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Auto-aggression: anger directed at one's own body

The concept of auto-aggression means inflicting physical harm on oneself in a stressful situation. A common type of this psychological deviation is the so-called self harm , which literally means self-harm .

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Why do we hurt ourselves?

More globally, auto-aggression is directly related to uncontrollable actions that are committed by a person at the time of an attack, and cause significant damage to his physiological health.

This can be uncontrolled intake of alcohol or drugs, suicidal thoughts, strange desires regarding danger and extreme. The desire to harm oneself is often abstract and subconscious, but regardless of this, the result can be sad.

Meanwhile, auto-aggression manifests itself in each of us. Experiencing negative emotions, we allow ourselves to get drunk , smoke an uncontrolled amount of cigarettes, hit the wall with our fist, injuring our hand. This phenomenon is much more sad in highly excitable individuals.

Have you met a person who, after a scandal in the family, seeks recklessness in a car? Or a person whose thoughts, when shocked, creep in a clear desire to commit suicide? Anna Karenina is a classic example of auto-aggression. And each of us is aware of the sad end of the life of a literary heroine.

The causes of auto-aggression, as usual, lie in a difficult childhood. Unmotivated attacks of aggression towards themselves are more common in people who have experienced psychological and physical violence from loved ones, have undergone constant pressure from their mother ( You are not as smart, educated, developed as …), Were condemned and ridiculed by their peers. All these mental wounds do not pass without a trace for the psyche.

At a conscious age, they develop into real self-hatred, constant reproaches in their direction, psychological disharmony. Autoaggression is common among adolescents, moreover, it is at puberty that it manifests itself most clearly. Less common in children.

In adults, it often manifests itself on a subconscious level. The treatment of auto-aggression attacks begins with a detailed analysis of the causes that provoked the deviation.

Root of Evil

AutoagreSsiya in modern psychoanalysis is interpreted as anger directed in an unnecessary direction. Each of us is extremely angry. Many take out their inner evil in outbursts aimed at destroying the material: smashing dishes and glass, tearing sheets, and finally beating a punching bag for amateurs.

By venting anger onto the unfeeling , you free your mind from negative emotions without hurting or offending your neighbor. Attacks of aggression and auto-aggression have a fundamental difference.

Aggression manifests itself in the following actions:

  • Scandals and conflicts in relation to relatives, friends, colleagues;
  • Destruction of material objects;
  • Physical harm to other people (violence);
  • Provocations of strangers;
  • Rampage, often unmotivated.

Auto-aggression is expressed in the following actions:

  • Intentional refusal to eat and eat ( anorexia nervosa );
  • Harm to yourself and your health (cuts, bruises);
  • Purposeful desire to get into an accident or disaster;
  • Suicidal attempts;
  • Abuse of alcohol, nicotine and drugs for stress relief;
  • Sacrificial behavior (instilling in loved ones and those around them like I will die and you will regret );
  • Small deviant factors (a person presses pimples to blood, bites his nails, tears off crusts from ulcers and wounds).

Parents' actions that may lead to the development of auto-aggression

How often do we dream of offspring, planning the basic needs and expenses for its maintenance. But the lion's share of future and present parents do not think about how much more important it is to bring up a worthy member of society from their baby!

Imagine: even the smallest mistake can grow out of your child a real monster, a manipulator, and even a auto-aggressor .

Auto-aggression: anger directed at one's own body

Autoaggression in a small child manifests itself in little things, and still does not have a destructive scale. Your baby may scratch himself, deliberately try to get dirty, bite his hands, bite his nails. What would you do in the latter case?

Of course, the kid would have been punished, perhaps by resorting to such valuable grandmother's advice, like lubricating hands with pepper tincture. And this would further aggravate the situation. Let's see what categorically cannot be done so as not to nurture a personality suffering from auto-aggression out of a beloved child.

Things that are guaranteed to lead to auto-aggression:

  • Physical punishment (violence, beatings, orders to stand on a croup in the corner, etc.);
  • Orders think of a punishment for yourself ( You got a bad grade, now think of what I amI can limit you so that you think about your behavior );
  • Child's mental oppression ( You study worse than your classmate Sasha, you are dumber than my friend's daughter, you are too fat to eat a cake );
  • Humiliation and ridicule of the child (even kind );
  • Ignoring baby's problems related to social adaptation and communication skills;
  • Lack of tenderness and care on your part (especially during attacks);
  • Leaving the child to himself ( If you don't follow me now, I'll leave !, Solve your problems yourself ) ;
  • Active defense of the opponent in street or school conflicts ( You yourself provoked the quarrel! Zhenya is not guilty of anything !).

How to unravel the tangle of auto-aggression?

Autoaggression in children and adults can be corrected in any period of life, provided that the person (or his parent) is clearly aware of the problem and sincerely wants to solve it. If you consider it normal to go too far with alcohol or cut your hand with a blade after a quarrel with your partner - alas, we cannot help you.

If you are absolutely convinced that this is a conduct disorder that needs to be eradicated, we will gladly provide you with advice on how best to do it.

In psychoanalysis, the following approach is recommended to eradicate the problem:

  • As soon as you feel the desire to dispel the melancholy with strong drinks or drugs, find a useful and worthy alternative: watch a good movie, listen to melodic music, buy yourself a fragrant bubble bath and relax in water;
  • If your auto-aggression manifests itself in causing physical harm to yourself, engage in sports training: your body and health will tell you thank you , and your psyche will become stable over time;
  • Express your negativity in creativity: draw, sing, dance, write poetry or prose !;
  • At the moment of the attack, splash all the negativity onto the paper, and then tear it vigorously;
  • Buy yourself a miniature punching bag;
  • Go to the chat and chat with strangers about life (without pouring out negativity and insults);
  • Chew something spicy, bitter, or sour;
  • Shout into a pillow or blanket, beat them;
  • Squeeze something elastic in your hand;
  • Use noise : Hit the pot or piano keys.

If your child has a problem, help him in the following ways:

Auto-aggression: anger directed at one's own body
  • Do not ask the kid about what happened. Act on the principle of feedback, say affirmatively You are hurt, hurt, angry . Sooner or later, the child will give you laya solid answer, and then you will be able to understand in detail his psychological trauma;
  • Never say Nothing happened, you don't hurt . The child may think that the person in authority in you thinks his problem is irrelevant. And since he perceives it so subtly, it means he is bad, objectionable, strange;
  • Draw with a child, but not quite standard pictures. Carry your palms in gouache and use your hands to make scribbles on a piece of Whatman paper;
  • Feel free to show tenderness, calm your child, hug and kiss him more often;
  • In any third-party conflict of the kid, look for a constructive solution, not the guilty ones.

We sincerely hope that such a pernicious phenomenon as auto-aggression will not affect you and your family. But if this happens, do not let things go by themselves. It's time to act and fight the bad bowels of the subconscious! Follow our advice and you will surely acquire peace of mind.

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