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Benefits or harms of cocoa while feeding a baby

If we consider the list of harmful products during lactation, it should include chocolate and cocoa. They can cause allergies in the child. In addition, they contain caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system. This product also leaches out calcium. However, all these harmful properties begin to manifest themselves only with excessive use of the product.

Cocoa: significant benefit or significant harm?

Harmful properties:

Benefits or harms of cocoa while feeding a baby
  • caffeine content;
  • cockroaches;
  • chemicals;
  • lack of sanitary rules;
  • allergy.

The concentration of caffeine in cocoa is low, about 0.2%, but this factor cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to drinking a drink by a child. Caffeine is one of the most controversial foods, and there are many controversial theories and case studies regarding its negative effects.

Countries where the fruit of the chocolate tree grows are at a low sanitary level, as a result of which cocoa products are far from hygienic.

Cockroaches also live in cocoa beans, which are very difficult to get rid of during the production of the powder. This product is produced in tropical countries in huge fields using significant amounts of fertilizers. In addition, the fruit of the cocoa tree undergoes radiological treatment to get rid of pests.

The cocoa beans themselves do not contain allergy-causing components, but the shells of cockroaches contain bacteria that contribute to the occurrence of allergic reactions, as well as the chemicals used in the cultivation of these fruits.

Useful properties:

  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • improving brain activity;
  • beneficial effect on the skin;
  • high content of useful elements;
  • Promote muscle recovery.
Benefits or harms of cocoa while feeding a baby

The biologically active ingredients in chocolate with 70% cocoa reduce platelet adhesion, and its antioxidant properties exceed the benefits of orange or apple juice. Cocoa flavanols have a positive effect on some metabolic functions, thereby preventing complications in the vessels after damage.

According to scientists, frequent consumption of a chocolate drink reduces mortality due to cardiovascular pathologies by about 2 times.

Also, the use of cocoa helps to activate the blood supply to the brain and lower blood pressure, and the regular use of this drink normalizes the functioning of the skin, thereby preserving its youth.

The powder contains melanin, which protects the skin from UV and infrared radiation. Thus, melanin protects the skin from sunburn, avoids overheating. This drink contains carbohydrates, as well as dietary fiber, vegetable proteins, fats, organic acids, starch, a large amount of saturated fatty acids, sugar, vitamins A, E, B, D. High content of minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, potassium, chlorine , zinc, iron, manganese, copper, fluorine, molybdenum.

To fully provide the body with zinc, you need to drink a couple of cups a week, and also eat 2-3 slices of dark chocolate. The organic substances of the fruit of the tree contribute to the speedy recovery of muscles after exercise due to the high content of useful elements.

When can I start drinking the drink while breastfeeding?

Benefits or harms of cocoa while feeding a baby

So can a nursing mother be seduced by cocoa? If the child is not predisposed to allergies, is calm and healthy, then mom can pamper herself with a small cup of cocoa nectar once a week, after the child is 3 months old.

A nursing mother is allowed to drink cocoa with milk. For the preparation of the drink, it is advisable to use low-fat milk, or you can dilute it in equal proportions with water in a ratio of 2: 1.

The addition of sugar to cocoa should also be avoided. It is better for a nursing woman to drink a drink in the daytime in the first hours of the day, then you can control the baby's reaction to cocoa. In this case, the child must be completely healthy.

To reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions, it is best to drink cocoa immediately after feeding your baby. If the infant develops itching and redness, nectar should be eliminated from the diet for several weeks. If the experiment is successful, the mother can afford to consume her favorite drink once or twice a week.

To understand whether it is possible to drink cocoa for a nursing mother, you need to remember the following. This drink has both positive and negative properties. And only a satisfactory reaction of the baby to him allows the mother to consume cocoa.

If allergies occur, you should immediately stop drinking the drink. After all, baby's health is the most important thing!

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