Biolamination of hair

Biolamination is the newest service in the field of salon hair care. She gives instant results after the first time. Laminate covers all curls with a special protective film that does not allow air to pass through, protects hair from various external factors, for example, cold air, ultraviolet rays, exposure to curls and hair dryers. As a result, the hair becomes beautiful and shiny.

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Main advantages biolamination of hair

Biolamination of hair

Today, many have heard about biolamination, but not everyone knows about its properties, and what is the difference in biolamination of hair, and just lamination.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both methods? Here is the principle of both procedures: a special laminating compound is applied to the curls, which will not bring any harm to the strands, and is suitable for any hair. Only for lamination, a special colorless composition is used, which is based on natural protein.

And in biolamination, natural cellulose is used, it can be extract from dandelions, avocado or zucchini. It is better to biolaminate the hair because in this method they are enveloped with an ionic composition.

The mixture that biolaminates the hair is on it due to discharged ions. Biolaminate is a very light gel that is colorless and hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for everyone.

Other benefits include:

Biolamination of hair
  1. the received result will be saved for 1-2 months;
  2. colored hair lasts longer;
  3. can be used even during pregnancy.

Of the minuses of the procedure, two points can be noted: firstly, you will quickly get used to the amazing appearance of your hair and can no longer refuse the procedure.

And secondly, to achieve an excellent result, you will have to go to the salon, it is extremely difficult to perform such a procedure at home.

Such advantages and disadvantages are inherent in hair biolamination.

Lamination result

During the procedure, each hair is enveloped by an airtight film. It protects hair from further damage and gives it a glossy shine.

Biolamination of hair

When the hair is covered with biolaminate, its volume increases by 10-15%, which means that the volume of the entire shock is also larger.

The thickness of the hair is made uniform from top to bottom. Celluloid evens out their surface, making them completely smooththem.

They are easy to lay, not to mention what to comb. This procedure is very good after perm and bio-styling.

The hairstyle after it retains its shape in any weather, and does not require additional styling products.

Biolamination methods

This procedure is best done in the salon. But as for biolaminating hair at home, that is, conducting the procedure independently, it is also quite easy to carry out it, the main thing is to follow all the rules.

You need to buy a lamination kit, and step by step follow everything that is indicated in the instructions, or watch a video on the Internet. The procedure will last about an hour.


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