number of changes to its appearance:

  1. A boater's hat of a flat, perfectly round shape with small flat brims has diversified with wide brim boaters. This option was especially suitable for women of fashion who loved to spend time on the beach, but preferred a strict and consistent style of dress.
  2. A small black ribbon was considered an obligatory accessory of this headdress for men. Considering that the hat belonged to men's headdresses, the ribbon that twisted around the hat in a circle was necessarily of a dark shade. Naturally, this option did not suit the beautiful ladies, because the ribbon around the boater can be of any color and the brighter and more cheerful, the better.
  3. A straw boater hat is considered a classic option, but some models have begun to be made from modern synthetic materials.
  4. Beautiful ladies willingly decorate such a headdress with a flower, brooch, feathers or any other adornment. This makes the hat even more smart and stylish.

Despite the fact that the boater belongs to the models in the retro style, modern fashion considers such hats to be in-demand accessories that can complement any stylish women's outfit.

Choosing a wardrobe

Modern style designers very often find a combination that does not combinestyles in a woman's ensemble. They do not change this rule when developing a style and wardrobe that complements a boater hat.

What to wear with such an accessory for a female ensemble:

Boater hat: features of a stylish accessory and how to wear it
  1. A summer version of an elegant headdress will be a wonderful and useful addition to multi-colored sundresses, light and airy lace dresses, linen ensembles consisting of shorts or summer trousers, shirts or blouses.
  2. Considering that such hats served as a headdress for sailors and oarsmen in their time, they are ideally combined with striped T-shirts, dresses, shirts in the style of vest today.
  3. A straw boater hat is in perfect harmony with plaid dresses and suits, complementing the feminine image and making it sophisticated.
  4. A beach look made up of a tunic, swimsuit and beach shoes will complement this headdress.
  5. For business women, creating a strict style is considered an important aspect. For classic trousers with a high waist and a tailored blouse, a straw boater hat is the perfect accompaniment.

Increasingly, a neat boater style headdress can be seen on the bride's wedding dress, where such a hat looks truly elegant and solemn. As a rule, in such variants it is used in white and cream shades, decorated with flowers, ribbons, rhinestones and tulle.

DIY boater hat

Fans of active summer vacations in the country do not have to buy a real straw boater to work in the garden or in the beds. For summer residents, you can use a simple, but no less stylish option for a headdress - independently, made with your own hands from an ordinary newspaper.

It is not difficult to make paper boaters with your own hands, you just need to stock up:

  • one newspaper;
  • knitting needle or ballpoint pen;
  • acrylic paint in preferred shade;
  • with glue and scissors;
  • scotch tape, napkins, tape of any color.

After all the components are collected, you should stock up on time, patience and, of course, desire:

Boater hat: features of a stylish accessory and how to wear it
  1. Cut the newspaper into strips (the thinner the better). Each strip is about three centimeters.
  2. Using a knitting needle or a rod, twist the newspaper strips into thin tubes. Craftsmen recommend wrapping the newspaper in the direction from left to right, at the beginning, middle and end with glue.
  3. Finished tubes must be flattened to make them look like twigs.
  4. The first eight tubes are folded with a snowflake , after which we begin to braid eight tubes in a circle, fixing the braiding parts at the very beginning with glue.
  5. In this way, weave 14.5 centimeters of the bottom of the hat, after which we go directly to the crown.
  6. Forto make the crown even and neat, we make 11 even rows of weaving.
  7. Making fields is considered the most difficult and painstaking part of the job, as it is necessary to make sure that the work goes smoothly all the time. Otherwise, the margins will sag down. 11 circles are also made for the fields.
  8. After finishing work, paint the product with acrylic paint, starting from the inside of the product, only after that moving to the upper part.
  9. We decorate the finished product at our own discretion: beads, flowers, bow, wrapped in a ribbon beforehand.

Such an elegant hat is considered not only comfortable, but also safe: it protects the head from the sun and protects the skin from burning.

Stylish DIY boater

You can also make a boater with your own hands from ordinary twigs, soak them thoroughly in salted boiling water for half an hour.

For a nice and straight hat you will need:

  • 12 thin twigs about 55 mm long;
  • 20 thin twigs, 30 centimeters long each;
  • 80 twigs, 20 centimeters;
  • thin sticks for fastening parts;
  • hat elastic.

Since the product should be made especially carefully, it is worth stocking up on time:

Boater hat: features of a stylish accessory and how to wear it
  1. A snowflake is made of 6 twigs, and 4 twigs are inserted into it: this weaving of the base will help maintain the constant shape of the product.
  2. Having made the first six rows, continue weaving evenly until the base is 80x90 in diameter.
  3. The vertical brim or, as experts call them, the crown of the hat should be rounded off, evenly lifting up each weave of the row. The work, accordingly, requires special meticulousness and accuracy, since any, even insignificant discrepancy can distort the even perpendicular of the crown.
  4. The hem of the hat can be made by keeping it flat and not twisting the edges. The protruding ends of the twigs must be carefully trimmed. Upon completion, the finished product is decorated as you wish.

A beautiful and elegant handmade hat can be worn every day or left for special occasions. Such a hat will be a great addition to both casual light dresses and formal business suits for meetings.

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