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Black plaque on the tongue and teeth: what to do?

It's not for nothing that the language is called a health indicator . Each dimple, stripe and appearance of plaque indicates the presence of some kind of disease or abnormality. A qualified specialist, by looking at the tongue, will immediately be able to say which area of ​​the body needs to be examined in more detail.

Black plaque on the tongue and teeth: what to do?

The appearance of stratification is the main indicator of the presence of inflammatory processes. They can be different: both white and black. The last color will be discussed in this article.

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Why there is a black film on your tongue?

If, out of habit, showing yourself your tongue in the mirror in the morning, you find layers of black color on it, then don't panic. First, you should remember if you have used something with the addition of dyes of this color the day before.

Such color can be given by:

  • Activated carbon;
  • Blueberries;
  • Dark candy with dyes;
  • Drink or juice.

If these options disappear, then you should immediately consult a doctor. A black coating on the tongue can be a sign of the development of certain diseases. The darker and denser it is, the more advanced the form of the disease.

Black color can indicate problems with the digestive tract. This usually happens with the regular consumption of high-carbohydrate foods and fatty foods. The acid-base balance is disturbed and acidosis develops. It can also indicate a general slagging of the body, metabolic disorders and excessive body weight.

A black spotted rather than solid bloom sometimes indicates poor pancreas or liver function. This will really be the case if symptoms such as the appearance of bitterness after a meal, constant thirst and dehydration are added to the change in the color of the tongue. In this case, you should contact a gastroenterologist and check your gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

Such a scary plaque can appear during the development of colds. Especially when the temperature rise is observed for a long time. The body seems to be burning from nutria, hence the color on the tongue.

A chromogenic fungus can also cause a dark film to appear on the tongue. With its development, dark green or almost black plaque is visible on the teeth.

Why are the teeth blackened?

Black plaque on the tongue and teeth: what to do?

Black plaque can appear on deciduous and permanent teeth. The reasons for the appearance in children and adults will be different. Enamel in children can sweatdarken instantly, literally in a day.

Usually guilty:

  • Fungi that develop with dysbiosis. This often happens when a child is transferred from baby food to adult food;
  • Toothpastes containing a lot of fluoride and not intended for children's teeth. Often parents buy fluoride pastes for children, forgetting that each age needs its own vitamins, micro- and macroelements. Most often, darkening will be on the front teeth;
  • Weakened immunity and taking antibiotics. Usually, these two factors are interrelated, without the presence of serious diseases, an antibiotic will not be prescribed, and any disease reduces the protective functions of the body;
  • Intrauterine development. The presence of dark marks on the baby's teeth may be a sign that during pregnancy his mother experienced a lack of calcium, had infectious diseases and was taking medications.

The cause of black plaque on teeth in adults is the staining of light deposits through the use of dark drinks and tobacco. The more a person smokes and drinks tea and coffee, the darker the enamel. Drugs also have a detrimental effect on teeth. They just destroy it. Therefore, teeth deteriorate, blacken and fall out.

Dark traces may appear in the presence of diseases of the digestive tract, liver, biliary and biliary tract.

The same can happen after prolonged use of antibiotics for inflammatory diseases, due to infections and fungi developing in the oral cavity or in case of a violation of the acid-base balance in the mouth. In some cases, the appearance of darkening on the teeth is associated with work at enterprises in metallurgy (the influence of heavy metals).

The exact reason is determined by the doctor.

How to treat?

Black plaque on the tongue and teeth: what to do?

No matter what the density and darkness of the plaque on your tongue or teeth, in any case, you need to urgently consult a doctor. Only he will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Remember that removing the plaque itself will do nothing if the reason for its appearance is not established.

If the treatment is prescribed correctly, then the film will begin to disappear by itself. Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of black plaque on the tongue, you must carefully observe oral hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth and tongue twice a day.

As an additional measure, you can rinse your mouth with herbal decoctions or special rinses, then your teeth will always be healthy and your tongue will be pink!

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