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Beach skirt: sew it yourself or make a good purchase in the store?

Everyone is looking forward to summer - the vacation season. With the arrival of the new season, fashion will definitely introduce new rules and conditions. When women are going on a trip to the seaside, they first choose the swimsuit that is popular this season.

After all, a bathing suit is the main attribute on the beach. But you should definitely look at other elements of beachwear as well.

This applies to hats, pareos, beach skirts, sunglasses. A woman will have an attractive and stylish look when she intelligently thinks over her image and makes it harmonious. Beach dresses have been replaced by beach skirts. This is not surprising, because the designers have provided a variety of collections that you cannot pass by.

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Why is this particular wardrobe item good for relaxation?

Beach skirt: sew it yourself or make a good purchase in the store?

Beach skirts are characterized by a special mood: flirtatiousness, femininity, a sense of celebration and provocation. After all, the sun, sea surf, hot sand contribute to this.

All these moments are conducive to a festive mood. Thus, at this time, a woman should look beautiful, bright and be irresistible.

The beach skirt is quite comfortable and practical. Fashion designers and designers recommend choosing a skirt in the same color scheme as the swimsuit or it should be contrasting. In general, this element of leisure clothing has a large place in summer collections. They are romantic, playful, feminine.

And also small, just fold up and fit in a small bag for the beach. Naturally, this is a good thing.

The design of the beach skirts is cute and beautiful, so no woman will pass by such beauty. When the swimwear is the same color, you can experiment with colors and patterns. But when a colored swimsuit, the skirt should be chosen more scrupulously, preferably in the same style as the bathing suit.

Long skirts are quite popular. But if a girl is slim and has an excellent figure, then it is worth considering - the beach fashion for a short skirt has not disappeared or been canceled. A very long piece of clothing that has large waves provides a romantic look. The wrap skirt is also popular.

Models with many layers, somewhat similar to gypsy ones, are considered very fashionable. If a woman has a slender figure, then a skirt with a low waist will suit her. It can be made of transparent fabric, have a model flared or be asymmetrical... If you look at it in expanded form, it looks like a pareo.

Skirts that have tassels and a train are in fashion, they look extraordinary. They are short in front, and a long train falls down behind, which develops at the slightest breath of wind. The pleated skirt looks interesting too. A midi skirt for the beach season will also find its fans. At sea, light and transparent fabrics are always permissible. This applies to silk, guipure, chiffon, lace. These fabrics give freshness and lightness to the image, and the girl can also show a beautiful tan and an attractive figure.

Types of beach skirts

There are several varieties of this wardrobe item that give a great flight for imagination and satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas.

Beach skirt: sew it yourself or make a good purchase in the store?

Wrap. It may be short, but mostly long and Indian style. There are linen, satin, cotton.

These are always bright and variegated colors with the presence of an ornament, a certain print. Popular are models that have a vertical slit to the floor, they look good with a tunic of the same tone.

Such a product with a smell is very convenient, because it is light, best suited for the atmosphere on vacation, creates a wonderful mood in summer.

You can sew it yourself. You will need a pattern for a wrap-around beach skirt and a little sewing skills.

Knitted skirt . One of the positive aspects of such a product is its singularity and uniqueness. If a woman owns a crochet, then she can knit such clothes with her own hands without any problems.

Usually it is crocheted, so it is very light. To complete it, thin threads are used, which are used for knitting. As a result, the thing comes out openwork, air is perfectly permeable, and also protects the body from the sun. A short piece looks lovely in combination with a swimsuit.

By the way, a knitted swimsuit will also look spectacular, especially when it is made in the same way as the skirt itself. Thus, if you decide to take a knitted swimsuit (or knit), then you must definitely take (or knit) a corresponding skirt to it. The look will be super stylish. If the swimsuit is not knitted, then it is good to emphasize its grace with a white knitted skirt. This color matches any swimwear. In addition, white looks perfect on a tanned body. Knitted bottom will be a wonderful decoration for a woman's look.

Shawl beach skirt . It's easy enough to make a beach skirt out of a scarf. What is the name of such a scarf? It can be a pareo or any other flying lightweight fabric. This model is classic for the sea. A huge number of methods have been invented for tying pareos on the beach. Therefore, you can always make a short or long skirt according to your desire and mood.

Such a product is quickly done by hand. It is necessary to have two scarves that match in size. They should wrap around the waist. First, one scarf is wrapped, tied at the back. The next scarf is wrapped around the waist so that it is tied at the front.

How to sew an item with your own hands

You can sew a skirt for the beach yourself.

This requires a minimum of effort:

Beach skirt: sew it yourself or make a good purchase in the store?
  • the pattern of the skirt fabric is made in full size. A rectangle is drawn on whatman paper, from the corners of which lines are drawn using a compass;
  • a pattern of two panels with a fold is made;
  • folds are marked and overlaid. The folds are laid to the middle, smoothed, swept away;
  • need to grind side cuts;
  • next, finish the top of the product;
  • sew drawstrings;
  • adjust the product to length.

The product should be easy to put on and take off, it should not be hot, limit the movements of the hostess;

Pay attention: now the most popular are colored products, ethnic colors, skirt fit on the hips, asymmetry, transparency of fabrics.

If you combine these clothes with a separate swimsuit, then it can be suitable for city walks at the resort, events, evening relaxation.

Unusual and unique, multi-colored and monochromatic, open and romantic models will help you to create a stylish and harmonious look.

In the new season, you should allow yourself to be the queen of the beach!

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