Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!

With the advent of naturalness in fashion, many girls began to think about how to return their native hair color after numerous dyes. Those who do not want to grow native hair rushed to hairdressers with requests to bring the current shade as close to natural as possible. Beige hair color quickly became a kind of canon among blondes and highlighted persons.

Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!

Those who dyed their own curls in a dark color for a long time also seek to turn to him. After all, the latter significantly makes the image heavier , and today not only naturalness, but also visual freshness is in fashion. How to get beige hair color?

Most likely, you will not be able to achieve something like this on your own, unless you are a natural or perfectly dyed blonde. We recommend that you do not allow radical experiments with your appearance and turn to specialists for help.

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To is the beige color of the hair suitable?

In nature, hair color beige blond is rare, which is why it refers to almost unique shades. It assumes a light brown tone with a shade of sand , caramel or wheat . It is even harder to achieve it at home - you would rather ruin your hair and get greenery on it than become a noble fair-haired lady.

Therefore, we urge you not to use household dyes for these purposes and contact the color masters for help in choosing and achieving a specific tone. This is especially important if you are looking for shade on very long hair.

If your hair has never been dyed, theoretically you can achieve quite good results. But in practice, again, it is better to go to a competent and experienced hairdresser to surely find the desired effect.

Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!

Who is the natural beige hair color for? It cannot be said unequivocally. However, it can be assumed that this shade is clearly not suitable for women of Asian appearance, or those who have dark skin and dark brown eyes. Of course, there are exceptions, but the ash-blond color is more likely to bring obvious disharmony into this look than to effectively refresh it.

But who really suits such a tone is white-skinned blondes and brown-haired women, owners of soft, ruleflax facial features and light eyes. It will look more advantageous on women with a cold color type. Basically, no one can stop you from improvising, and you can test beige with a shade of caramel on yourself, even if you have medium-dark skin and tea-colored eyes. But no one can guarantee that such painting will give you the expected results.

What are your expectations from the painting?

Before deciding on reincarnation, think about what exactly do you expect from the staining procedure? If your stable image is associated with rigor, this option will definitely not suit you. A beige shade of hair will make your face softer, more feminine, delicate. In addition, if you look youthful even with dark hair shades, beige is also not recommended for you - women all over the world use it primarily for visual rejuvenation .

As we have already said, coloring will be easiest for those who have naturally blond hair, or have already had experience with bleaching. Beige or vanilla paint is guaranteed to fit well on such curls. If the hair is dark (even brown-haired), you will have to lighten it first.

Of course, you need to do this only with the help of a wizard - if you make such an attempt yourself, you can mercilessly ruin your strands, and besides, you will not achieve any result. It is almost guaranteed that a yellow pigment will appear, which can be extinguished only by a professional with knowledge of the matter.

Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!

If you have gray hair and dream of a light shade of hair, it will be the most acceptable for you. Don't worry about dyeing your hair in ashy beige - they will look as acceptable and advantageous as possible even on a completely gray head.

If gray hair makes up about 30% of the total, choose a shade that will be a couple of tones lighter than yours. For example, fair-haired young ladies in this case are suitable for a blond or light blond. Gray hair has a rather stiff structure and absorbs dye well. Therefore, there will be no problems with either lightening or toning.

We recommend that you turn to a tone that is as close to natural as possible. So you can effectively camouflage overgrown roots. The ideal option in this case (with a traditional European appearance) would be a light beige color.

Light beige: transforming into almost blonde

If your haircut has well-defined boundaries and is strict enough, we advise you to abandon the newfangled and classic highlighting techniques in favor of full beige dyeing. Dark beige hair colors may also suit you, but in this case, you can freshen up the look with French ombre (shatush) and create attractive play on the hair.

First of all, decide on the cosmetic product that you will use. Paint can be household andprofessional. Of course, using the second is more acceptable to maintain the healthy structure of your hair.

Among the common industrial paints that are sold in any supermarket or beauty store, there are also certain varieties. For example, paint with the addition of ammonia is considered highly resistant, but it negatively affects the condition of the hair (at least with regular staining).

Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!

But paint without harsh chemicals is more gentle, however, it does not last long. Whether to save on the health of your curls is up to you. But we still advise you to opt for demipermanent dyes that delicately pigment the strands.

If your curls are very long, take the paint with a margin so that at the most crucial moment someone close to you does not have to run to the store and frantically look for the necessary shade there. In any case, even if excess paint remains, they will definitely come in handy in 1.5-2 months to tint the roots.

Are you a supporter of creative experimentation? Then try mixing 2 or 3 paints with an interesting tone. As a result, you will get absolutely fantastic, interesting, multifaceted, and most importantly, unique and inimitable color.

Let's start painting

So, how to get beige hair color at home:

Beige hair color - naturalness is always relevant!
  • First of all, you will have to rinse your head with shampoo for deep cleaning - it is he who is able to remove all impurities, and even slightly neutralize the original pigment for subsequent coloring;
  • It is desirable that the hair is clean at the time of dyeing. The widespread myth that you need to paint only on a dirty head is nothing more than a myth that has no theoretical or practical underpinnings;
  • Prepare a hairdresser's peignoir in advance (you can rent it from a familiar craftsman, or build it yourself from polyethylene);
  • Stir the paint according to the instructions on the package;
  • Put on gloves on your hands to avoid getting your hands dirty or injuring your skin with chemicals;
  • Zoning the head: divide the entire head into strands (side and back);
  • Equip yourself with a special hair color brush;
  • Paint over the entire head with the required amount. Start at the roots. Once this area is fully worked out, go down to the tips. Try to do everything quickly and neatly so that you don't have to overexpose the paint for even distribution;
  • Be sure to comb through the strands when you apply all the coloring substance. This is best done with a sparse-toothed comb or wooden stick;
  • Put on a plastic cap over your head (this is optional, but desirable) and withstand the time indicated in the annotation;
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly in the usual way, using shampoo and conditioner;
  • Then apply the fixing elixir and blow dry with heat protectant;
  • Enjoy the result!

If you did everything right, you probably already got a luxurious shade of hair. From now on, you can fearlessly experiment and change paint tones, adding one to the other. As a result, you will get a unique hair color, for example, caramel with beige, ash with champagne or vanilla with gold.

We wish you only positive impressions from experimenting with appearance!

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