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Belly dance - no reason not to dance!

Today, the most effective way to rapidly lose weight is all kinds of dancing. This is perhaps the most pleasant and effective physical activity, which has no special contraindications, and absolutely all people can dance, regardless of their age.

This method for losing weight is the most effective, since all muscles are involved, and moreover, this type of physical activity does not require strict adherence to various diets, because a large number of calories are burned in a few minutes of exercise.

Those people who regularly dance, immunity increases rapidly, which is associated with the gradual regular training of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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Oriental dance. Where to start?

First of all, you need to decide where you would like to learn this amazing action. Many women are quite shy and choose homeschooling for themselves.

Belly dance - no reason not to dance!

And for those women who are more liberated, today it will not be difficult to find a special school that will provide training in belly dancing at the highest level.

When choosing a school, try to find a good teacher for yourself, but remember - even the most experienced dancer may not be the best teacher.

After all, it is these teachers who are already accustomed to staging dances, and not explaining to beginners how and what is being done.

You can find out which teacher dances well and which one can teach you how to dance well both on various thematic forums and from the words of friends. Of course, studying even with the most experienced teacher, the first time you will not get smooth and rhythmic movements, so do not give up, but work on yourself as much as possible. Then you have to choose a training suit. When choosing, be sure to keep in mind that you should be as comfortable and convenient as possible in it to do various movements.

You should like the chosen suit very much, because you will practice near the mirror. When choosing a belt for belly dancing with monists, pay your attention so that both monists and beads are properly attached in the very fabric of the belt.

And as soon as you bought a training suit for yourself, you can safely go and learn to dance! But remember - success is possible only with regular classes, both at school and at home.

Variety of intimate life

AFor her beloved man, absolutely every woman should remain a mystery that cannot be solved throughout her life together.

Belly dance - no reason not to dance!

Many experienced girls know that a man in a woman sees not only the mother of his child, an excellent housewife, a faithful friend with whom you can share secrets, but also the goddess of love. Due to the problems that everyday family life presents us, almost every woman cannot completely relax and diversify her intimate life, as well as add zest to it.

In order to like and be always loved for her man, first of all, every girl should love herself and, of course, devote as much time as possible for her beloved.

Erotic belly dancing is perhaps the most ancient way to master sexual attractiveness, to maintain harmony in relationships with your loved one and your health. With its help, in an intimate life, you can happen yourself and give your man a lot of pleasant sensations!

Effects on the body

Belly dance - no reason not to dance!

Many girls know that belly dancing is very beneficial for health, and is also a great way to achieve an ideal figure. As a rule, when dancing, all muscles are strengthened and trained, which in everyday life almost always remain motionless, as a result of which the figure of the dancer becomes more feminine and has beautiful outlines. The muscle framework is well strengthened, and as a result, posture improves. During the dance, not only the abdominal muscles work, but also the muscles of the back, chest, and also the small pelvis.

And, of course, while strengthening the muscular frame, the woman's back gets tired much less during sedentary work, as well as during pregnancy. The intestines begin to function correctly, and absolutely all internal organs of the small pelvis, including the uterus, are strengthened. And when all organs function correctly, then toxins are removed, the skin becomes cleaner, health and concentration improves, which is very important for every girl who wants to achieve a good result in losing weight and self-improvement.

Regular oriental dancing classes can save a woman from various diseases associated with the female reproductive system. First of all, the uterus becomes more elastic and elastic, while each dancer tolerates the pain associated with critical days much easier, pregnancy and childbirth pass easily enough, a woman's body is able to quickly recover after childbirth and get in shape in the shortest possible time.

During exercise, the muscles of the shoulder girdle are strengthened, and the pectoral muscles also get a good load. The result is a very attractive breast shape, which every girl dreams of, and the second chin disappears.

Girls who follow their figure should definitely try this type of aerobics, because it is a good load,both on the legs and on the hips. A girl who regularly dances oriental belly dances relieves herself of the problems associated with the appearance of cellulite and ears on her legs.

And believe me, no expensive hydro massage can cope with these problems as quickly as belly dancing. All the loads that this type of aerobics gives to the legs are aimed at strengthening the walls of blood vessels, which prevents varicose veins.

What music is belly dancing to?

Belly dance - no reason not to dance!

Many people know that modern oriental belly dancing has long been very popular in many countries of the world. Today there are more than 50 varieties of this amazing and colorful dance, each of which is danced to a specific music.

Professional music for belly dancing will be very difficult for a beginner dancer, because you need to feel and track each beat of the drum while making smooth movements with your hip or a wave with your stomach.

Therefore, experts in this field first of all recommend for a beginner dancer to learn how to make smooth movements with her hands, hips, belly, without being accompanied by a musical composition.

As soon as you learn to dance oriental belly dance, you will not only save yourself from many different diseases and acquire a magnificent figure, but also diversify your intimate life and be able to arrange a real oriental show for your beloved! / span>

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